War of The... Genders?

~Greetings, Mental Organisms!
Check out this sweet fucking cliffhanger in War of The Gods #2!:
-Seems to me that people who had a problem with the dialogue at the end of the last episode of Colorless Arrow must not read many comics...
Amanda Waller: I have an offer for you... a way to work-off your sentence. As it turns out- I have need of someone with your... singular qualifications.
Bronze Tiger: For what?
Waller: For a unit I’m putting together.
Tiger: What type of  "unit"?
Waller: ...actually- it’s more of a 'squad'.

-If you did not give Arrow a chance beyond seeing some of the early (pretty crappy) Season 1 episodes; you need to check back in.  Season 2 has really embraced its comic-book origins. -It's been really fun.

Moving on-
Black Adam Vs. Circe from War of The Gods #3:
Hahaha- Teth Adam, you so sexist... "You appear no more dangerous than any other female!"

-I thought this whole exchange was truly bad-ass.  A cocky male-chauvinist vs. one of the ultimate misandrists.

Speaking of misogyny... here's Lobo!: 

-Beating the shit out of hoards of women, and enjoying every minute of it...

Nobody introduce The Main Man to Boom-Boom!  
-She'll want to marry him instantly!:


  1. thanks for posting that clip art at the top I've never seen it before. even though I'm not sure what title that's from it's a direct prelude to Suicide Squad 58 in which Adam and The Squad attack Circe's island. but just prior to the attack we get to see the break up between Bronze Tiger (seen walking there) and Vixen. the body count for the Squad in issue 58 started to rack up and it continued in War of The Gods 3. I wasn't into the War of The Gods story line at the time but if I happen to find any of it in some discount boxes i'll probably pick em up.
    Dale bugs me a lot about giving Arrow a second try. i probably should but so far I just haven't been able to motivate my self to actually find out when it's playing and actually watch it. Roy Harper is a favorite of mine but even his appearance on the show didn't get me interested in watching it. yeah the first few episodes of the first season were like watching Smallville all over again long after I got tired of that show. it's just like the Suicide Squad in the DC new after I dropped the series after having been thoroughly disappointed with it. I guess it's the same way with ditko's art, once something leaves a bad taste in my mouth I'm just not having it any more. just like I blast dikto's work in the 80s on the blog I'm every bit as ruthless with marvel on it's treatment of Rom in the last few years and I've giving the New DC 52 quite beating on my Suicide Squad blog as well. by the way K.o.T I'm giving your art proposal due consideration.

    1. It's the ending to War of The Gods #2. And, yeah- they were led to the slaughter in #3. Like it says- Black Adam was using The Squad as cannon-fodder.
      WoTG was cool for me, being an amateur Theologian... You had the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, African, Norse, and Babylonian Gods- it was awesome! Plus: George Pérez! I've never had any of the actual issues before now- but I have a bunch of the crossover titles from back in the day.
      I was always a huge fan of the Green Arrow books. Denny O'Neil, Mike Grell, Kevin Smith... So, I geek out over references, different takes on characters, what they pulled things from... I mean- they actually had The Flash get his powers from being struck by lightning and flung back into a shelf of chemicals. COMICS!
      Plus we've had Deadshot, Solomon Grundy, Brother Blood, Count Vertigo (who overacts like a champ!), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White, son!), The Wall (skinny version- not too happy about that), Deathstroke, Shado, Dollmaker... it goes on. Even the worst episodes of Season 1 (Huntress, barf!) were no where near as bad as the best episodes of Smallville.
      Now- get to drawing!

    2. actually I already did starting something last night. it's one of the several pieces I've had in mind for a few months now.

  2. Nice art, especially, an underrated crossover even like War of the Gods. It may not have been DC's finest, but it was one of the first major events to focus on the multiple pantheon of Gods in the DCU at the time. Black Adam and Lobo clearly shine here, as does the Squad throughout the event. Good stuff, not to mention the cool free posters you get in each main issue of WOTG. I used to have #2 or 3 myself, and had the sweet Adam Hughes Ice poster. Ah! indeed;)

    Shlomo really should give this season of Arrow a try. It's really good, and features and name drops a bunch of old-school DCU names and organizations, like H.I.V.E., and many, many others, plus Ra's Al Guhl's other daughter Nyssa shows up? Sold.

    It comes where I live on Wednesday nights@8. I'm assuming that's when it usually airs everywhere else, except for maybe you west coast boys, like Shlomo.

    1. Hell, yeah- George Pérez, son!!! It was all for Wonder Woman too...
      Yeah- the "posters". Ha! They were pretty cool. Single-page, glossy, mini-posters. I was surprised the issues I got still had them in there. A lot of times when your digging through the discount-bins; anything that originally came with something- is missing.
      I heard about Nyssa showing up- glad she's getting some love. I also heard that Huntress is coming back. Those were some of the worst episodes the show has had- not because of her, necessarily... but I hope her return is better written.
      I have no idea when it comes on... I don't actually watch TV anymore.

  3. This is a damn good post . It says a lot. In the first panel that's clearly Bronze Tiger being assumed meta human. This is another one of those times where Ben has been alluded to having some type of above human abilities. Or was Black Adam just wrong? If so the writer didn't do his homework (not a first).

    Lets take a look at Ben's second Arrow appearance the jail scene:
    Ones who know is suppose to believe Bronze Tiger can be held in a standard prison? :( Why?

    Then a fighter on his level has to cut the throat of a lowly guard? really, this is how you build the master of the empty hand for the future? My Spider sense is tingling.

    What's going on with the brown leather jacket (Wolverine) and the claws (Wolverine or Catman) It's a million different weapons he could have used. The book says broad swords. But fuck continuity lets remind the viewers of other heroes with this guys mainstream debut.

    And how in the world is Arrow standing toe to toe with BT? I'm just saying, even the comic books credit the guy as one of the top fighters in the DCU Green Arrow doesn't even make the top 25.

    When we saw the Bronze 'Tiger it should have been Bruce Lee esque, with power. We know it's Oliver's show. The name says so, they didn't have to diminish one character to champion the other.

    1. Thanks, man! Yeah, Black Adam is probably just assuming- because of where he is. I doubt George Pérez does NOT do his homework...
      Well- the entire show is another iteration of the characters. I mean- NO ONE is exactly the same as their comic-book counterpart. It's not JUST Bronze Tiger. You're too big a fan of the character to see it objectively, I think. Even though I love the Green Arrow comics- he would not even break my top 25 characters... so I'm willing to cut it more slack. Whereas I would have zero-tolerance for if they ever fucked up The Question. So, I do get it.
      But the big bad-ass of the season is Slade. They can't just have someone come in who looks better then the main threat, you know? They are treating the character like a regular-joe-assassin. -And I'd rather that then just some nameless, faceless thug. And he did hand Arrow his ass in their first fight. And looking at him in that first panel- the jacket is definitely in the spirit of the character. -It would be cooler if the pants were brown-leather too, and the jacket had a tiger-fur-pattern/liner on the flipped collar... Perfect casting-choice, though. And the bladed-brass-knuckles? They actually gave him tiger-claws! I thought it was funny. TIGER-STYLE!

  4. It was funny, that's one point made. The producers made sure that we perceived Oliver as a serious chief character. It would have been better if they had used a generic member of the LOA rather than disrespect the Bronze Tiger, the royal Flush Gang or Deathstroke. See it's not just my guy that I'm dissatisfied with. And it's no one that is a member of this genre of comics that can look at it objectively.

    Your to intelligent of a guy to not admit that regular joe assassin was foul and try to pretend the statement they made was fair or righteous. Fuck them producers and the horse that they rode in on. I know what kind of a tool the reformation was and is. But what the Hell....why not correct some of the mistakes they made with BT. He beat Batman, out shined Flagg in every possible way, inspired the re-imagining of his bastard son Catman, and became the Boba Fett of the DCU without the marketing and production to make it so. We'll kill some of that using a knock off green Batman with a bow and arrow.

    1. Are you old enough to remember the The Amazing Spider-Man TV show that aired back in the day? Yeah- it looks lame now, but I loved it at the time. Problem was- all he ever fought in that show were nameless guys. Just some random thugs... guys with guns... corrupt CEO's... I would have been positively giddy if they would have just had a crazy scientist who had a pet lizard he talked to. Or a dude in a yellow hoodie who made lights flicker and was robbing some banks. -A super big mob tough in a grey suit they called "Rhino". Fuck! GIVE ME SOMETHING!!! It's soooo boring watching a comic-book show with no comic-book characters in it. *cough*SHIELD*cough*

      Point is- I'll gladly take a less pimp Bronze Tiger than just some nobody guy with a gun. -Recently they had Shrapnel in an episode. He was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the comic version. BUT AT LEAST HE WASN'T JUST SOME GUY. I'd be falling asleep... to death, bro! "Hey, we have this family of robbers in this episode- how about we make them The Royal Flush Gang instead of no-one-in-particular?" -Sounds good to me. I don't prefer it- but I damn sure appreciate the effort.

      In this universe- Tiger is not part of the LoA. There is no Flagg, no Richard Dragon, he never fought Batman, and he's only just now being recruited to The Squad. Why would he come in as some supreme bad-ass god? He's just an interesting character they can use instead of nobody. I'm 100% okay with that. Slade is the supreme bad-ass god for the season- they're building for that confrontation...
      As a series- Arrow started off strong and then slammed into a brick wall. But they have regrouped for Season 2 and so far there has only been 1 or 2 kinda weak episodes... Overall it's a move in a positive, fun direction. Leaps and bounds (pun intended) over Smallville. And I can't wait to see what they do with The Flash. Or Hourman, if that gets past its pilot.

      I wish they'd make a live-action show in the style of Young Justice- but that's never gonna happen. Fuck, they won't even make another cartoon like that! So, I'll enjoy Arrow for what it's worth. It's not pissing me off at all.

  5. Nice post mr - Ol' Boom Boom aye - no wonder she stuck with X-Force. War of The Gods I liked when it started because I really thought it was going to set Ares up in the DCU as a bad more than just inside Wonder Womans book (bow bowww) not so much. But it still had some pretty sweet moments in it.

    When you talk about Spider-Man just fighting robbers, I think you nail what held Superman back for ages. Anything live action had this tank take out human mosquitos every time round. Not only didn't they provide a test, if every villian is a normal human than Lex gets watered down too as appearing another just like them. Flash was a great series that ran both well.

    I loved the first series of Arrow, I liked that they took from the GA comics him not calling himself arrow and things like that, and they really thought about what characters to add rather than the free for all Smallville often seemed. This new series is even more steps in the right direction, but I hope Canary and Oliver stay separate. B.C. really deserves to be developed as a weapon not an appendage as the comics often have her as.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I can see that. But War of the Gods was really just a build-up for Wonder Woman's 50 Anniversary and George Pérez leaving the title. At least we got some good art, cool posters, God vs Gods, and (like you said) sweet moments out of it.

      Right? Lois & Clark had like, what, three or four actual comic-book-villains in it? -Not counting Luthor. And it was on four whole seasons!
      The Flash show was AWESOME at the time but- like Tim Burton's Batman- it does not hold up very well...

      I still think the first season of Arrow faltered a lot... but I'd say I still enjoyed over half the episodes. I know Black Canary is coming back, with The Huntress, in an episode called "Birds of Prey", so we'll see. The Huntress eps were the worst of S1.

  6. K.o.T, i did something of a follow up to this over at http://suicidesquadtaskforcex.blogspot.com/
    be sure to check out the link at the bottom of the posting.

    1. Done, and done! Check back here tomorrow for some DEATHLOK! (It was a scheduled posting before the Agents of SHIELD news broke. But how convenient!)