~The Charlton Comics Reunion; featuring Nightshade!

-From Justice League Quarterly #14, by Paul Kupperberg and Michael Collins...

"You know you wanna fuck my tight body, Captain..."

-And then:

-Beetle is mere inches away from a full-on grope of ass-cheek.  
He knows what he's doing... just look at that smile!

So, yeah- this issue features a reunion of the former (and super cool, original Watchmen) Charlton Comics characters: Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Nightshade, Judomaster, and the unfortunately; absolutely (and horribly) uninteresting OZYMANDIAS Thunderbolt.

Admittedly; I was not very familiar with the Nightshade character before reading this issue- but HOLY CRAP  is she fucking awesome!:

The way her powers work is so sweet- she's like a Cloak... that you can fuck! 

-But, insert pathos here:

Right-click/View Image or Center-click to embiggen!

She works through it, though...

-And turns around to totally fuck shit up!:
-That is SO bad-ass!

And as perusal; Blue Beetle has to get all meta!:

THE END (indeed)!


  1. NO ted, it really is just you;) Maybe if he stayed with them, Max wouldn't have shot him so easily. Sigh.
    Nightshade is a cool character though, that didn't get enough play. Last time she appeared in the pre-NU52 DCU was in 2004, during the "Public Enemies" arc of Superman/Batman.
    She's yet to show up, but would be great as a black ops agent for ARGUS or in the Squad again. Or hell even Justice League Dark.
    She definitively needs a better outfit though.

    1. Beetle is the perfect storm of schlubby yet awesome. I hated when he got shot. I mean it was a great story- I was just sad.
      Yeah, Nightshade is awesome. She was in Public Enemies? I haven't read that since it came out- I don't remember her in it. -She didn't make the animated feature then, huh?
      She would be GREAT in Justice League Dark!
      Yeah- this outfit I don't hate... but it could be way better. -She needs a little bit of Raven, and a little bit of Nico (from The Runaways) combined into that outfit... Then it would be perfect.

  2. did you guys catch the Peacemaker reference?

    1. No, I did not... and still don't. -Where?

    2. the 2nd from the top clip art you have posted has that soldier talking about his "old Colt Peacemaker". i know that's an actual gun but i also can tell that line is paying homage to another Charlton turned DC character who doesn't happen to actually make an appearance in this issue.

    3. Oh, right... Yeah- I just figured he was talking about his gun.

  3. It's going to be interesting seeing how Grant handles the Charlton characters in Multiversity. I collected the Blue Beetle DC series with Ted and loved every inch of it, especially his team-up with the question. Outside of Keith Giffen's Justice League, I'm not sure any writer got Captain Atom - or maybe DC just gave all the good parts to Superman. I collected Captain Atom: Armageddon, hoping that he would stay in the Wildstorm universe and get a bit of respect there. Still reckon that would've been awesome.

    1. Fuck YES: Multiversity!!!
      I just picked up those Blue Beetle's with The Question. I used to own one of them wayyyyyyyyy back in the day- but that was back when I had no idea how awesome it actually was.
      Yes, Nobody's Favorite Superhero was best in DeMatteis/Giffen's books... But the Captain Atom series was a very good read. I almost have the entire thing now... Featured it on this blog plenty- Look over to the side; Captain Atom is my 2nd most used tag!
      Armageddon was pretty great! Especially since it was the lead-up to Captain Atom finally becoming the Monarch- like he was always meant to be!!!