A Big Redhead- You Know- Stacked, I Mean.

~By far my favorite Batgirl design is the one from the Elseworlds miniseries Thrillkiller: Batgirl & Robin by Howard Chaykin & Daniel Brereton:

-Huge fan of Brereton's style.  I have almost everything he has ever worked on...

Now, I know when you're reading comics- a certain amount of suspension of disbelief needs to be present. But this just really stood out to me when I was rereading it a few nights ago:

'Hmmm...' -Thinks Bruce Wayne: 'Batgirl is a stacked redhead, you say?  I wonder who she could  be???'

It's Barbara Gordon. 
-I doubt there are really that many stacked redheads in 1961 Gotham.

 'A statuesque redhead with tig ol' bitties... I wonder if it's anyone I may know???'

-It's Barbara Gordon:

-You know; your Boss's Daughter... who you see frequently when she comes into The Police Station... you were almost dating her once in this story... and now she's with someone who could be described as an "Elvis-type."
You, Sir; are a shitty detective in this universe!

Seriously, Bruce- just look at her.  It's instantly obvious...
-Come on, Babs!  That hair, those boobs... pretty unmistakable.
I mean, the eyebrows on your cowl even look exactly like your eyebrows!

You're hardly even trying...

Sure, Wayne eventually figures it out- once he comes face-to-face with her in costume.  I'm just saying- how he did not figure it out instantaneously is beyond me.  At one point he even has pictures of Batgirl, and then sees Barbara just after he was looking at them... and still, "The World's Greatest Detective" didn't have a single thought about it.  And I know- it's that old 'Lois can't tell that Clark is really Superman because of reasons' thing that's in all superhero comics... but this is Batman we're talking about here!
Alternate reality or not- I mean, come on.


  1. i still have the program booklet from a 1996 Con in Oakland California that i went to in which the primary guest artist was Brereton. although it sounds like you're into his work more then i am i do like it even though he tends to draw every body's face in a way that makes them look like they're related to Angelina Jolie.

    1. Angelina Jolie? How dare you, Sir! Brereton's women actually look pretty!!! (Never saw what everyone sees in Jolie- ewww...)
      That's cool, though! Did you get to meet him? Have anything signed??? I've never been to a solid Comic Book Convention. -Been to a few Anime ones, and one that was mixed once- where I got to meet Walt Simonson... Because it was mostly an Anime Con- there where only, like, 20 people in the room for his panel (probably because none of those kids even knew who he was!) and he just told us old stories about working back in the glory-days, and did a Q & A. It was awesome.
      But, yeah- huge Brereton fan-boy! Giantkiller, and Nocturnals are my favorites. I reread all the Nocturnals books every Hallowe'en. I have a sweet Gunwitch bust on my computer-desk too.

  2. I haven't read this one but Babs looks amazing. The artwork looks Heavy Metal in a good way that makes you wonder what happens when the next panel shows her slide down the Bat pole. Heavy Metal meets the Dark Knight detective. You know things got to be good?

    1. No- no Bat-Pole action...
      ......well... no, I take that back! Because while her boyfriend Robin is dying from being poisoned by Rule 63 Joker- she leaves him alone to go slide up and down Bruce Wayne's bat-pole! And she thinks; 'Dick, what am I doing?' -And then it cuts back to this hilarious reaction-shot of a sad, pale, dying, and teary-eyed Robin to end the issue. Hahaha! Oh, man... what a whore. Good stuff. -You should check it out. It's also collected in trade, and has a sequel one-shot.

  3. @Shlomo: Angelina is staring in a live action Sleeping Beauty film and makes the witch look so damn good dude you want to lay her down in the throne room. No waiting.

    1. Yeah- she's Maleficent. I'll admit- she looks good in the role...
      Still, you could not pay me enough to get all up ons that... seriously. -Her career baffles me. And her lips looked like they had cancerous tumors in them, back in her hayday. Tomb Raider is one of the three movies I've ever walked out of the theater and demanded my money back for... I just don't get the appeal.

    2. ~Hahaha- but then again, I'm definitely no Brad Pitt in the looks department, so maybe I should shut up!

  4. Jolie looked the hottest(and ho-est) in the movies Gia and Original Sin. Other than that, meh.
    Babs on the otherhand, is hot as fuck all-day, everyday!

    Good mini to own, plus the sequel, Thrillkiller 62'.
    Yeah you can finds lots to nitpick or dislike, but you can't hate on the art. Period.

    1. Man, there was a time back in the day when EVERY single guy AND girl you knew was OBSESSED with her... it was ridiculous. -I've seen Gia.
      -Well, THAT part of Gia... and even I have dated chicks who looked better naked. -I'm just sayin'... I don't get it. I never got it.

      Yeah- I'm totally nitpicking! -I love the book, though. And it never stood out to me before... but this time I was just like- wait; how could he NOT know this??? WTF, Mate?

      But THAT Batgirl for the win- most definitely.

  5. Brereton's stuff is great - last year when I was doing my interviews with illustrators I was talking with him about answering five questions too as this is the anniversary year of The Nocturnals, but my personal life got in the way before I got the questions out and now months have gone by. Damn shame. Like you I love the Thrillkiller stuff!

    1. Oh, man! I was gonna ask you for a link to that interview!
      Is it the Nocturnals anniversary as well? Damn- first I find out Shi is 20 years old on your site, and now this? I'ma just buy some Depends and accept it.
      Too bad there will never be another Thrillkiller. -Nu52 and all... which even looking at optimistically- has still been 80% hot garbage. Even the 20% who are consistently putting out good things are basically working with a handicap.

  6. He's a really open dude too. His Facebook page he runs is the best way to say gidday but yeah top notch dude. No matter whether he was drawing Domino and Cable or Wonder Woman, he always got the character yet kept his own style in tact. That's something few artists with a style as distinctive can say.

    Yeah anniversarys all round this year. Me, I'm only just reading the end of Knightquest. Okay it's not the first time but close.

    Nice photo on the other post btw - paparazzi snapped at just a young age! Sorry for the quietness this week have shifted cities and yeah... shifting is not my super-power.

    1. Hey, no problem... You moved, huh? Good luck getting sorted.

      Knightquest was pretty awesome. I recommend THIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnDyuNBakV8
      -Fueled by Jesus to kill people!

  7. Thanks mr - yeah unpackings a pain as.