The Fuck-Off Crew #2

-Your ass better CALL somebody!

Will No-Waiting make #Hashtag bleed?
Will it be worth it anyways??
And what will happen to Guyliner???
Will Bitcoin ever gain financial legitimacy?
Now that she knows Pony Pads' deadly secret- will Super Hoe stay with him... for his money??
Would YOU buy a Cunty-Meal???
-Answers to half of these questions, and less: NEXT TIME!

This post used scans of, and re-lettered pages (to juvenile effect) from Image Comics Brigade #3:


  1. Dear lord, I don't want to live in a world where getting HIV splashed on you, and considering about staying with a person who has AIDS but is about to be hella rich, can't be laughed at.

    Good job sir!

    These strips are proof there actually are secondary-value to these comics even if you have to invent it on your own;)

    1. -Hey, It IS all about the money!
      Thanks, Dale...
      I'm not sure yet if I'll do more of these or not. I mean, I probably will... here and there. It's a lot more work than just scanning some stuff, and commenting on it. -I gotta empty out the existing word-balloons, come up with text that fits, and makes- at least- SOME sense. Half the pages are not even sequential... I'm just making it work. Plus- I'm terrible with Photoshop, so I have to use MSPaint! Yeesh!
      Oh, there IS value to these comics. I still like the actual over-all Brigade/Bloodstrike story. They are big, dumb, loud, and fun. But now they'll always be Pony Pads and Guyliner to me...

  2. LOL Hashtag. Yeah some folks sure overuse them huh. Nicely played mr - beats looking at extreme studios work and going, oh here comes not-Cable to talk to not-Boom-Boom about not-Wolverine. Extreme Studios - home of originality - said no one ever!

    1. #Never!!!

      Yes, Extreme Studios... Spray it in your face, and slam it!!! Crunch the googly to the max!
      not-Cable, not-Boom-Boom, and not-Wolverine are such GREAT characters, though... And don't forget Not-quite-Deadpool, Not-Wonder Woman, Not-Superman, and Not-Puck- he's my favorite!

  3. Exactly Dan. But that's hey they rolled back then, and I like anyone else back then, ate that shit up with a giant man-thing-sized spoon. SPOON!!!!!!!

    If you want king, you can download free Photoshop-like programs that I use. Gimp and Paint.Net are the easiest to use and download, if you're wanting to improve past using MS Paint.

    1. That is how they rolled... I ate it up to, and asked: Please, Sir- may I have some more!

      I have GIMP- it's what I use to fix up the comic-scans before posting them. I call it Photoshop because it basically is- and I still suck with it. But it's still quicker and easier for me to just use MSPaint for re-lettering and whatnot. Easier, but still a pain in the ass- that is...

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