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Hercules straight-up claims bitches.  From Thor: Blood Oath #4  
-I wish they all made so fine a sound.

First- I'd like to thank everyone reading this blog right now.  I'd also like to encourage comments.  -Don't be afraid to join in on the conversations in the comment sections of any post!

Next up: The regulars have already heard- but I'd like to post it here: For Febuary 27th, 2014 I'm trying to get as many participants as I can for a little internet art-show between all of our sites... 
Email me at ______ if you are seriously up for it.  And I will have a list of links compiled, of all the sites who are in, sent to you so you can add them to your posting on the 27th. (As of today- I have 2 confirmations, and 3 maybes...)
If you don't have a blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, or deviantART to use- and link to- I'm sure anyone from the regular blogs you visit would post your image for you.  -Myself included.
The theme, to keep it simple; is any hero/character/villain you choose- any version, from any time, from any company. Whatever you feel like.
It can be any medium: A sketch, pen & ink, colored-pencil, markers, paint, sculpture, digital, photography, photoshop... Whatever you like doing, and have the time to manage.
Joining in or not- please spread the word to other blogs you may follow. Anyone you think would want to participate. -And on Feb. 27th we can all browse around a virtual comic book art-show... see what everyone came up with!
Only real rule is NO CHEATING and using something you've already done. Let's see what everyone can come up with in under 20 days.
Also- don't be intimidated- we are not all professionals here. Hell, I have not drawn anything in fucking years, and I was never really that good anyways.  I usually never even draw for myself- it's always for someone. If you think you're not very good- it doesn't matter. It's about the fun of it!  -Join us anyways.  And hopefully everyone will follow Wheaton's Law.

 Thought I'd share this... I was up in my old room at my Parent's house today- snapped a pic:

This is an old marker on poster-board thing I did wayyy back in 8th grade (that would be around 1993-ish).
Clockwise: The Lizard, Puma, The Shroud, Prowler, Nightwatch
(I don't remember if it's because I started or finished with Shroud that he ended up so much smaller to scale...)
Finally, when I first started this new blog- I was celebrating with daily posts.  But unfortunately, that lead to some of them receiving no comments, and some are even under 10 views!  So, I'd love your opinions, and comments on a few of them if/when you have the time.  There is some cool stuff there!
The Thing and Cerebus/Spider-Ham controversy:  http://littlethingsincomics.blogspot.com/2014/01/littlethingsincomics5.html
Talking about some Malibu Comics... http://littlethingsincomics.blogspot.com/2014/01/littlethingsincomics6.html
And Quasar's Superman-envy: http://littlethingsincomics.blogspot.com/2014/01/Quasartime.html

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  1. not bad! what were you about 13 or 14 back then? that's at least as good if not better then i was able to draw back then. mmmmmm i don't see much in the way of any ditko influence in your work. but you haven't done anything else since right? bitch you better get on it .

    1. Yeah, I was around 14...
      And thanks, but it's totally bad- I just pulled the images from comics I had... Like- that's straight-up Sal Buscema's Puma. That was the first thing I attempted on such a large scale- like I said; it's a poster-board. But I've totally done stuff since... I won bullshit awards in high-school, I had a web-comic, I used to give art as gifts all the time, I even farted out the title-cards to my old videos... That sounds like I'm tooting my own horn- but I'm not... Drawing less and less over so many years had made me worse at it.
      I don't really have influences- I change my style up with almost anything I draw. -Depending on what it is. My actual "style" is very cartoony- but if I'm doing fantasy, or comic-related, or anime stuff- it will look the part. I think the last actual painting I did- was about five years ago; a watercolour of two girls kissing, by request, for a girlfriend of mine. The most I've done since is bullshit sketches and coloured-pencils- like I said; cartoony title-cards for videos I did... I really miss drawing, though- so this is an excuse to try doing something again.

  2. That's awesome mate - Puma was a wicked Spider-foe! I've still got Web Of Spider-Man #50 where he, Willo The Wisp, Rocket Racer, Prowler and others team up to get Silver Sable. Good times, good times. Group shots are pretty hard to make work, but I like how it doesn't feel cramped, Nightwatch gets a bit and Lizard just looks flat out mean. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, in this comp mr!

    I hate to think what's in storage at my Mums. The first strips I ever drew were 'The Battlehawks' they are probably there, right up to the original pages to the scanned five page X-Men story I did for Marvel when they offered feedback in Marvel Vision. I did that just before I left home as a teenager. Still think I drew a good Beast :)

    1. Thanks, man... but like I said- I used comics I had for reference to all of them because I was not really that good- but I always loved to draw anyways. That's a Bret Belvins' Lizard (I think) and the Nightwatch is off the cover of his #1. Ha! Will-o'-the-wisp! Nice. Solo should have been in this- if I could have drawn human faces back then he would have been. "While I live: Terror DIES!!!" Cardiac should have been in it too- I recall the only reason he wasn't is I had just drawn him beforehand.
      That is a good issue of Web.
      You should dig some of that stuff out- post it if you haven't already. I wanna see your take on Beast. Did Marvel ever get back to you with feedback?

    2. Yeah Marvel did - you had to send a stamped self-addressed envelope for a five page test script (why not email I'm not sure), so everyone was drawing from the same base of comparison. The plot was Arcade broke into the mansion,knocked out the Xavier at the Danger Room controls and each page was a different Danger Room hell he put the trapped X-Men though. You were allowed to chose your own team, but Cyclops had to 'die' on page four. I chose Psylocke, Beast and Iceman as five pages isn't much space to spotlight a lot of characters in and I wanted to show male and female form, and while Archangel was my favourite at the time I knew I couldn't draw wings at the time, so went with Beast.

      They liked my Sentinels page best, but felt I broke the plot down into too many panels on one pages, and didn't want me to be afraid of using reference for my Savage Land page - which was right, at that age I always thought drawing from photos was akin to cheating.

      I was very into Chris Bachalo at the time, and I think it showed probably a little too much in self-criticism as I didn't like Cyke back then at all, and made the apple polisher look more like Chamber from Generation X so I didn't 'switch off' while drawing him.

      I would have liked to get an example of how a Marvel artist would've done it as the plot was quite detailed and I still don't think I broke the plot down anymore than it needed to be - or George Perez would have ;) - but I over analyze that now whenever I think about laying something out. Otherwise they encouraged me to keep learning and developing which was great because at high school my art teacher wasn't exactly encouraging about illustration and it wasn't till I got to uni a teacher would help and support my development.

      Cardiac!! There were so many great characters in the late 80's - 90's Spider-verse that seemed to have faded away. I always thought Judas Traveller was a great character - sweet as name too.

      If I ever find that script I'll put it online so everyone can have a go with it. Otherwise so far my only published american work of sorts is I drew Wonder Girl and Nightwing and that made an issue of Previews.

      Thanks for the support mr!

    3. Sounds like a cool thing for them to do, though... was it advertised in the comics?
      Too many panels- Ha! They prefer tons of splash-pages so it only takes you 5 minutes to "read" a book! You would think they would have had their top three artists at the time do the same challenge so you could see just what the pros would do...
      Cheers on the Previews thing though- I never even tried sending fan art in to Wizard or comics or anything... But I'll go into my history with art more on the FEB 27th post. Needless to say my art-teachers were not supportive at all either. -Because comics aren't art and there is no future in them. *cough*
      Yeah, for sure- post that if you ever dig it up!
      Judas Traveller was unfortunately a victim of editorial-mandates and inconsistent writing. -He could have been cool, though. Clone-Saga did take over though, and all of those cool characters got buried and faded from consciousness...

  3. Damn, Damn-fine early art there king! Shit son, that;s way better than anything I ever drew at that age. Cool line-up of characters too. Good time period back then, that makes you wonder where the hell are guys like Prowler and Puma now?

    As for Herc..he's the man. Which I had his problem with having to sort shit out with a bevy of hot(and more than likely easy) women to help me out:)

    Love the site dude keep it up.......That's what she said;)

    1. Hahaha- thanks, man... That's Crayola® markers there too! -Cutting edge stuff...
      I think Hobie Brown (Prowler) had his back broken? He was paralyzed at any rate... And Puma started fucking Black Cat, and then teamed up with M.O.D.O.K. after he lost all of his money. That's as far as I'm updated with the characters... Have no clue where they are now.

      And we could get all those bitches... if we had the bodies to be able to pick them up like that!

      There is still a big post to come later today! I think it's scheduled for around 1PM. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. No problem, since it's well-deserved.

  5. damn, that's a cool trick. if i had a symbiotic alien like Carnage i would so use it to kill some mother fuckers on the internet. nobody i know from the our blog circle rest assured we're talking about politics here. Dale has some idea what i'm talkin about : ) see ya guys i'm off to my 13 - 14 hour work day started.

    1. You commented on the wrong post you sleepy-ass-motherfucker! That schedule is gonna kill you, bro- to death!
      I guess that would be kinda cool... I just couldn't get behind that story. -Carnage coming out of your monitor? Just... no. Electro- sure. Not Carnage. -Might as well be Hydro-Man for all the sense that makes!

  6. Ha ha, he sure did. Poor guy:( They're working his ass like a new whore in the bunny ranch; Hard and often:)