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Happy seventy-fifth-post, Mental Organisms! 
I was recently reading Challengers of The Unknown #83-87, guest starring Swamp Thing, and Deadman- written by Gerry Conway, and penciled by Keith Giffen and Mike Nasser.  I bought them at The Flea-Market last Summer for, I think, a buck an issue...
Kirby is KING but I've never really given a fuck about The Challengers; I picked these up because I do give a fuck about the guest-stars.
These issues came out before I was born: 1977, and despite the talent involved; they really read like an older comic.  I mean, they're Bronze Age, but they feel like Silver...

-Very dated...

I've won several Friendliness Awards, myself.  I display them on a mantel.

...maybe that's the point, though?  -It's a throwback to the 50's?

Superman, you son of a bitch!!!

Yeah, sorry- but no one knows who the fuck you are, or what a "Challenger of The Unknown" is, Red!

"Yeah, like I said: A fucking implosion, you dumb piece of shit!  Are you fucking retarded?"

One issue had an extremely odd (even for these) Hostess advertisement too...  Seriously, try to read and make ANY sense of this thing...
Even my scanner didn't like it, three times through and it was still coming out all crooked.  


What? HOW?? Why???

-The answer... is drugs.

Swamp Thing was awesome, though...

And after I read these, I started on The Incredible Hulk #427, with Man-Thing, and was struck funny by a particular phrase being used... 

Okay, first- don't use shambling and shambles in the same sentence, you're better than that Peter David...
More importantly- you can't use "muck-encrusted mockery of a man"!  That doesn't belong to you! 
(I never knew Len Wein was Gerry Conway's roommate at the time...)

-I assume David was just having a laugh?  Or has that alliteration been used to describe both characters before?  I thought Man-Thing's catch-phrase was something like:  
Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch!

Staying with The Hulk now, I was never fond of his Pantheon storyline, but Peter David wrote a great Betty Banner:

Pencils by Liam Sharpe

Seduction of The Innocent... what a fuck-load of fuck.  
It's like Mein Kampf to geeks.

They're doing it.

I noticed something odd in issue #415 as well...

-What's that on the wall back there?  

...is that?


Man, Peter David writes the fuck outta the Silver Surfer too:

Pencils by Gary Frank

This issue was a part of the multi-part storyline: The Troyjan War, featuring The Starjammers and every Furry's favorite skunk-woman:

It's an old gag...

...but it still works.

Enjoy going through this giant-sized posting.
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  1. Nice;)
    Friendliness Award huh? Sounds......gay. You must own like a gazillion of them right?;)

    Good point about the use of Shambling and Shambles. I have jno idea what David was thinking, because he's clearly above making amatuer grammar mistakes like that. Not to menton his editor and good friend Bobbie should've caught that too.

    Always fun to see Wertham's work be shit on. Now that's a book that should've been banned! Fucking hack.

    A skinned Rocket Raccoon? I thought he was the last of his kind? Guess he is now....

    1. That's one BIG mantel!

      He shamblingly shambled.

      Yup, Peter David killed Rocket Racoon, off-screen as it were, before he was popular...

  2. I bet that kid wished he was shamblingly shambled by that librarian. Id be wishing that

  3. Nice post! Hepzibar was always my favourite Star-Jammer. She's no Black Cat, but I've liked seeing her on earth with the X-Men the last few years. Her and Warpath were a good match, and the issue where her and Storm venture in to see the Morlocks is pretty sweet.

    1. Thanks, mate. She's pretty great. I know Hepzibah was with The X-Men a bit ago- but I've never read any of them. Didn't Warpath turn her down when she was in heat or something- and she fucked Namor a lot and bragged about it?