Nobody's Favorite Superhero: Captain Atom (Part 2)

About the title: I often joke that Captain Atom is nobody's favorite superhero- partially because it's true, but also just because it makes me laugh. I kid- because I love! Not because I hate. There are too many sites out there devoted to hating comics. -They are part of the problem. This blog is about the joy that comics bring. Intentionally, or unintentionally... The little things that make you laugh. -It's about how fun comics can be. And in today's case- how fucking awesome!

In issue #30: Captain Atom finds out that his son, 22 year old daughter, her 44 year old fiance (who is his best friend, and her Godfather... and also black), and their Stepfather (you know- General Eiling: Nathaniel Adam's adversary who hooked up with his wife while he was MIA), and his Father (who does not know "Cameron Scott" is the titular Captain Atom) (Yeah- it's a very complicated family dynamic) are all vacationing on a yacht near an area where Black Manta is allegedly up to something nefarious. *phew*
-So, the good Captain flies out to check on them/keep them safe/investigate covertly. 
Needless to say he does find Manta's operation, and is immediately captured:

(I love Black Manta! His cheesy-villain-levels are off the scale here! And look at this guy!  He's like: "Jesus Christ! Really, dude?")

But, unfortunately for Manta- he has no idea who he just brought into his lair:
"What?! Who?!" Says anyone who is ever asked if Captain Atom is their favorite superhero...

In Issue #33: Batman is hot on Jonathan Crane's trail for some grizzly murders... and he has an unwanted tag-along in a currently powerless Captain Atom.
(Yes- he's in his Stone Protectors outfit... just go with it.):

(Rafael Kayanan on pencils this issue- and I think his Scarecrow is on pointe!)
So, after The Scarecrow subjects them to a personal, nightmarish, hallucination (as he is wont to do), and they "escape" it:
Fuck. -So well done.
This IS comics!

Finally: On his birthday- Captain Atom enters into the "dream world" of his subconscious, aka an extension of the Quantum Field, with the help of Red Tornado, and Silver Shield. The goal is to see his deceased wife one last time- and to tell her goodbye... gain some closure. But of course- once there- staying is just too tempting... and if he chooses not to leave- then his real body:
BOOM! That's the last page of the comic. Death- The Black Racer, son! That shit gave me chills!!! 
(Issue #41)

I highly recommend Captain Atom to anyone who reads comics... There are 57 Issues, and 2 Annuals.  Mostly, but not entirely, by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, and Pat Broderick.  I know of no trades that exist for this run... but you can buy every issue for around a dollar each at http://www.mycomicshop.com/
Otherwise- check the back-issue bargain-bins at your local comic shoppe! 
And as always:  


  1. Negative comic websites are definitely part of the problem mr - couldn't agree more. Black Manta though in the top of that second clip-art has Stewie from Family Guy squint. You know a dude's evil when he reminds you of a toddler.

    I never got why Bats and Cap didn't do more male bonding. In the Justice team thingees Bats always turned to the Martian, yet you'd think Atom's military brains might've been better. Or maybe just a group hug was needed by all.

    Death The Black Racer - Kirby never invented anything that wasn't straight class.

    1. Hahaha- how can a helmet squint? COMICS! -That's how!

      I think Bats hates everybody, really... but he kind of especially hates authority, superiority. -Or anyone trying to tell him *his* business. Captain Atom represented that. While the Martian was more impartial, and also not human; and often confused by their actions or emotions. -It's like Batman could identify with him more.

      Kirby is KING for a reason! "I'ma take a black dude- PUT HIM ON SKIES- and have him ski around IN SPACE, no less... Name him after a snake AND have him wear a cape and high-cowl, with a knight's helmet. Oh, and also- he's death for some reason. And despite all of this- he will be the most bad-ass thing you have ever seen!"

  2. Loving the Rafael Kayanan art so much I may have to track this one down. He did a some entries for DC's Who's Who back in the day, and I think also penciled Firestorm for a bit. Awesome.

    1. Yup- Fury of Firestorm, he sure did. -For quite a few issues... And about 14 other issues of Captain Atom too. I don't know about the Who's Who- but the internet says his art was featured in #3, #7, #8, and #10.

  3. that panel with Black Racer is kinda disturbing. i've only read a couple of Captain Atom issues in my time. i think i like the character better as a guest star in other titles or when he's part of group of heroes but on his own he's never held my interest much. did you ever see this rendering of him by Julie Bell? it's fucken awesome http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=724536

    1. Well, it's meant to be... I mean- he IS dying, yo!

      But that's why his book works so well- he's almost a guest-star in his own title. Superman, Batman, Red Tornado, Major Force, and various other JLE/JLI members, and DC rouges... all appear throughout the run. Plug that in with the fact that his own story is a pretty damn good one- it's a win/win. Any fan of comics should own this run.

      Yup, that Julie Bell/Captain Atom came up in the previous post- it's from the SkyBox DC Master Series cards- so, of course I have it; because I am a massive dork...

    2. speaking of dork stuff we need a new video bro.

    3. Nah, you're the only one missing the videos, man. But thanks!
      The effort started outweighing the fun for me... I can schedule, at least, the next nine postings on this blog in less time than it takes me to film, transfer, convert, edit, and upload one 15 minute video... Plus the copyright shit on YouTube has gotten INSANE. -I can't foresee any new vids for awhile...
      I kinda want to try focusing on this blog in my free time. I know there are dozens of other sites out there like this- but I think I bring a genuine love and fun, lifelong/non-hating fan perspective to it. Hell- in one month I already get move views on one of these entries than I did on most of my YouTube videos.

    4. i hear ya on the time and effort budget issues! well i fucken enjoyed em so fuck everybody else who didn't bother watching em they're all probably too busy watching American Idol or Top Chef or some other retarded shit like that.

    5. Well, thank you- always appreciate your support. And the old videos are still there- anyone who is curious can just click on The Thing over to the right.

  4. Seems like I'm kinda late. But the artwork is cool Black Manta is featured and everybody here loves comics. So fashionably late is what I'ma call it.

    Anyway, what happened in the series cause we know Captain Atom didn't die. And he's had a title and cameos after this book. So how did the good Captain finish up this run?

    1. It's all good like the weekend. -Late trumps never, always!
      Black Manta is awesome. I've always had a weakness for that guy- I'll pick up any comic I see if he's in it/on the cover.
      As for how Captain Atom ends? Well- that's spoilers! And nobody likes those!
      But, no- Captain Atom does not die. Because- comics! He probably wishes he had though because he eventually ended up in a title at Wildstorm!
      Atom WAS supposed to turn out to be Monarch (from Armageddon 2001) but that leaked out and DC panicked and changed it to Hawk last minute. And I don't even care if that's a spoiler- because it was fucking stupid! They TRIED to make up for it in Extreme Justice but- to little, to late...

    2. And to stupid. Why Hawk / never mind, who cares? I read over at Dan's Sinestro is getting his own title shot (or another one). With Manta's popularity where's his book?

    3. I care! Hawk was a horrible, anticlimactic choice... Cap'n Atom would have been so much better...
      I'm pretty indifferent to anything DC is doing now. I'm not buying what they're selling... But, does Black Manta really have popularity? -News to me.
      He made one of the Forever Evil covers, right? And I think is possibly going against the Earth-Three crew now? So, that's something- I guess... Again, I barely pay attention to DC. It's like they're allergic to fandom and customer loyalty...