-Little Things In Comics: Nova!

It's the little things in comics that make me laugh... like when I'm reading Nova #1 and have to wonder to myself: Did... did Richard Rider's eyes just puke?:

-Yes, yes they did...
Mountain Dew is TERRIBLE for you, you guys!

So, in this issue- Gladiator shows up for a fight:


-And Nova remarks:
 Because he has SO much room to talk what with his outfit, right?
"And besides- Mohawks are SO fucking 80's! Sweet ponytails are what's cool in 1994!"

~Gladiator was so insulted- he threw a train at him.
-Not a train engine...
...or a boxcar...
......or even the caboose.

(SO very BADASS!!!)

And speaking of the early 90's; I find this is so funny in retrospect- from Nova #4:
"Phone-jacks?!? Ummm, this is a CELLULAR PHONE! Get with the times, guys! 1994 is THE FUCKING FUTURE!" 
Also: I forgot to scan it- but needless to say; when he finds/answers it- the phone is fuckin' HUGE.

~Fucking, see you fucking tomorrow for another fucking post...



  1. FUCK!!!!!, ha ha! I had this fucking one too. Like you said, as kid, when you first reads these a lot things just kinda go right past or over your head. Thanks to the future though, you can defintely look back and poke all sorts of holes in stories and art. But yeah, mohawk vs. ponytail......sheesh.

    I like mountain dew, and have never(yet) puked off it. Don't ask me why I never thought to question how one throws up from his or her's eyes. Again, when you're a kid back then, suspension of belief is your friend and life-partner.

    1. "Eye-puke" will now be the expression I use when I see something I can't unsee.

      Mohawk vs. ponytail: Mohawk wins... UNLESS it's a sophisticated sideways ponytail.

      I was never a fan of doing the Dew... I like when they bring out new flavors- I always try them all. Voltage is pretty good- and whatever that one is you can ONLY get at Taco Bell...

      Fuck, indeed! -And there is a reason for my overly excessive cursing; check back tomorrow!

  2. man! there's no way all those trains cars would stay hooked. it's like that scene in Pacific Rim when Gypsy Danger used that cargo ship like a baseball bat. that shit would have broke in half from just picking it up on one end. by the way K.o.T I made some updates to Wednesday's posting on the Rom blog I think you'll like.

    1. No, the train-scene isn't feasible... but... HUSH! -Look how AWESOME IT IS!!! Motherfucker took a train up off the track! Nova wants his money back...

      ~Ha! Yeah, and that was the ONLY problem with Pacific Rim. *zing*

      Yup, Traveling Through The Bronze Age is FINALLY back from hiatus. And back to ROM!!!

  3. by the way that big panel with Gladiator hovering above NOVA rocks I'm thinking this issue is from the second Nova series?

    1. I know, right?
      Yup, Vol 2 of Nova. -You are correct, sir! Ran for 18 issues in 1994-95.
      Oh, and I added The Rom Blog, and Mr. Morbid's to the sidebar so far... And to be fair- top placement always automatically changes to whoever updated most recently.
      Any other regular commenters who have a blog, or site- feel free to let me know!

      Gladiator Vs. OMAC: Who wins???

  4. This was so awesome. I kinda wished they'd worked this Gladiator vs Nova into the cover. Sure it was a number one, but this was like Nova vs Superman. And it probably needs a re-match.

    1. Hey, man- thanks for checking out my new blog!
      Yeah, Gladiator should have been on the cover- buy like you said- it was a #1. A number one in the mid-nineties, no less- and that meant: SHINY!!!

  5. Shiny and seemingly constipated covers ;) Nova even had both fists clenched.

    1. Yup- he was about to drop a deuce AND eye-puke at the same time!