It's the unexpected things in comics...

... that will make you laugh.
-Like when right in the middle of the 100% serious, not comical at all, second issue of Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising- randomly, and completely out of nowhere, this just... happens:

The Thing: Comic relief...

-And we all know Ben Grimm is a pretty tough guy! He'd gladly go one-on-one, toe-to-toe, with the likes of Doctor Doom, Annihilus, or Blastaar... But there's only so much one (cosmically-irradiated, orange, rocky) man can take:

(From Marvel Fanfare #15)
-Can't say I blame him at all, really.
"Hi boys 'n' girls! Don't light yourselves on fire!!!"

I know, I know- that's an urban-legend.
-Does not mean I hated H.E.R.B.I.E. any less growing up.

Speaking of Comic-book Urban Legends: How do you think this panel plays into the whole Cerebus/Spider-Ham controversy?:

(Also from Marvel Fanfare #15, 1984 -Story & art by Barry Windsor-Smith)

Basically; Dave Sim parodied a number of Marvel Comics characters in his comic: Cerebus. 
(Like Wolverine/Wolveroach, Punisher/Punisheroach, Venom/Venomroach, MoonKnight... you see where this is going?)
(They were all the same guy, who Dave described as: "...comic books personified!"
It was a really funny bit- you should read it some time!  
EVIL! EVIL!! EVIL!!! Hsssss!)

-Well, Marvel got all uppity about it. I've heard they attempted to sue him (or just threatened to), but it was well within his legal rights to use these characters as parody. They did, for sure, have their lawyers send off a cease and desist letter at some point in 1983, though.
Needless to say- Mr. Sim got right on that. *sarcasm*
The Comic Book Urban Legend is that Marvel specifically made Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham as a rip-off of Cerebus (looks-wise, at least) as a way to get back at/piss off Dave Sim shortly afterwards. As if to say: "You want to play cute, we can play cute too."

So- is this another jab at Sim from a bitter Marvel? -Saying Cerebus is just a rip-off of, or equivalent to, Miss Piggy of The Muppets?? Or is it, more than likely, a good-natured ribbing by Barry Windsor-Smith to his friend and colleague???

~Of course I'ma say the latter... They really are friends, and have worked together several times. It's still funny, though!

And, clearly- there are no hard feelings with Marvel:

-This original art, done by Dave Sim, Barry Windsor-Smith, & Steve Ditko, sold (for charity, I believe) on eBay for $1,513 in 2008.

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