The Fantastic Four Roast #1:

Finally- here are my favorite jokes from Marvel's Fantastic Four Roast #1 from 1982! Hosted (and written) by:

 photo FantasticFourRoast11.jpg

The Whizzer has to... you know......
 photo FantasticFourRoast.jpg
Sorry, Stark- only ONE man can make a cuckold out of Reed!:
 photo FantasticFourRoast1.jpg
*tee*hee* INDEED!

Just because it's a predictably obvious joke doesn't mean it can't still be funny:
 photo FantasticFourRoast2.jpg

Norse mythological humor! -Never gets old:
 photo FantasticFourRoast3.jpg
Fuckin' Balder.
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True to form- Cyclops and The X-Men are DICKS!!!:
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Too busy fucking:
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Gotta know when to hold 'em...
 photo FantasticFourRoast6.jpg 

~Everybody always blames Doctor Doom... but you know who Doom blames?:
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...I'll be in my bunk.
-Maybe with the power of Captain Universe; she can bring back Hostess...
 photo FantasticFourRoast10.jpg
Not an imaginary story!
No, that's the Distinguished Competition!:
 photo FantasticFourRoast12.jpg 

Ha... hahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!:
 photo FantasticFourRoast13.jpg 

And finally- Black Bolt brings down the house... literally:
 photo FantasticFourRoast9.jpg
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-There's no false advertising with this book; it's a Roast at the FF's expense.
Pages after pages of gags... some funny zingers, but a lot of groaners too.
It does actually have a plot-line: A mystery villain is trying to covertly take the Fantastic Four out! Reed becomes wise to this and thwarts the attacks, while not drawing attention to them; so as not to panic the guests, OR ruin the party, AND have time to piece together WHO this mystery attacker is... I don't even want to spoil it for you.
It's a fun book that I definitely recommend.


  1. if you've been following the Rom blog then you know i recently found this in a back issue discount bin. can't believe it didn't have Rom in it but at least the Torpedo has a brief appearance.

    1. Yup, I saw.
      A discount bin? BLASPHEMOUS! Oh, wait- mine only cost me 33.33333333 cents...
      Well, at least ROM was on the original cover to this...
      Torpedo's joke was a bit of a groaner, though. Especially in hindsight, what with him dying and all...
      Thanks for stopping by! New posts daily- for now at least!

    2. i paid a visit to the custom figure guy Chris on my way back home from one of my jobs on New Year's Eve. he showed me the base figure for what will be a custom Torpedo he's planning on working on later this month. it was bad ass, very articulate. by the way i added your blog into my blog role list in the right hand column.

    3. Oh, hey- very cool of you! Thanks...
      And I'm sure I'll see that figure on your blog when it's done!
      I don't have any ROM stuff planned here for awhile- but there's some cool stuff with The Thing, Quasar, Malibu Comics, Spider-Man, and Captain Atom coming up the next couple of weeks!