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~If the season-finale of The Flash (on May 19, 2015) goes ANYTHING like this;
I'll probably need to change my pants...

...because I will have filled them with jizz.

The Flash #79 by Mark Waid, and Greg Larocque.


  1. I'd go for that even though I haven't Flash in forever. Dude, this one spoke to me as a kid since I grew up with Wally as MY Flash despite knowing full well about Barry. This whole story arc was pure genius by Waid, not mention a great fakeout for all the fans wanting Barry back.

    1. Fuck yeah- these comics rocked.
      And if they go by the comics at all (which they probably won't) I'd prefer this ending for Zoom, over him killing Iris and Barry snapping his neck for it.
      Wally West was my Flash too. What are the odds he shows up in season two?

  2. I doubt they'll make Barry that dark by doing that. I just don't see him becoming a killer. Not that version of him at least.
    I'd also be for Barry out-smarting "Doc Wells" this way too.
    As for Wally.....I guess, but I don't know how they would introduce him. Would he be black version from the now former New52 comics, or something else entirely?

    1. It would make sense for it to be the Nu52 version- both Arrow and The Flash have pulled quite a bit from it.
      If they did it- he'd probably be from the future... à la Bart Allen.

  3. I'm so in a 90's comics rocked zone right now - so loved this post. Greg Larocque gave Flash a really liquid look I always liked. Barry Allen dictated my original career path - for years I wanted to be a forensic scientist. So it took me a while to warm as Wally stepped up. Now Barry's back, I'm finding it harder to let go of Mr West. I think I saw myself more in him. Redheaded and all.

    1. I'm ALWAYS in the 90's-Comics-Rocked! zone.
      Glad you liked it, Dan.

      I agree- they way he drew Flash was very unique.

      In the end- I like both of them... So many fantastic stories to go back and enjoy with each.

      Forensic Science, huh? So- all you need is to be hit by lightning and fall back into your shelf of chemicals while working on a case!