The Little Things In Comics: Malibu Edition!!!

Oh, you know it's the littlest things in comics that will make me laugh... like every single time Smoke says "Toasty!" in Mortal Kombat: Battlewave-

From issue #2:
 (Loved the little 'No Smoking' sign, too!)

Then again in issue #3:

And finally in #4:

Overall- this miniseries wasn't exactly a masterwork or anything, it could be a bit repetitive and meandering at times, and it had a lot of the story going on in other books- but it was still a fun read for a Mortal Kombat fan... I especially enjoyed the issues that had Patrick Rolo on pencils. -Really dug his art-style.

Also from issue #4:

~Uhhh, I... I've got some bad news for you about that sequel, Johnny...

...And Raiden; your ROLE will yet be PLAYED by an entirely different actor!

~Moving on to 1993's The Ferret:

~So... ummm, did The Ferret just admit to multiple counts of sexual-assault???

-Well, you're half-right... he should call himself The Comedian, not in an effort to make his banter wittier, but because of all the raping he does on his dates!

"I'm going to rape you."

This series was VERY action-packed. I love the Dean Zachary artwork! Great colors (that was Malibu's thing- it's the only reason why Marvel bought them!).  I liked how the hero is constantly smoking cigarettes... And I especially loved the panel layout in these books- fucking amazing! The end of the tenth, and last, issue? HOLY FUCK!  Set up in, and paralleled to, the beginning of #1 (with the awesome face-shaped cover!). And how about that dark fuckin' turn issue six takes out of NOWHERE?!? Good stuff. I don't want to spoil anything- but I obviously recommend it... You can pick up all 10 issues for $10 at http://www.mycomicshop.com

Poor Air Man, he gets no respect... as he shouldn't:


-It's a great little moment.

"Air Man", heh- what a fucking tool.


  1. You have no idea how many times I Google image search Malibu's Mortal Kombat series - this post is spinal chord rippin awesome! Highlight for me was Rayden and Kano getting their own mini. Two favs one book. Actually that might've been the first mini-series I ever ordered.

    I wish DC would do a comic now Warners own the rights but boo none as yet. Would be great to have one universe in their line to look forward too.

    1. I think that miniseries continued this story... Malibu comics were kind of a mess to keep track of. -Everything led you everywhere and back. Hey, thanks for checking out this older post!
      I used to own one other MK series way back then- I don't remember offhand what it was though...
      I'm actually surprised DC did not do a Mortal Kombat book... especially when they had that video-game where they fought MK characters!
      I hear good things about what they have done with the Masters Of The Universe property.
      -Stay toasty!