Blogger Analytics III: Yep, It's Still Mostly Porn. (NSFW)

~Unfortunately for everyone; here's another blog-installment of my Google-Image-Searching the same Search Keywords that somehow linked others to my little comic-book site... while probably adding me to a bunch of watch-lists for my trouble.  And it all starts with "mongul porn".


Okay... look- I could 100% get behind this if they were trying to Google actual, hot Mongolian girls like above... but something tells me they were searching for something more like this:

-In which case; uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... no.   Also: Why?

However "crimson fox justice league porn"???   
That- I can get behind!:

-Literally and figuratively...

Next up: "the new warriors with psionex #15 sept1991 to buy on ebay"   First off: I don't think people really get how search engines work with some of this phrasing... Second: Fuck eBay, my friend- you can pick up that awesome issue (and more) at mycomicshop.com for cheap as free!!!

"Rob Liefeld sexiest woman"??? 

-Yes, yes he is.

Un-shockingly; "sinful comics" are pretty-much exactly what you would think they are:

"Did old ninja turtle comics have guns"  -Some of them sure did!

"Facts about carnage and venom" -They enjoy crocheting. -Will hustle you in a game of pool. -And drive Hybrids...

"fantastic four cuckold" was one I imagined would, for sure, involve Namor.  But surprisingly he was not in the top image results...


A "justice league hook ups" search brings up A LOT of images of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing...  -And then that time Snapper Carr and Cheetah got busy.

Next up was "she hulk banana"
Now, I don't know exactly what they were looking for- but I couldn't find it.

But then it's not like I really wanted to. 

Are you still with me?  Are you shaking your head at humanity yet?
Fuck- when I'M taking the moral high-ground? -All is not well. 
Next is "mary jane comic porn" and there is SO much of this on The Internet.  I mean, like- SO much.  And it all involves MJ enjoying being as big of a whore as possible. People are weird, man. I mean:

 -AHHHH!!!  I cannot un-see this!!!

    J. Jonah Jameson, you bastard!  What do you have to say for yourself?  

Yeah... that's what I thought.

Finally, we'll close this out with something from a more innocent time... a search for "vr troopers pinterest" led here somehow.  And... WE ARE- WE ARE VR!!!:

-I love me some Metal Heroes.


  1. K.o.T aren't you a big Daniel Bereton fan? he's going to be at the Big WOW comic con in San Jose this weekend. I went to it the two previous years but this year i'll be sporting my ROM t-shirt which as you may remember i got from Redbubble late last year so this time at Big WOW i can represent for ROM fans : )

    1. Oh, for sure. He's in the Top Ten.
      Hope you have/had a good trip...
      Redbubble is a tad expensive- but they do have some cool stuff you're never gonna get anywhere else.

  2. Now see, this is but one of the many, many virtuees about coming here; you're like the unofficial/official porn guide. Love it.

    I've seen a fair deal of that MJ porn too, and man does it get weird quick brother.
    Mongul getting some of Arisa's honeypot though? You'd think him or a friend of this did this to make look like a stud or something.

    And the one with Reed and Ben is fucking priceless! "Hey, I know it's fucking gross as hell and disgusting, not to mention weird and creepy as fuck, but hey Ben, you mind putting your peanut brittle away?" Oh Sue, what won't you do for a Klondike Bar;)

    1. I did not ask for this responsibility! -But this porn has been thrusted upon me. The Internet truly is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

      Glad you get a kick out of my eye-melting pain.

      Yeah, The Thing one where he's getting invi-blown is hilarious. The actual dialog in the MJ/JJJ one is pretty funny too.