-Almost there...

   Here we are, my Mental Organisms, with the last post of the month already!  Post #47, to be precise...  I'll have to do something special for the big #50!  I'm talking special-cover COLLECTOR'S ITEM special!  -Just like they did with comics in the 90's: Every twenty-five issues was a big deal for some reason! (That's a link is to my 25th Post by the way.)

But first off:  Doctor Doom is bored with this conference meeting.  -Doom would rather be...


   -So, I've only been doing this blog since January... and I'd like to thank you all for stopping by twice a week (Updated every Monday, and Thursday!) to check out whatever I've posted.
I know it's not a huge number, especially compared to what most of the blogs I visit get; but I currently average between 250 and 350 views per week.  -I don't think that's too shabby at all!!!  Even more thanks to the few of you who always get involved and continue the conversation into the comments!  And if you're not a regular commenter- if you have the time- I'd love to hear from you too...

   And even though I'd be happy if I was only getting ten views a week- I'd still love to bump that 300-ish number up some! -Because why not?  So, please feel free to re-Blog, Tweet, Facebook, g+1, or link a friend to anything you see on here that you, or they, might like.  Past posts can't be "out-dated" because they're only panels/pages from old comic books to begin with!  So it does not matter when you view them- they'll still always be exactly what they are!  -Always feel free to check out any old posts...  because I always reply to comments.

   -Finally, I recently discovered the "Search Keywords" section under the Traffic Sources in the Stats section of my Blogger-dashboard...  and it amused me greatly! It shows what people who found your site through a Google-search were searching for specifically.  There are lots of basic ones, like three people found my review of Carnage: Unleashed by searching for "carnage unleashed". Four more found my review of The Fantastic Four Roast by searching "marvel fantastic four roast".
Two people must have been disappointed when they searched for "vampirella" and only got my V.D. post wherein she was only mentioned in passing because of model Cathy Christian... Three more searches that lead to that same post were: "avengelyne swimsuit book #1 signed", "avengelyn vs tenticles", and "avengelyne marvel pinterest"...   The 2nd one really made me laugh- what an odd thing to search for, plus misspellings.  The 3rd one just confused me, she's not a Marvel character.  -And who wants to find a fucking Pinterest???
"best superheroes the thing" -Really?  The BEST??? I guess every character has fans...
"fox kids all comics" -That's an odd way to phrase a search... but okay. There are a lot of those- just strangely worded searches... but I guess they get the job done.
Here were my three favorites- and the reason I'm even mentioning any of this:
"visionaries knights of the magical light fan poems" -Fan poems?  I think they were just searching for a fan-site that had their summoning poems written out on it.  But I'd like to think there are people out there who actually came up with there own "fan poems" about Visionaries.    
"comics about hookers" -You just GOTTA love all those comics about hookers! 
And "beautiful international girls fucking" -Poor guy was just looking for porn! I guess because Justice League International, and Power Girl are in the tags he ended up here by mistake. But he must have been deep into that search to get such a partial result. 

So, yeah- if you have a blog and have never checked out that section- it's interesting to see what people were looking for when they found you.  You should check it out- I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it too!

Until next time- Up, up, and away!


  1. dude, I can't remember the last time I checked my traffic sources thanks for the reminder. I see that you know something about that racist comments controversy with that donald sterling douche. what actually makes me sicker why does this guy have a hot girlfriend that can't be past her mid 30s tops. this guy is ugly as fuck and at least 30 years her senior and on top of all that she's half black as I understand it. goes to show ya that there's plenty of women out there who are just as superficial as guys when it comes to the opposite sex.

    1. Yup- no prob, Bob!
      I don't even know who he is- I'm not a sports-guy, myself- but that ass-clown has been all over the news... Him and that horrible Bundy rancher guy. -How dare he disgrace the name 'Bundy'! "Peg, you know I warned you before about touching me..."
      Ha! As for how he has a super-hot bi-racial girlfriend who is 30 years his junior?
      *sings* -Money, money, money, money! MONEY!
      That's why.
      Guys can be good looking and poor, or ugly and rich- but Heaven help those of us that are poor and ugly. -Doesn't matter if you're kind as a saint...

  2. @Shlomo: Easy answer buddy. He's rich. 'Nuff Said.

    Dr. Doom 2099 goes shopping? Is this like a episode of HIMYM, and he'll run into Robin Sparkles?;)

    Anyhoo dude, always enjoy this site myself. I have no problem pimping your site.
    I haven't checked my traffic sources in a good while myself, but people obviously come by a read or, skim my shit, so there's that.

    I do believe I may take/steal a play from your royal playbook and do the twice a week posting thing myself. No point in posting just to post if you don't have anything decent/important(at least to the writer) right?

    We shall see.....

    But yeah, almost reached the big 5-0 huh? I remember my first 5-0.........so...... many...... years ago;)
    Congrats man, and I can't wait to see what the polybagged, hologram/holofoil/3D edition of the little things is going to look like.

    1. Yeah, buddy... money gets you one more round!

      Doom 2099 goes shopping. Straight up- it wasn't even a joke. He leaves to fucking go shopping.

      I thought you had already said you were gonna just post twice a week- on account of being so busy with Grindhorse... and then you just kept posting stuff anyways!
      Two posts a week even gets a little hectic for me at times (especially if I have to scan a lot of pages)- because I'm only throwing these up as I have time to read, or reread, my comics... and not every comic I read has something I want to post on here either.

      Yeah- too bad holofoil-etched covers don't scan... this blog is useless! I quit forever!!! Fuck the 5-O!

  3. Must admit I only skim your site to check out if there are any Fantastic Four goodies [hint - there aint much, get it sorted] but please some more Fuck Off Crew, I just love it, half the dialogue reminds me of the changing rooms at work [enough said].

    1. -You what? How dare you, Sir!
      Hahaha, good seeing ya... I'll see what I can do about getting Fantastic Four (no less, no more!) goodies on here. I have that 'Say WHAAAT?' cloud in the sidebar there where you can see the posts by characters in them. There are currently three FF related entries- that's more than most characters on here so far.
      More Fuck-Off Crew? I can totally do that! In fact, I'll make issue #3 post 51- per your request!
      Side note- I just read Superior Carnage last week; and Wizard and Klaw were in it- oh, man- they were so well written! I loved it!

  4. K.o.T, in case you were wondering at 3 P.M. local CA. time the stats on the Blog Site for Rom Fans Who Aren't Dicks were as follows . . .
    Pageviews today
    Pageviews yesterday
    Pageviews last month
    as far as what generates a large following for a blog i think in general it takes time and every thing that works for one site may not work as well for others. some of the things i think are helpful is to stay interactive with your audience. you don't always have to reply to every single comment but letting most of em go unanswered much of the time is bad blog etiquette i think. in my humble opinion the guy who runs the Marvel 80s Blog is a good example of that. last year Dan dropped that site from his blog roll over some kind of contention between em : )
    and i think even in the case where you have a blog that inherently made to appeal to a niche audience i think it's good to post stuff from time to time that has some broad appeal. also, i always try to stay away from posting redundant stuff in terms of news and art. be one of the every first to talk about it i say or don't bother. and when it comes to art work the stuff that's brand new or rare is always the way to go. when you're into a specific character or group going from site to site and seeing the same art work (both clip art and fan art) over and over again is so tedious!
    i think the last think is to remember that people in this era of social media and tech. have really short attention spans. it's like with advertising if you haven't hooked their interest within the first 4 - 5 seconds you've lost em and on general most people don't like to spend a of time reading shit on a computer screen. so when it comes to text i say "less is more" postings that are too wordy tend to loss me. blogs are like assholes everyone's got one and they all want you to read their shit all the time, anal-yze and comment on the postings. so basically, be a good host, keep it visually appealing, being original doesn't hurt and keep the text to a minimum.

    1. Damn, bro- you get almost double a day what I get in a week! Nice.
      Thanks for all the insight.
      Oh, yeah- it totally takes time. -I know. You've been around for a few years, Dale, and Dan too... I have- if you count the old blog, YouTube channel, and web-comic, but I get more here already then those combined.
      I always reply to comments... even if they don't get checked back on to see said reply- I figure if you take the time to share your thoughts on a post- It's the least I can do to take the time to respond.
      No news here- gets outdated to quickly. I like that past posts are just as relevant as they'll ever be (for highlighting old comics)... I think I straddle that broad-to-niche fence pretty well too; from Spider-Man and Thor to The Ferret and Rook...
      As for the short attention spans of readers- I agree... Even back on YouTube- the shorter videos always got more views than the long ones. I'm the opposite- I want more out of the sites I visit- longer videos, more insight on the topics at hand... Paragraphs don't frighten me. But, yeah- I have noticed my posts have gotten much more... wordy... since #25. -I saw it as my blog getting better but maybe I should go back to the pictures outnumbering the words for awhile. Even though that kind of makes me sad.

  5. Love the Super-Ho video btw!

  6. Shlomo makes some damn good points actually. I should probably follow more of those points, but I think I make out decently overall.

    Dan got into it with somebody? Wow. I honestly don't see Dan as being a confrontational guy or anything like that, so that's shocking to read. He's like one of the nicest guys I' haven't had the pleasure of meeting.

    1. Yeah- he's probably right; I'm "talking" too much on here lately...

      I guess he did... Shit, Dan is a fucking stealth ninja assassin! Nobody fuck with him. -Chop, chop, chop- judo flip!!!

      Oh, yeah- Super-Ho! Funkdoobiest, son!!!

  7. Honestly King, just do what feels right to you. If you want longer, go longer.
    I'll admit to catching the short attention span bug too, but usually if you're passionate about a topic and shows, others'll be drawn in.

    Just keep doing what your doing, and yeah, more of those Fuck-Off comics. Funny shit.

    I'm seriously tempted to roll that asshole who get into it w/Dan. It;s how I roll. You mess with my friends, I'll mess with you. And no one wins that one except for Mr. Morbid.

    1. "Whateva- I do what I want!"
      My attention-span has never been a problem. I'm a pretty focused guy.

      Okay, more Fuck-Off Crew! Deal.

      Dan's a ninja- he got this...

  8. i seem to remember Dan's issue with the guy from the marvel 80s blog posting something, possibly some art work with out permission.

    1. Shit, I've never had permission to post anything I ever do. -Here or YouTube.
      Whateva- I do what I want!!!