Nobody's Favorite Superhero: Captain Atom (Part 1)

Just let me start by saying- My Gods!  Look at his fucking hair:

-And those sideburns!:

That feathered-mullet/mutton-chop combo...

-It's... it's... spectacular!:
(Issue #25 from 1988)
~Sadly, that look does not stick around for long... First he looses the sideburns... by half, and then altogether. Later on he cuts his hair down (to what I think is his most recognizable look), and eventually he's rocking something a little more... militarily appropriate.

But the good Captain knows what he likes!:
(Captain Atom #31)

And he likes:
Yes, Captain Atom and I "-only like black girls, the brown girls, the café au lait. Caramel girls, and mocha girls just blow me away. If you're a Nubian- I want you to be in every fantasy! But if you're a whitey; say nighty-nighty- you're just not the girl for me..."

It is no mystery, I like a sister- see:
-That's what I'm talkin' about.

All fantastic mullets, and sweet interracial love aside- I adore this series. It is SO well done. And I'd just like to take some time here next week to highlight a few scenes from this run that- while they may have had me laughing- it was only at how fucking AWESOME they were!!!

Until then:  


  1. I definitely didn't know the captain was in into dark meat. No judgement here, just interesting to say the least. Although with him rocking the feather-y sideburns like that worthy of Thomas Jefferson himself, maybe I shouldn't be;)

    Seriously, for a strict military man, that long hair and lucious side-burns can't be military-issue, are they?

    1. Ha! Thomas Jefferson... He was allllllllright!
      Well, this was before his pardon, he did cut it down after. Still not to military-issue, though!
      I would rock that style TOMORROW if I could pull it off! Man, I'd get all the hot black chicks...

  2. Ha ha, right? I'd rock that hair myself if not for that damn bald spot in the back of my head. FUCK YOU GENETICS!!!! The ulitmate in hate right there. Biological hate;)

  3. Her brother's Randy? Hopefully not for her, although he is a first lieutenant in the force lol Golden!

    Captain Atom was awesome squared in Justice League Europe, and despite being the military fall guy for much of the bwah-haha he still worked as leader. Art wise though, I never really saw him as an imposing military dude unless Sears or Ed McGuinness drew him, but I think Ed sadly lost the sideburns to do it.

    Julie Bell did a mean as job too, but she used a paintbrush and that's cheatin'.

    1. For sure, Julie Bell, Bart Sears... McGuinness (yeah, he drew him with the crew-cut)... I don't think Ron Lim ever drew him but that would look awesome too!
      He was a terrible leader, but it made for good reading! Always either too winy and indecisive, or too strict and asshole-ish. Also randy- for big booty!

  4. looks like Dan beat me here with a comment about that awesome Julie Bell rendering of Captain Atom I also know about. but that's ok it was worth coming here just for the dark meat alone The Shlomo is gonna destroy dat ass. by the way K.o.T be on the look out for your email later today I'm planning on sending you something I know you're gonna dig.

    1. Yup, and of course that Julie Bell/Captain Atom is from the DC Comics SkyBox Master Series card-set- which of course I have; because I'm a massive dork!
      My friend- it is ALWAYS worth coming for the dark-meat. And the Stephen Lynch song... which is my anthem.
      Cool cool cool- I'll be looking for it.

  5. Well ..... seems like you could have come by the Cage and told me about your new spot. Never the less, the banner logo is fire and what's on that beige sofa is even hotter.

    Captain Atom is nobody's favorite superhero but he's doing something right. The last time I checked he had Nightshade and Killer Frost fighting over him. (he's still a square though)

    1. Hell, son- I did not even know you had a blog! Consider me subscribed, and yourself added to the side-column. -My bad.
      Captain Atom is doing EVERYTHING right! He's no square!! -He's a groovy, swingin' dude!!!
      And thanks- the banner logo is some of some of my favorites... very hard to narrow down... and on that couch? Well, I wish that was waiting for me on MY couch...