I've been to The Dirt-Mall a few more times, and-

~I haven't made a post about my recent Flea-Market Finds in awhile... So here's a quick post showing some of the stuff I've picked up since the last time...

-Remember that Karate Fighters figure I got from a few posts ago- the Cobra Neo-Viper; one (of two) figures they licensed from G.I. Joe?  Well, here's one from their regular line of figures. He's one of the cooler looking ones too- and he reminds me a lot of Spider-Man villain: Lonnie Lincoln, aka Tombstone!  ...Probably because he's HEADSTONE!  *cough*

 I had seen him there a few times over the Summer (at the same seller's booth) and even tried looking up what he was from a few times when I'd gotten home- but never had any success.  It wasn't until I got the Neo-Viper and was able to find out what IT actually was online- and saw pictures of the rest of the Karate Fighters figures and went: "Ohhhhh!  That's what he was!!!  I really should get him, he's cool!" And so I did- the guy still had him for a fucking dollar...

*You can also see the three Dick Tracy PVCs I picked up for a buck each... Dick, Pruneface (did you know he was a fuckin' Nazi?), and Itchell "Itchy" Oliver... Put out in 1990, by Applause, for the awesome Warren Beatty movie.  The ORIGINAL Sin City film!  HA!!!  I love that damn movie- I saw it in the theater twice as a kid.  I had a bunch of the actual action-figures back then too!
-The seller also had a Dick Tracy PVC with his gun drawn- but half of the gun was missing on it. -Like it had been snapped off at some point. Itchy still had the $3.99 pricetag on his back.

*I've talked about them at length in older videos- but you can also see the McDonalds Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese Changeables toy I got for a quarter. Gallacta Pounder!  I still remember losing my original in Lake Erie back in 1989...

*Daffy Duck was always my favorite in the old Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes... ESPECIALLY when he was Duck Dodgers!  -IN THE 24th and ½ CENTURY!!! 
Another Applause PVC, this time from 1996.  It was also a quarter.

*Also new in the above picture- you can see Buzz-Saw from Silverhawks!  $2.

*A generic robot with no markings on it other than China. No clue what it's from- if anything at all...  He's hollow, has chrome parts, and stickers.  Only his arms move and he has a small hole in the right shoulder for something, as well as wheels on the bottom.  If anyone has any clues- I'd love to hear them!
But I figure it's probably just some cheap dollar-store-type figure or knockoff of something.  -I just loved the look of it, though!  So I picked it up for a dollar...

*And finally: Speaking of knockoffs- you can see the Die-Cast Metal Convertible ROBOTS version of the Go-Bot; Water Walk- still on the card! It was a dollar as well.
Gotta love those "movable action parts"! 
...someone is selling him for $34 on eBay right now. What a fool.

-This old Arco Ro-Gun/Go-Bots cap pistol was also sold in red...  I used to have, and re-bought as an adult, the Ro-Gun rifle, but I always wanted the pistol too.  -Found it for only $2!!!
He's missing the barrel that would pull out of the top of his head, but whatever... it's not like I want to transform/play with it.  His name is RGX1.
The red version is named...  Cap Pistol *cough*

*Also pictured is The Hulk from the 2003 movie.  He looks so Bana-y!!!  How could I pass that up for a buck!?!

-Speaking of the year 2003: McDonald's put out eight 'Happy Meal toys' modeled after the new Masters of The Universe toy line...  I picked up this Skeletor from The Dirt Mall years ago already... but for only a dollar; I got this one with his staff.  Upgrade.

*Another Rock Lord for the (slowly being rebuilt) collection!  -This is Stoneheart.

-Lastly, this bendable PVC figure(s) was actually the handle to a Digimon toothbrush, believe it or not...
Man, did that take some "Googling".  The replaceable head of the toothbrush came right out of Patamon's head. Probably why his eyes are all wonky.  Without it in place- the poor little guy looks like a victim of Hannibal Lecter, hungry for brains.  Agumon's arms are what's "bendy" about it, and Gabumon is just trapped in the middle of this... Digital-Centipede.
2001 MAS Brands Ltd.  -Twenty-five cents.
I figured it for some kind of "kids meal" toy, or "party supply". Who would have ever guessed toothbrush???

Hopefully I gave someone out there a nostalgia-boner...


  1. yeah i remember those various Gobot knock offs. you would mostly find them at dime stores or at Kmart and even at Seven 11 stores. but i don't seem to remember the mainstream toys stores like Toys R Us carrying them.

    1. I mean- when you're knocking off fucking GO-BOTS? -The state of your company...
      Drug-Mart (or any drug-store around here) would have them back in the day. Also Hills, or GoldCircle. "Shark-O" the submarine, with visible balls, is the favorite one I have so far...

    2. man it's a trip how there are certain chain stores in just certain parts of the country I've never even heard of Hills or GoldShower . . er i mean GoldCircle. i spent a lot of time in Florida years ago and it used to trip me out all the stores they had around like Rexall or Windixie that were no where in CA. by the way glad you like my latest coloring job i'll probably do some brand new fan art this weekend i seem to be on a roll lately.

    3. Yeah, it's always a fucking trip to see a store that you never heard of in another state. Or when you have not seen a store locally since childhood- and then you randomly find one when you're traveling!
      GoldCircle became K-Mart, and Hills became Ames... at least here they did- I don't know if that happened nationally or not. And the Woolworths? Well, that just closed.
      Cooks was a general-store around here, during my childhood, that I got all my MUSCLE Men and GoBots from...
      See, now- I've never heard of Rexall, or Windixie...

  2. Cool finds dude, especially that wicked-looking Skeletor.
    Oh man, yeah Dick Tracy was and still is the shit. Breathless' Blank mask could've easily been used for The Question. Al Pacino killed, as did Mumbles. Damn did Dustin Huffman kill that role or what?
    "Big boy did it. Big boy did it!"

    Gotta' love the beginning too. How unexpectedly cool and violent was it to kill off most of Tracy's well-known Rogues gallery at the start of the movie?

    1. Right? -Can you believe that Skeletor came from a fucking Happy Meal???

      YES!!! The Blank was SO The Question! I was actually pissed off, when I saw that movie, that it just turned out to be Madonna!!!
      Nice to see a Dick Tracy fan! Hell yeah he did- fuck; everyone was killin' it in that movie!
      And I maintain that EVERY guy is just looking for his 'Tess Trueheart'...

      Speaking of dicks- I need to get your comic, man! Where can I buy? Let me know- I want.

  3. I gotta' pick you up copy man.
    Here's my email address: Kingflame81@yahoo.com
    Just send me your address and 4 bones, and it's all yours.
    I still need to send Dan his copy.
    Any other takers? Shlomo?

  4. Sent a reply dude. Thx for responding, and for the interest in Kansas#1. Truly appreciate brother;)

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