4:20 He-Man!!!

-It's FOUR-TWENTY, y'all!!!

That means that it's time to watch some fuckin' cartoons!  But first- a quick look at Star Comics' Masters of The Universe #2, and #3 from 1986.  Written by the infamous Mike Carlin, and penciled by the always awesome Ron Wilson...
(This all ties together, trust me; I'm not high yet!)

Smash-cut to "Snake Mountain":

 -Okay, wait... hold up.  1.) We all know that is not what Snake Mountain looks like. And 2.) That is clearly just a drawing of the inaccurate play-set when opened up!:

 ...I owned that when I was a kid.  And even though I was always disappointed that it did not look like it should- it was totally saved by all the really cool features it had; especially the voice amplifier/distorter-microphone thing... It had way more functions than Castle Grayskull did.  Still, as an adult- I had no problems parting with it for some cash, and I'll never get rid of my Castle Grayskull. Anyways, moving on:

(Embiggen any panels by right-clicking and selecting View Image, or center-clicking, on them)
~Uhh... huuh huh huh... STONEDar.

At first I thought- That's a really great question, Skeletor: Why do you forever surround yourself with incompetents???  And then I noticed that it's not even a question- it's a statement, an exclamation even!  
-You've finally just excepted it after all these years, huh, Keldor?  A leopard can't change its spots...

...Wait, He-Man: Chronic Champion of Good???  

-Why... he's my favorite!:

There's a Wallpaper for you, my Mental Organisms!  -Just embiggen and Set Desktop Background!

And has that first song stopped yet?  Don't worry, I've got you covered today!:

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous; an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” -Carl Sagan

 This issue featured the brand-new MoTU figures Stonedar and Rokkon: The Rock People, and the Bandai Tamagoras- renamed Meteorbs...  By the time they were added to the toy-line, He-Man was already off the air- so The Rock People made their cartoon debuts in the She-Ra: Princess of Power episodes The Rock People, and The Light of the Crystal.  And The Meteorbs in Assault on the Hive-  all of which I don't believe I've ever seen- and will be watching later today!

Meanwhile in issue #3:

"I have the Arrg!!"?  Do you suppose he meant The Camargue??  -Isn't there a St. Aaargh's in Cornwall???

Now, are you ready for your inner-child to be terrified by the most frightening image ever?:

-My eyes!!!  THEY BURN!  
The goggles do nothing!!! 

What the actual hell, Mike Carlin??? First you give us the brain-scars of Aunt May as
the Golden Oldie, and now He-Orko? Why do you hate us so much???

-I apologize for that! Let's cleanse it away with the power of...


Now, this issue featured Hordak's Slime Pit- but it never appeared in She-Ra: Princess of Power... well, technically it was in the background of an episode once- but looked completely different and was not even sliming anyone!  I always liked how the commercial for it showed Spikor getting slimed- the guy it would be the fucking hardest to get cleaned back off!

That's all for this post, thanks for kickin' it with me for awhile- next update will be on Thursday, as always... Enjoy your day! ...and, ummm- Happy Easter or something?
~Play me out, KMK:


  1. I had a shit load of the toys and I loved the mini-comics that came with them when it comes to the first two lines of Masters of The Universe figures/vehicles, but I was never into the Star Comics spin off. just Orko being in it is enough to make me not want to read it. but damn that chick in the fish net top with the great tits is hot!

    1. Fuck yeah, dude! MoTU was my entire childhood. -Always my favorite.
      I never had more than a couple Transformers... only a dozen or so G.I. Joe figures...... But I had almost every single He-Man toy they ever put out in the U.S.
      -I loved the fuck out of those mini-comics too, but most of those did not survive my childhood!

      I sold off most of the vehicles I had (that were not prominent in the cartoon), along with "Snake Mountain", and the figures I never had as a kid- but bought years later (when I was "collecting") around five years ago... Made a small fortune on 'em too- since I keep my shit mint and complete! But out of all the toys I own, or have ever owned; my remaining essential MoTU figures are the only things that are never gonna go anywhere- no matter what.

      I was never into the Star Comics either. Never even owned one until I picked those two up at The Dirt-Mall one year for the fuck of it. They were cheesy, of course, but a fun little trip down memory-lane. I would not mind picking up the rest of them if I ever came across 'em for cheap. It's good fun.

      Oh, the girl in the video thumbnail? Hahaha- I guess... Those plants are hotter!

    2. I still have these two old photos. one is of me with my Castle Greyskull play set while I'm wearing these TRON pajamas (loved that movie and had some of those toys) and the other one is of me playing with the Battleram vehicle and a He-Man figure. shit dude, I still remember when this commercial was on TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oA9B5jzqzM

    3. Nice! I know there exist pictures of me in Superman pajamas opening He-Man figures on Christmas... just last year! Ha! No, I should try to dig out some old pictures of little-kid-me, with classic toys, at my parent's though...
      Wow- I remember a lot of those commercials too! Thanks for that link!

  2. Old-School He-Man and 420/weed. How can you not like that combo. You da man King.
    Hope you had a good or decent Easter/Zombie Jesus/Hitler's birthday/420 day yourself;)

    1. It all fit together so nicely!
      Thanks, man... hope you had a good Zombie-Jesus Day as well. -I ate so much ham......

  3. I had that issue three! I never dug Orko, but the comics that came with the toys were awesome. Especially the first wave's, where the adventures were a little darker than future issues, and Teela and the Goddess were two different people. Masters of the Universe on 4:20 day and no "Moss" Man - you know it wasn't a body of kelp that made him a hit at Eternian parties... he's the reason one on Man-E-Faces faces is blazed.

    1. No one has EVER dug Orko... Like, ever.
      Yeah they were, I only have a handful of them left- they were too easily damaged, lost, left behind, accidentally thrown out- who knows what happened to them after all these years... but they were definitely awesome- I remember reading and rereading them all the time.
      Nope- no MossMan, that would have been perfect though! I still call skunk-buds Stinkor...
      We did get a STONEDar appearance though... Plus; Chronic He-Man! So, not a bad 4:20 at all!

    2. You never do bad work mr ;) Sorry have been away. Been pretty crook and stuff. See a specialist on Thursday so hopefully all sorted after that. Unless her name is Dr Pamela Isley!

    3. Well, feel better man! -Hope that goes well.
      ...and watch out for vines.

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    1. Days and days... I had to put some in the freezer!