-And to STONE you shall RETURN!

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The Gargoyle, by J.M.DeMatteis & Mark Badger, is kind-of Marvel's answer to DC's Demon.

*He speaks in verse:

*While Etrigan is a demon who was summoned, and bound to human Jason Blood, by the wizard Merlin. -Isaac Christians is a human who has had his soul switched with that of a sentient gargoyle created by...

*...The Druid Derwyddon: pretty-much your Merlin stand-in.

*And he even has his own little trademarked transformation poem...

Sure, his full story is way more convoluted than all that.  -But I find superficial similarities like this between Marvel and DC's characters interesting.

So... there's only one question......


  1. I've seen him in various issues of Defenders, and really enjoyed his portrayal and story in Universe X/
    I didn't now he did the rythme thing too though. So blatant.

    Cool topic though man.

    1. Yeah- he was heavily involved with Patsy Walker: Hellcat's origin... I never knew. Until I picked up those The Gargoyle issues at The Dirt Mall- I'd never even really heard of him. At least I didn't know anything about him- I've seen pictures of him over the years at the very least.
      I read Universe X back in the day- and I can't even recall him from it! -Yikes!

      I think he only speaks in verse when The Gargoyle's soul is in his own body... I don't think Isaac Christians does it when he's in there. He's a confusing character. Christians own separate origin is dense as fuck. Dude went through some shit!