Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again, Again- AGAIN!

Yes, yes- I'm going to keep doing that...


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I actually used to own the first two issues of The Shroud, and Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat miniseries' back in the day... So I was compelled to pick these later issues up when I saw them.  I owned that issue of The Sensational She-Hulk (as well as a handful of others) back in the day, too.  -And I'm not ashamed to admit that back then; I did not get it. "This is just wilful abstruseness!" It was over my head, and I had no idea at the time who John Byrne even was...  Ahhh, the ignorance of youth.  It was an amazing run that I'm trying to get back, and complete. -Much like The New Warriors, and Deathlok.
I've never even heard of Doom: The Emperor Returns, but you can't go wrong with some Doom. Hence the random Alpha Flight issue. Four for a dollar books- can't go wrong with that either!

I also got (to go with my Hobgoblin and The Thing) one of the many Spider-Man Marvel PVC Figurines, from the early 90's, for a dollar: 

If you are old enough- you may remember your Local Comic Shop selling these loose figures in a box by the register for around four or five bucks each... 

Another dollar got me this completely unmarked Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers; Goldar PVC figure: 

My Google-abilities have failed me... because it is unmarked- I can not figure out where it came from, besides the fact that it obviously has to be Bandai. I assume it came in some kind of bundle pack or PVC play-set, but I've never seen it before. 

I already have the standard PVC Collectible Figures Goldar that was released in 1993, on the left there... And I was able to find this picture on the right- of one released in 1994. But that's the only information I could find on it. He is clearly the same basic design/sculpt and paint-job as the one I just got, only in a different position... but how they were sold- I have no idea.

 Finally, I picked up an actual book.  I am 34 years old- it can't all be Marvel Comics and Super Sentai... 

 -Also only a dollar! Fucking thing is HUGE. There are, like, twenty-nine Holmes stories in there!  Including  The Adventure of the Empty House, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and The Adventure of the Speckled Band.  Hell yeah!!!  There were none on my bookshelf, it was sorely lacking until now...
The slip-cover is tore the fuck up, but it has been around since 1955.  The book itself is in wonderful shape, and has that fantastic old-book-smell.

One sad thing, though... you ever buy an old book that has a handwritten dedication on the first blank page? It happens to me a lot, and it really just makes you think.

Christmas, 1962... Betsy buys her Father a book- a thank you for helping her discover the joys of reading when she was a child... Cut to 2014 where it's getting beaten around in a box at a dirt-mall, sold for a dollar. How did we get here from there???  It can really drag one's mind down to try and figure it out. -All the possible scenarios are sad ones... Maybe it's just me and my sentimental, and increasing emotional brain... but I think of things like that.


  1. Cool finds man. I used to have that same Cyclops figure back in the day. Man was he cool back then with that light up feature. It just added so much to an already vivid imagination when it came time to play with em.

    The Doom one wasn't too bad, especially if you read all how he got there and made his way back to the proper MU. There's a reason why Doom's so badass, and those mini's proved it in spades.

    As for that heirloom.......probably an interesting story attached somewhere maybe other than the obvious one you noted. Who knows, maybe you'll run into the original owner of the book someday and you'll be inspired to write a book about it, that'll get you both featured in an interview w/Oprah.

    1. I picked up that Cyclops figure at The Dirt Mall last year for fifty-cents. I never had it back it the day, and I always thought Cyclops was a tool- but it was in perfect condition and the awesome light-up feature still worked!

      Where is Doom even coming back from? Heroes Reborn, 2099, death??? -I guess I'll find out eventually...

      Only stories for that book that I can come up with involve death and/or loss... Much like I'm always thinking about what will happen to all my cool stuff when I die.

      Ha- Fuck Oprah.

  2. i never had or read any of those issues but i do seem to remember us having a debate in one of your videos about the line first line of X-Men figures that Cyclops figure came from. some of my friends had that one among others i didn't care for them but the later lines were much improved with more articulation and way better sculpts.

    1. Yeah- we talked about that ToyBiz Cyclops on the video where I picked it up. I still love it, like Dale said- that light-up feature sold it back then. All the Toy Biz lines had hit or miss figures in them... but over-all I liked, and have fond memories of them.

    2. by the way your boy Daniel Brereton is gonna be in San Jose CA. in May. I went to this con last summer i had a great time i'll probably go again this year http://www.bigwowcomicfest.com/guests/

    3. -NICE! Frank Cho, Neal Adams, and Satoshi Furuya are there too!!! -Fuckin' ULTRAMAN! Looks like a good time! Have fun, man. *is jealous*

  3. One of my friends only collects books with dedications in them. She likes the romanticism of filling in the blanks or something. I'm too busy looking in the comic section.

    New Warriors? Deathlok? Doom? Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? If so, you owe back pay in Christmas pressies. Time to pay the piper.

    1. Wow- really? That's...... not weird; it's kinda cool- if you look at it like rescuing them from obscurity and repurposing it with a new found appreciation... but, like- fuck: Depressing. Like I said- the blanks you fill in are always just really sad! It always bums me out when I get one like that. -This loving, treasured, thoughtful gift- now dirty, passed over, in a box for a dollar- decades later...

      Ha! Okay, Brother-from-another-Mother... But it's a two-way-street on them pressies!