-King's not home much...

~The Shroud is basically The Shadow of The Marvel Universe... that's pretty-much all you need to know about him for this post.  Oh, and you may have noticed that I missed Monday's update. -Totally my bad.  (Plus, I had to deal with this.) I won't be updating the blog as much in the next few weeks, either... new job, no time.  Adjusting.  -You know how it is.
So, anyways; here we go!:

Foolish woman!  You cannot seduce The Shroud!!!  He will laugh in your general direction...

 -He is beyond the needs of the physical body, for he is imbued with the extrasensory perception of  The Darkforce Dimension... that, and also... he's blind.   
So...  yeah.  You could be Kate Upton, bitch- Shroud don't give a fuck!
(That's what she gets for trying to cheat on me, anyways.)
 But what makes this issue (#3 by Mike W. Barr / M.C. Wyman) particularly awesome is a guest-appearance by one of my favorite Spider-Man villains: The always bat-shit-crazy Scorpion!
They think they have him all bound and sedated (from the last issue) but...

A:  I never knew 'ol Mac Gargan was colorblind.  -Because she is definitely not a blonde.
B:  His negotiation tactics are shite...  that's an awful fuckin' trade!

Hey- where's the 'BOING-OING-OING!!!' onomatopoeia?

Speaking of- I'm still thinking about Kate Upton...

-Anyways, Gargan does escape, but...

 -Damn, Shroud be cold.
And Scorpion is my kinda guy!  No wonder I identify with him.  -He's a MORNING DRINKER!

 Seriously, you wouldn't know it if you've only ever seen the Spider-Man movies, but he has the coolest fucking rogues gallery in comics!  Fuck The Flash, and fuck Batman. Spider-Man's rogues are the best!

-I don't know... Must be something about being The Scorpion that just makes you crazy horny...

So, yeah- The Scorpion: a violent, licentious, alcoholic, woman-abusing, murderous, haphephobe (not pictured- but there is a panel in this issue where he freaks out about being touched) who calls redheads blondes, and is a costumed hired goon wearing the classic brown trench-coat/ fedora disguise...  I love this character.  And all this is just from one issue he's in!  -You should read Sweet Charity!!!  That's my favorite appearence of ol' Mac ever.


  1. oh how ironic i used to have this issue back in the day which i got from the 3 for $1 rack at that comic shop in Berkeley i had a posting about not too long ago http://bronzeagebabies.blogspot.com/2010/08/shrouded-in-mystery-part-3-super.html
    as for Kate Upton two words, EPIC TITS!

    1. Oh, that issue; Doom gets all the bitches- BECAUSE HE TAKES THEM! -DO NOT QUESTION DOOM!
      Shroud is a good mini- I used to have the first two issues... I don't have them any more but, yeah- same here- I picked this one up in the three for a dollar bin at The Dirt Mall just a few weeks ago (speaking of Doctor Doom) with that Doom: The Emperor Returns issue, and Alpha Flight with Doom in it: Both of which SUCKED ASS.
      Emperor Returns was just a terrible story, and the Alpha Flight issue was SO wordy. I'm not a huge Alpha Flight fan to begin with but- fuck- it was novel length with dialogue and just was not holding my interest at all- even with a Doom appearance. Let's talk about trade embargoes and political shit for ten crammed pages... ugh! Sooo boring.
      Tits. Yes. Do The Dougie, Kate- forever...

  2. that whole thing with DOOM talking that chick with him for his late night doggie walk kinda reminds of the prima nacta practice from Brave Heart you know what i'm talking about right? also, i saw your comments about the art for Black Widow on that DD issue yeah she's drawn with an almost Kate Upton quality. despite his obvious talent it seems the comic book biz just wasn't for that WM Johnson guy in the long run that's really too bad i like his work. by the way i just found out something about the Suicide Squad title but i need to do some fact checking but if it's true i'll be throwing together a quick posting shortly.

    1. Yeah, that's a real thing- and totally what that was! Doom is PIMP.
      William Johnson's art was pretty good. He drew a nice lady, especially. It is always sad when an artist or writer with talent that can't really deal with the industry as a whole... Also on the Daredevil note- Arthur Byron Cover.

    2. that Byron cover reminds me a lot of John Byrne's style. anyways, i added an update to the current posting on the Suicide Squad blog. i wouldn't call it earth shattering news but worth a mention.

    3. No, no, no- Arthur Byron Cover is an author. He did a couple issues of Daredevil- but in the end the comics process just wasn't his bag either.

    4. that's funny so just like i thought that was Byrne.

  3. Did you guys see the one spotlight issue of Super-Villain Team-Up, where Shroud fought Doom and won? Crazy!

    Kate Upton= DOSE TITIES!!!!
    She may have some brains too, but I'd never know since I'd be stuck looking and staring at her milkers.....for an uncomfortably loooooooong time;)

    I'll debate you on Spidey having the best Rogue's Gallery, Batman still holds that honor, but yes Spidey's a shoe-in for #2. Even Superman can't compete with those rogues.
    Speaking of rogues, anyone remember a fantasy fight between Spidey's rogues and the Flash's in Wizard magazine some years back? Spidey's guys won, but I think it'd be a bit more closer than they made it out to be. But even I'd have to give it up to a mega Superior Sinister whatever vs. all of the Flash's rogues.

  4. Yeah- that's what Shlomo and I were talking about up there. The Shroud is awesome! But Doom gets all the bitches in Latveria!

    I do like Superman's rogues... they're underrated. I remember that in Wizard! Flash rogues definitely have personality... And Batman has a fine gallery, easily the number TWO spot. But Spidey? -Ohhhhh, man... Come on. Never mind the big six: Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Vulture... Never mind Green Goblin, The Lizard, and Venom...
    You got: Scorpion, Hobgoblin, Jack O'Lantern, Carnage, Beetle, Shocker, Boomerang, Chameleon, Rhino, Tombstone, Hydro-Man, Spot, Speed Demon, Carrion, Doppelganger, Shriek, Jackal, Molten Man, Puma, both Smythes and the various Spider-Slayers, Silvermane, Tinkerer, Hammerhead, The Kingpin (on loan from DD), Swarm, Stegron The Dinosaur Man, La Tarantula, Vermin, The White Rabbit, Delilah, Firebrand, The Lobo Brothers, Sin-Eater, and even "good guys" like Cardiac, Man-Wolf, Solo, Morbius, and The Punisher...
    Spider-Man OWNS this category- I love every single one of those villains!!! So many great stories and cool moments... Batman has, what? -Maybe 10 stand-out characters? That they use over and over and over... and reinvent over and over and over... And what is every Batman villain, really? Holy Musical Batman told us-
    Superman: "You know what's stupid about Batman? His villains."
    Green Lantern: "Hey, woah, no. -They're classic."
    SM: "No, they're corny! It's just another guy in a different colored suit and a thing on his head, making puns based off his stupid theme!"
    GL: "I guess I never thought of it that way before...Yeah! Riddler; guy in a suit, thing on his head, Mad Hatter; guy in a suit, thing on his head, Twoface; guy in a suit, scar... on his face."

    -Oh, I love that musical. Poor Two-Face. What a duce-bag!

    1. whats also great about spideys villans is that they can crossover over to other heroes like you mention earlier with DD and fit perfectly you take joker or any other of batmans villans out of gotham and they will not work in my opinion. AAAAAAAAANNNND spideys villans have personality each unique from the rest

    2. Absolutely! Spider-Man and The Flash- so much different personality and motives in their rogues... Batman's are all just pretty-much homicidal and insane. I do like the contrast of The Joker going up against Superman when it has happened a few times... but I agree; not a lot of cross-over potential. Spider-Man, however... Shit, just look up here: The Scorpion vs. The Shroud.
      Mysterio versus Daredevil that one awesome time. The Vulture as well... Green Goblin took over half the Marvel Universe! Venom has been all over too... Beetle has fought Iron-Man, Carnage is currently battling Deadpool. Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern have both fought Ghost Rider. Doctor Octopus even beat The Hulk once! Spider-Mans villains work great with any other street-level characters... and vice versa.

    3. hell yeah you even have electro fighting the punisher right now i see you forgot to mention felicia hardy but i can see why though also the superman vs joker ive read one comic where the joker thought big blue was some pushover and supes just owned him

    4. You're right! I totally forgot to mention Black Cat! -Wow. I am ashamed. She never really has been before- but they are really playing her up to be in full-on-villain mode now.

      Electro is taking on The Punisher? I didn't know. -I'll have to check that out.

      As for The Joker Vs. Superman- there's the Emperor Joker storyline that ran through all the titles in 2000, there's a good John Byrne story called To Laugh & Die In Metropolis (Superman Vol 2 #9), and then there was this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGYDnmNJosA and more recently- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVa8KYgFoLs Joker is crazy, but he is smart enough to give the fuckin' Batman a run for his money every time... So he can out-think Superman for sure. -At least initially.
      Also- I have not read it yet but Max Landis did a digital Adventures of Superman comic called The Sound Of One Hand Clapping about their first encounter with one another...

  5. i totally understand why you didnt put black cat there she really never was a villan she did some petty shit from time to time but not villainous.

    i definitely have to check out those stories from superman, also i know you said you dnt read the new 52 superman but maybe you will like action comics greg pak is writing it now and he is doing good things with big blue

    1. Superior Spider-Man fucked Black Cat up, though... ruined her life. She's on a straight-up revenge warpath now. Peter is in for it... I can't wait!

      I might check that out... I'm not a very big fan of Greg Pak, though.
      I also just read the first 2 parts to Superman Doomed/Infected/whatever and I kinda hated it. I am actually looking forward to reading the Johns/Romita Jr. Superman coming up here soon... DC comics are just so... mostly terrible these days.

    2. aw man do not get me started on superior spider-man that comic book was great another reason why spidey has the best villans

      i cant really comment much on DC comics because i literally started reading them when they introduced the New 52 most of my knowledge comes from their TV shows Justice league, Justice League Unlimited, Batman and Superman TAS, Static Shock, Young justice, Teen titans etc.

    3. Hell yeah- I loved Superior Spider-Man! And The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Marvel is just KILLING it!
      DC on the other hand...
      But yeah, I can totally see being into The Nu52 if you have not been reading comics for almost three decades. For me- it's an unnecessary retread on the worst of 90's comics... But I can see how a new reader could totally be into it. -That's really exactly what they were planning on.
      Every single one of those cartoons was fucking awesome, by the way. Check out Batman Beyond, and Legion of Super Heroes too, if you have not already. They were also fuckin' great.

  6. Yeah marvel is really knocking it out the park right now

    and yeah ive only been reading comics since 2010 and its only been marvel cause of spider-man i was kinda hesitant to get into DC cause i did not know where to start reading at and then BOOM they introduced the New 52 and ive been on it since

    I cant believe i forgot to mention Batman Beyond that show was the shit i didnt think they could do a teenage version of Batman but hot damn they did a superb job with that show, its a big reason why its the only "Batman spinoff" book i read i never really like nightwing and Batgirl is not a bad book but she is in the same category as nightwing now Tim i could read a solo book about him but the Teen Titans book is kinda meh in general and LOSH was a good show one of the few shows that actually had an ending to it, it was kinda funny how the first season they were all skinny kids then the next season all the guys are jacked off testosterone

    1. Man, I envy you being new to comics... It would be nice to not be so jaded as a fan again.
      Speaking of Batman Beyond- I'm LOVING Futures End. Justice League 3000 is great too- so I can recommend those if you're not reading them.
      Ha! Yeah they did. -I loved that about The Legion cartoon. Good stuff. The five year time jump in Young Justice between seasons too. You know what- neither of us mentioned it but Batman: The Brave and The Bold was fun as well... I know a lot people did not like it- but I grew up on reruns of the Adam West Batman show, so it was awesome to me! It was like Teen Titans in that it was just good, lighthearted fun... but it could get emotional when it needed to.

  7. HAHA don't worry give me a few years and ill probably be jaded myself

    i definitely read JL 3K i think it those same guys (giffen and JMD) who did the JLI during the BWAHAHA years my dad had those comics and i remember dying laughing reading that a couple years ago. Im not gonna lie when YJ did that time skip i was kinda upset about it at first but when the characters started showing their maturity i jumped on board the only thing that bothered me about that show was superboy every time he fought he was yelling like a maniac a mixture of DBZ and the hulk, oh yeah and superman good god you would think he would welcome connor with open arms clone or not but he was being a major douche i mean shit nobody asking you to pay child support Kal

    Batman BAB was saturday morning cartoons done right it was funny (i read Aquaman because of that show) but its not trying to hard like Ultimate Spider-man

    1. Yeah, you probably will- such is the way of things... But no matter how much comics try to make me hate them- I never will. There is so much out there. When one company pisses me off- there is always another to catch up on for awhile.

      Yup, Giffen/DeMatteis. -Only reason I started picking that book up- they are a powerhouse duo! "One punch! One punch!" -Never not be a classic.
      The only gripe I have with JL3k so far is all the plot-recapping they do in each issue with conversational dialogue. I know they always say every comic is somebody's first- but come on... No one buys issue #4 who has not got the first three- those story recaps belong in a block of text on the inside front cover, or a quick mention with an asterisk and a "*see issue one" note. It seems like EVERY issue they spend 4 to 5 pages throughout the book with back and fourth dialogue recapping the entire story thus far. It's a tad annoying. But otherwise- yeah- a fun series.

      Hahaha- well, Superman has always been a dick. Just page through here for examples: http://superdickery.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=28&Itemid=45

      Oh, and just in case you did not notice- that Sweet Charity at the end of the post is a link to read the comics online for free... My favorite Scorpion story ever.

      BaTB reinvigorated Aquaman, for sure!