Inspiration Breeds Illustration:

Here's my submission!:

Hahaha!  -Just kidding!!!

I just made that on Photoshop real quick, before I posted this, as a joke...

...I was trying to intentionally make it look REALLY bad. And it is bad, obviously... but I still kind of like it for some reason.

       Sure, such an undertaking is always easier said than done... getting everyone to synchronize on a project like this- when they are all busy, and got lives to live and shit...... Hey, I'm just glad you all take the time out to come here, read my posts, and comment (and if you're not commenting, you should! What's wrong with you?)

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I was going to go through my personal history with art in this posting... but I'll save that for when I actually make some art.  Man, this was a rough one for me. -I have not really drawn in years... and I ended up procrastinating instead of starting something right away, as I am wont to do. I knew I was going to Kentucky for a few days last week, and figured: Yeah, I'll just take my sketchbook, some pencils and pens, my copy of ROM Annual #2 for references, and do some quick sketches to knock the rust off before I do my real drawing for this. (Which was going to be a super gross painting of M.O.D.A.M., by the way.)

So, of course I end up reading the comic again first... wasting more time... and I was gonna do some sketches of ROM to warm up, but then I figured: No, I'ma do a sketch of Tarm The Seeker and his brine-shrimp-lookin'-ass... Because he gets no love.

...about an hour later, after I had erased a hole through the paper from fucking up- I decided to watch TV instead.  -See, the problem with Spaceknights, and being so out of practice (and not being that good to begin with anyways) is all the hard lines, perspective, and symmetry drawing them requires. And Seeker has a really weird-shaped-head/helmet on top of all that! VERY hard to draw it properly. 
I just could not get it down.

I said: Okay, it's cool... I just need to draw something more smooth, and organic. Something asymmetrical. Well, what's more organically-asymmetrical then a fuckin' Dire Wraith, right? Okay. Let's try this again...
So, I sketched me out a Wraith... but because when I draw- I don't pre-plan, or thumbnail, or do that shit with lines and circles like they always try and teach you- I just draw. And I usually start with the head, sometimes a hand, and I just place it somewhere on the paper and fill everything else out around it as I go... because I do that: I often run out of room on the paper before I finish the full body, and something gets cut off.  -So my Dire Wraith ended at the waist.
But, it was just a sketch- no big deal. I inked it to get some practice with that, and called it quits. Whole thing took an entire evening on the couch, while I half-watched old South Park episodes... "I'll do something else when I get home..." I said.

I get home... and do nothing. LAZY-MODE INITIATED.
No way was I going to be able to do that M.O.D.A.M. in under a week. So, I looked at that Dire Wraith sketch again... it's really not that bad, I thought... but it's only half a picture. Maybe I can tape another piece of paper to it and finish the drawing, and just use that for the blog.
A week after drawing the top- I'm now on 'Dire Wraith bottoms.'  ...which sounds like the title to worst porn ever filmed on Wraithworld, by the way.  It wasn't too difficult matching it up, though. -I inked it the best I could to match. But guess what? It was too big to fit in my scanner!
So now I have these two halves of a whole...

 (-That darn cat!)

I was going to color it in with colored-pencils, but I kind of had a "naw, fuck it" attitude after all this. -Because now I had to scan each half separately, and line it up in Photoshop. And I am NOT good with Photoshop.  I knew this was going to be a bitch, and it was... Took another entire evening, in-between watching my rope-operas. I had to size them right, I could not get the transparency to do what I wanted- so I had to overlay and blend each half together as best I could... Luckily there were no saving or program errors- that usually always happens when I'm working on something big or important.

Anyways again, the point of my going on like this is to say: That was just me. -All I managed with my free-time in a month was a pen & ink sketch. So, I can imagine whatever you had going on- to not be ready for today, if you did want to be... So, don't sweat it. Maybe another time, one day- we'll all try this again.
This was all a lot of build up for nothing much, but here it is:

-Not too shabby for being the first, and technically- second thing I've drawn in such a long, long time. Not what I wanted to do, but whatever... At least this all got me motivated to draw SOMETHING again. And I do really want to do that M.O.D.A.M. painting- I have it all planned out in my head.

Like I said before- I suck at Photoshop, but I can fuck around with it a little. So here's a colored version:

And at least I got something out of all this- I used it to make a new image to put on the side-bar to my blog:

-That's pretty much it.
Now I'ma see if I can get a guest-post together for Mr. Morbid's House of Fun!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sweet, sweet art King! I rather like the gummy monster myself;)
    How do I go about submitting stuff to be posted here? Do I email you or what?

    1. Thanks, man! Hahaha- Oh, jpg-file-names...
      Yeah, just post it on your site- and put the links up- I'll put the link up.

  2. yep, drawing symmetrical stuff in the right perspective is often a lot harder then most people think i've had some surprisingly difficult times drawing Rom on numerous occasions. your dire wraith came out pretty good in the end it kinda reminds me of a panel in an X-Men back issue where one appears in front of this dude's car car screaming "HUMAN!" just before it tongue spikes the dude right through the windshield. this is also ironic just about 8 hours before this posting i posted a dire wraith sketch card by some unknown artist.

    1. Yeah- it's really difficult to do right... I do much better on things without any straight-lines...
      Ugh! Yeah- I should have drawn it with it's tongue all out, and wagging about: Venom-style.
      Thanks, though.
      Yup, I saw- your Dire Wraith stole my Dire Wraith's thunder by being way more awesome looking...

    2. yeah bro you gotta make sure you got that tongue action going on whenever you do some female dire wraith fan art. if you look back at the piece I did with Jack of Hearts and Sabra fighting with the dire wraiths you'll see what I mean.

  3. Nice work Mr! I even like the cat giving the two halves a critical inspection ;) The Dire crew can be pretty hard to nail, and I think you did more than that here - especially with the text behind him. Great stuff, and thanks for all your efforts and time in organising everything too. It was great to be apart of!

    1. Thank, Dan...
      Yeah- then the kitty started jumping on them, and wrinkling them... so I had to edit the creases out of the scans too! Ha!
      It was no effort, really, and it hardly went off without a hitch... but I drew something- I feel pretty good about it. -It always feels good to create. And I thank everyone for participating!

  4. Dude you did your thing. Luv the wraith and the post, you just don't know how bad I wanted to explain all the pitfalls, printer issues and bad pencils I went thru. Thanks for reading my damn mind and helping your Boi explain.

    Real talk though, this little project has made a brother want to draw again man. The next project I want to do will be at the Fun House.

    @Dale: you might want to organize the Fun House one soon.

    Long Live the Squad

    1. Thanks, man!
      -You had some troubles too, eh? Ain't it always the way?
      That's awesome you're inspired to draw more! -Same here, this whole thing gave me the fever... I'm already thinking about more stuff I want to do. It ain't easy, but nothing worth doing ever is... Thanks again for participating!

  5. I'll guess I'll good ahead and show my contributions on my blog then.

  6. Good job KOT . I like your drawing even if in two parts. The black and white version with red eyes owns it .

    1. Hey, man- thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.
      -Glad you like the original sketch... In the end- I'm pretty happy with it.

  7. The photoshop art kind of reminds me a little of Frank Miller's art on The Dark Knight Strikes Again.