It’s the little things…

...in comics that always make me laugh.

-Like an "UNUSED" garbage-chute:
-Really? How fucking convenient... Fuck you, Ultraseven! -You belong in actual trash!!!

...because you're terrible.
Why the fuck couldn't it have just been a garbage-chute? I mean; they go out of their way to mention that there's absolutely NO trash in there- so don't worry, kids- he didn't get dirty! *wipes sweat off of brow*
Oh, and also: Everyone parachuted away to safety, off-screen, from that deadly midair-collision.  And no one was disintegrated by the evil villain's magical weapon- they were simply banished/teleported to his evil dungeon forever, so... yeah.
(From Viz Manga Heroes- Ultraman Classic Vol. 5: Battle of The Ultra-Brothers)

-Then there's this little gem from Justice League Task Force #0:

Wait-wait-wait-a-minute: Let me get this straight- while contemplating just why exactly she's on the team; Gypsy... fuckin' Cindy "she's blending into the walls! I can't see her!!!" Reynolds: GYPSY- is gonna make an 'Aquaman is useless' zinger?
-And to herself, no less???
1.) Fuck you, go back to Detroit.
2.) How dare you even attempt to invite ANY comparison... because you're fuckin' Gypsy, and-
3.) -Aquaman is AWESOME!

And, since this was originally posted March 3rd, 2013 on my old blog site- enjoy this rather dated bit:
-Oh, and that new Superman: Man of Steel picture looks kinda weird, you guys:

Hahaha... see what I did there?

Classic Liefeld:

But then- maybe it's not so funny after all:

...and this is the real Man of Steel picture:

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