Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again:

Well, I spent $5 on some back-issues today at The Dirt-Mall:

-I picked up some stuff I needed, some books I wanted, and some just for the fuck of it- I mean, twenty-five cents each?  Right?

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This is not comic book related at all- so I'm putting it here at the end so if you don't give a fuck you don't have to read any further...
I picked up 8 booster-packs of the Galactic Empires CCG for a quarter a piece:

-I got some super-rare cards, too!

I talked about this game before, on some past videologs; back when I got two boxes of cards last Summer- but I've never updated on that since I've actually played the game.  The short of it is: It's awesome.
You build your deck: Containing a Solar System that you protect with the fleet of Spacecraft you assemble (13 or so different races to choose from; each with their own unique shit) -I mean, it's a straight up Science-Fiction game.  You mine resources from the planets/moons/asteroids in your alliance to power your army.  You compile a crew (there are so many to choose from!) and then there are space-pirates, brain-slugs, space-dragons, monsters, space-stations.  -You can have psychics, boarding parties, various equipment and ship upgrades.  There are storms and hazards and fucking time-travel...  It is very involved- and there are so many different ways to attack and cripple your opponents- it's insane! 
If you like CCGs and Science Fiction and were disappointed in any of the Star Wars or Star Trek offerings- this is SO superior.  And despite how complicated it can become- it's fairly easy to play.  You can pick up entire boxes of Booster-cards, from any of the many expansions, for around $20 or less on eBay.  Same goes with the Starters- but you do NOT need more than ONE Starter-pack from any set.  -They all have the exact same cards. I found that out the hard way... 1 Starter and any number of Boosters (for variety) and you can play.  I have 3,000 cards now- maybe more... and from all the expansions except one.  There is a LOT to choose from, and SO much you can do. I'm totally addicted.

Then- at a different/new Indoor Flea-Market I got this complete board-game for only $2! 
American Greetings Corp./Leisure Life, 1972

-And that was funny to me because this past Summer, at my regular Flea-Market, I saw/wanted a copy of this game there- but the guy wanted $30 for it...  Yeah, fuck you, buddy.
Granted- online it sells for (rather IS BEING SOLD FOR) between $20 to $55 on sites like eBay and Amazon.  But I won't pay over $5 for a board-game at The Dirt-Mall.  And this is why- you'll always find it on the cheap eventually.  My closet full of awesome boardgames is testament to this. 


  1. well there's nothing there that i've ever read or looking for but for only 5 measly bucks why the fuck not? i never read anything from the New Universe so let me know how that Comet Man issue was. same goes for that Six From Serius i've seen it around for years but don't really know what it's about.

    1. Comet Man actually isn't New Universe. Seems like he should be though, right? But besides his mini (with awesome Kelly Jones art)- he has appeared in Fantastic Four #315-317, Marvel Comics Presents #50-53, and Captain Marvel (vol. 5) #7... and speaking of: Cosmic Powers- Legacy. -Genis-Vell before the Peter David run, with sweet Ron Lim art!
      I know, right? Five bucks- that's a stack of books!
      I'll let you know- I've never read Six From Sirius either... Only grabbed it to round out the deal. Written by Doug Moench- who I do like, but he can be a little hit or miss...

  2. I like Jones, his style kinda reminds me of the great Berni Wrightson from classic Swamp Thing. Ron Lim's style isn't as distinctive but he's still a pretty solid artist. and yeah, to answer your question it's that little Dire Wraith.

    1. You don't think Ron Lim has a distinctive style? -I could always pick his shit out instantly. I like Kelley Jones (I spelled it wrong before) best when he's really letting loose. -Like on Deadman. Jones and Lim are in my top 10 favorite artists of all time, for sure...
      I liked Bernie Wrightson on Swamp Thing but not much else... and I hate the way he draws werewolves.

  3. Sweet Demon!! That Deadlock game looks tripy as fuck. Never seen or heard of it before you got a good deal man. I dont buy alot of games but I got a complete Crossfire at yard sale 4 bucks last year. Too good to pass

    1. I remember Crossfire! I never had it back in the day, but a friend of mine did... Four bucks is a hella sweet deal for a complete game like that!
      Deadlock goes like this- numerical strength vs. superior mobility. The player with the 1 large marker is the King. He attempts to work his way through the advancing army of small markers. If he can force his way past them, he wins.
      The 15 small pieces (Knights) win by boxing in the King so that he has no move. The Knights may move only forward or sideways. The King can move any direction to any non-occupied, adjoining space. The King must also make single (and multiple) jumps whenever possible. -He captures Knights when he jumps them. If the King fails to make a jump- the Knight player gets a Knight back and he places it anywhere he wishes. King wins in stalemates.

      -That's the 1987, Matt Wagner; Demon mini-series too... Pure cool.

  4. Sweet, sweet stash there King! I have that Atom one myself. Damn fortutious to get all that swag on the cheap. You sir are the Dirt Mall Heroooooooo! he's got cheap comics in his eyes!!!!!!

    1. Now I have both Atom Specials... If issue two is as good as #1 was- I'll be happy indeed.

      'Yeah, I've gotta keep on buyin', just can't stop! Gotta keep on buyin' comics, The King has got to stay on top!!!'
      -I wish I had a sweet belt that gave me all the superpowers of 70's super-group Foreigner. Now I need to watch that Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode again... Then maybe break out my old Foreigner tapes.

  5. It's different than the other one, but still pretty good if you're an Atom fan. Actually I highly, highly recommend snagging all of his Sword of the Atom specials if you don't already have them. They kick so much ass!

    Keep on rocking dirty white boy!

    1. Yeah- read it last night... It was after Zero Hour so he was 17 again with no memories of his adult-life. Did not care for it as much, but it was not bad. The art was... man, it was pretty fuckin' terrible. Still- there were two scenes that had me laughing unintentionally. -Future post.

      I *am* a dirty white boy. Every night I get one step closer to the... DANGER ZONE!!!

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