Sex On The Brain:

Wait, what?
-You ever read a panel in a comic and have to instantly reread it because you took what they said all wrong in your head?  Because all I could think was; 'Damn, Zatanna needs laid.  She's got sex on the brain.'  !eikciuq a rof enitnatsnoC  llaC-

Also from Zatanna: Come Together #1: She foolishly/desperately goes to the evil sorcerer Tannarak for help... and, of course, he's chatting civilly with her at first, for about a page, and then...

(I'd hope you know how to embiggen these by now.)
 ...it's that whole the scorpion and the frog fable, you know? -What did you think would happen, Zee? 
I thought this scene was great! Why didn't Phantom Stranger ever think of just kneeing Tannarak in his immortal balls?  -Would have been a time-saver...

Next up- from Eclipso: The Darkness Within #1 (I absolutely love how he's lurking around and behind the panels throughout this comic, like he is here in the upper-left.  Bart Sears is awesome.)
-I wonder if E-cuh-cuh-cuh-clipso does cocaine?  

Ah-cuh-cuh-cuh-yeah, ba-baby!!!

Here, Ray Palmer briefly contemplates letting some dudes suck him off in a back-alley for some quick cash in The Atom Special #2:

So, it's important to know that Ray Palmer is 17-years-old again- thanks to the Zero Hour event... 
...and that's Jean Loring- The Atom's ex-wife, and she has just been made aware of this earlier in the comic. Now, maybe it's just how my pervy mind works, but I read that as: "Yes..." lost momentarily in impure thoughts "Very nice." -see that emphasis she places on 'very'? And then look at the look she has on her face... The subtext here being she can't wait to hit that!
We already know how crazy she is for him- and how far she's willing to go (Identity Crisis), so- I mean; what's a little statutory compared to that-What? She likes 'em young and firm! -Jean, you sexual-predator, you!!!  ...Just be on the lookout for Chris Hansen asking you to 'have a seat'. 

Finally, last week I talked about living-legend Neal Adams defending working from photographs and tracing on Kevin Smith's Fatman On Batman podcast.  I doubt many of you took the effort to go listen to it.  -But I think anyone who is an amateur artist should- so I made it easy for you:

"There are two places to go to find your ability, and your ability to move forward. The first is- your head... and then the other one is: THE REST OF THE WORLD. All the shit in the rest of the world is your reference library to use and trace! OR the crap in your head. -That crap in your head is no better than it was last week, or last year- it's the SAME crap over and over again! So what are you gonna learn???"

Fight the stigma, ignore the close-minded, and improve as an artist!

-Even Rembrandt traced.


  1. I promise to go back and listen to the podcast. Sounds good, especially any advice coming from a master like Adams. That being said, I'm a bit nit-picky about his art nowadays because it really looks photo-realistic vs. how his art used to look. Still better than Greg Land though.

    Knee to the dick wins everytime.....unless said owner of dick is wearing a steel dick protector.

    I have that same Atom issue, and yeah, it is kinda' creepy that part isn't it? And yet not, considering how IC went down.

    Likewise that lil eclipso hiding on the outskirts of the panel was creative genius. Just a little extra for the reader's benefit I'm sure.

    1. Oh, Greg Land... I don't mind him at all actually. But people like to HATE on him something fierce for tracing photographs... Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. So- he's not a "real artist" for sometimes using a light-box and enhancing over a real image? By that logic- Inkers are not artists then? They are also enhancing over an image that already exists. It's ridiculous the imaginary "standards" people just pull out of their ass to fit their own definitions of things. Again- this goes into that podcast. Like I said- I made it easy; that's just the 10-minute clip I took from it on here, for your convenience. Because- like you said- advice from a master like Neal Adams is not something that should be taken lightly. -It really motivated me.

      Knee to the dick. -Unless they have a codpiece on. Got it.

      So you took that scene from The Atom that way too? Is that the way it's supposed to be taken??? -I just figured it was me being pervy again...

      Yeah- Eclipso is crawling around behind the panels in quite a few pages of that issue. Definitely a treat.

  2. I loved Greg Land on Nightwing. Post Crossgen it's hard because you look at his stuff and you can go 'Oh that's Mariah Carey' 'And that's Ryan Reynolds' which is really disrupting when you just want to read about Jean going Phoenix again. It is great he's got success, his early work deserves it and if all his images worked as a panel and reacted and related to each other, rather than looked like clip art randomly stuck together he'd have even more. The trouble was he started getting famous for referencing photos a little and with no one there to guide him took it too far.

    Asking if inkers are not real artists muddies the question. Inking is an artform on it's own, one designed in comic use to enhance pencils for print. Pencil drawing in comics was never designed to be traced from photos because comics are about fluidity from one scene to the next and having characters and elements within a panel interact, while photography as a separate artform is about freezing a moment in time. Traced frozen moments don't make for fluid panels. That's not an imaginary standard. It's truth.

    If Greg went back to referencing not tracing, he'd easily be back on top and gaining fans just like he did in the early Sojourn days.

    Bart Sears on the other hand - always awesome. When artists put easter eggs in like this that always shows they aren't just going off script and that's friggin awesome. As for the ol' nutt kick, I'm surprised more heroes don't run that option. With all the 'this is my master plan' speeches, they sure have plenty of time!

    1. Hey, Dan!
      Oh, I'm in no way saying Inkers are not artists... They 100% are. I'm saying people who try and say "real artists don't trace" in reference to someone like Land- must logically hold the same opinion towards Inkers then. -Which shows what bullshit they're talking!
      Also- as far as I know; Greg Land does not trace EVERY single image in some copy/paste collage to make a comic. -It's mostly done for his covers, which is fine... and then here and there as needed on his interiors? I'm not a huge fan or anything- so I can't say with certainty. I don't think I even own one book he has penciled. Apparently he does it more often then he used to?
      I completely understand what your saying as far as reading his books and then suddenly you're staring at celebrity. -That's totally on him for not enhancing the image beyond the pose and perspective he used it for. It is two different things to be like: "Oh- that has the same basic composition as this photograph" and "That IS just this photograph with a Photoshop "cartoon" filter put over it." -And from what I've seen; he is guilty for doing the latter a lot. And I do not agree with that. But just because he gets lazy with it sometimes- doesn't make a case against anyone else working with a lightbox. You know?
      He does have talent. If it were as easy to be a comic book artist as just tracing everything all the time- then EVERYONE would be a top-paid comic artist who wanted to be! If any talentless person could just do it that way- then why didn't they? Just like two different inkers can ink over the same pencils- and one could look amazing, and the other look like crap. Same goes for penciling over a photo. -The skill has to be there.
      I never thought I'd be talking about an artist 'I nothing' so much... Hahaha- I've seen Greg Land covers I thought looked beautiful... and I've seen Greg Land covers I thought looked like total ass.

      Anyways- YES. Bart mo'fuggin' Sears. -I still have all his Brutes & Babes Tutorials that used to run in Wizard. I learned a lot from those.
      And yeah- Spidey: Doc Ock runnin' his mouth again- run up and kick him in the balls! -Maybe then you'd still have your brain.

  3. True, and I guess I should've specified. His Crossgen days weren't bad, nor his years on titles like Nightwing for DC. But once he went to Marvel, especially his X-Men run, it just looked really stiff and blah.

    I have nothing against him, as I don't know him, I just know what I like, and his art lately just doesn't do it for me.

    I'll go on the record and officially stand up for inkers though. In my group, we had to look in-house to one of the writers 'cause a planned inker bailed out over an silly miscommunication, and got all butt-hurt over it. Anyhoo, the writer is doing a bang-up job of inking, despite not being a pro, and learning on the job. Inking is an art form to itself, and only ignorant asshats think inking's just tracing,. No assholes, it's not.

    word of the day: Codpiece.
    Free legal tip./term of the day: Plausible Deniability.
    I can't stress enough the importance of that. Don't tell me shit, and then I wouldn't have to lie about it later. Saves us all from unnecessary legal trouble;)

    1. Yeah- I had just seen a blog where someone was trashing him... so you just mentioning his name sent me off on a tangent... I was not saying you had something against him- sorry if it came out that way. I was referring to people in general. -Just because of the topic of that podcast I posted- it was just rushing through my head at the moment. I'm not necessarily defending him as a artist- so much as defending his artistic method. (See my reply to Dan above)
      Yes, inkers are artists in their own right- and horribly underrated. I was not questioning that fact- I was just saying people who say "real artists don't trace" in reference to someone like Land- must logically hold the same opinion towards Inkers... which shows how full of shit they are. (again, see my reply to Dan above) You need talent to do that shit. Plus- imagine how much pressure is on them not to fuck it up!

      I plausibly deny wearing a codpiece right now.

  4. Damn constantine call 1OA for some evol ni nekcnurd. I bet she hear the music playing.
    And man, what's going on with Ray? when he has that sex machine Jean Loring.
    (Aright Dr Light waiting in the wings, and you know with him it's nothing nice).

    1. Wait... you want John Constantine for some "druncken in love"? I'm so confused right now...

      Well, Jean is old enough to be his Mom now... but that's not gonna stop HER apparently. Ohhh- Doctor Light waiting in the wings... Hahaha- that's wrong, man... he's lookin' to put another rape-notch on his belt, eh?

    2. Boy you funny. You know I was talking to Zatanna.
      I got the Tiger Mask in the bedroom waiting on her and everything.

    3. Oh snap- is you talkin' Beyoncé? ~Shit... Zee would have you gniyrc dna pu deit. -You can't fuck with the fishnets.

    4. Man I would so cry the right song.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, yes... we know you're in love with them......
      Just make sure I'm invited to the wedding. My Plus-One is Steve Ditko.

    2. hey man if you're looking for a good example of how inking is not tracing it doesn't get any better then those guys. you better think twice about Ditko i'm going to have bouncers at the wedding : )

    3. Well- I know it's not tracing... but yeah, they are.
      Awwww, man- Steve is gonna be real disappointed you won't let him come... I just hope he doesn't lock himself in the bathroom crying all day again!

  6. by the way Dan also liked the new Robocop, but we disagree on the new Dredd movie which i loved but he didn't, opinions vary.

    1. Dredd was awesome! -I'm a long time 2000 AD fan so that flick hit just right for me!

      Okay- answer this question for me on the new Rebootcop movie: Why the human hand?
      Before the movie came out I read that the reason for it was that it was a way around a law or whatever about how robots can't/shouldn't take a human life- so they specifically made it a human hand that's pulling the trigger. -And I thought that sounded like a neat idea that could be expanded on, but everyone I know who has seen it said that's not in the movie. He just has a human hand for no reason ever explained...
      Also the trailers made it look like he thinks he is more in control than he is- and that the machine/programming creates the illusion of free-will. Again- sounded really cool to me- but from what I've heard that's also not really touched on much in the film, or at all?

    2. they never did explain his hand I suspect it was more of a symbolic thing then something practical. at a couple of points in the movie they mess with his head and there's no mystery about why. the first time it was in order to take more of the human element out of his decision making process when it comes to split second shit like fighting multiple armed opponents with civilian in the battle zone.

    3. So they opted out of anything that would make it unique and different in favor of the bland and generic... Sounds like a pretty standard reboot. From what I've read/seen they've managed to make a movie that is better than Robocop 3. -Congratulations! What a feat.
      I'll see it one day when I can see it for free. I don't give remakes money. In a perfect world- no one would. The last one that was even any good was Dawn of The Dead- and most diehards even think that sucked.

    4. naw bro, you heard wrong. this new one touched on issues that the original never did such as police corruption, global politics and even people coping with physical disabilities. in this one they even had the doctor (Gary Oldman) who invented the cybernetic systems for Robocop which the original didn't really have. it's not better then the original per se but it is different in a good way. but if you're determined to hate it that's how it's gonna play with you no matter what. yes the new Dawn of the Dead was good remake. and so was The Fly and The Thing remakes. technically speaking Dredd was a remake too and Man of Steel turned out to be pretty good. one might argue that World War Z was just a 28 Days Later remake but I liked them both plenty. the new Total Recall sucked but then again other then the Arnold one liners the original wasn't all that great either. an original, sequel or remake a good movie is a good movie.

    5. People always bring up The Fly and The Thing- they are both OVER 20 years old. -They're no longer relevant to the argument... Name ONE remake that was good in just the last 10 years even- besides Dawn of The Dead.
      Dredd was not a remake of the Stallone film- if was a new adaptation of/from the original comic source. -Same with Man of Steel.
      World War Z was based on the awesome novel by Max Brooks- it had nothing to do with 28 Days Later.
      Robocop did not need remade- especially as a PG-13. The original still holds up. And people who have way closer to my taste in movies, and reviewers whose opinions I respect and often agree with are all staying the same thing- this is bland, toothless and boring. And the only two parts I thought looked interesting in the trailers- both you, and they- have said are irrelevant and untouched upon. No offense, but you liked Man of Steel, and that was one of the worst movies I have seen in the past five years.
      I know enough to know it won't surprise me if I see it. It will just waste my time and piss me off to waste money on it. I'm poor! -I'll save my cash for The Lego Movie, Guardians of The Galaxy. Or even Godzilla...
      I don't want to- or look for any movie to be bad- but these remakes always are, and always in the exact same ways. -Heartless and generic and dumb. Sometimes, SOMETIMES you can tell a movie is total garbage without ever having to see it. Re: Transformers 3, The Twilight movies, or Grown-Ups 2... Sometimes you CAN judge a book by the cover.

  7. you're broke but you're gonna spend money on the Lego movie? no offense but you couldn't pay me enough to see that kiddy crap. not especially interested in GOTG either for that matter especially after the trailers I've seen and I've always hated the rocket raccoon and groot characters. older, newer, sequel, remake, original or whatever a good movie is a good movie period. I explained why I liked the new Robocop movie in detail just like how I've explained why ditko's 80s and 90s work was utter and complete shit to me. same goes for marvel cartoons of the last 20 years and Arrow is just more of the same Smallville from when i got fed up with that show. but for the life of me i can't understand why Dan who loves Judge Dredd didn't like the Dredd movie. hey man we like what we like it's not like you gotta rationalize it.
    and since you mentioned the World War Z book i found it boring as fuck but i liked the movie. oh yeah, a rage virus that infects people within seconds of getting bitten . . . mmmm nothing at all like 28 Days Later : ) but i don't give a shit i thought they were both good movies despite the obvious similarities. like i said a good movie is a good movie and besides hardly anything is 100% original any more. as for movie reviewers, they're like the talking heads on FOX News or CNN and just about as useless as guidance counselors.

    1. See- there you go again with that 'anything animated without violence/blood/darkness is kiddy-crap" attitude. I grew up with Lego. I still have Lego! Also- it has- like, ZERO bad reviews. From critics I like, don't like, AND people I know. It's at around a 96% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Plus, I already thought it looked fucking amazing to begin with. -That's basically been verified. Another plus: Will Arnett as Batman? -So worth my dime. Ha! Dime... Dime ='s around $30 bucks these days to go to a movie and have a good time. You know how much liquor I can get for that? I could binge-drink through an entire three-day-weekend!
      Yeah, I figured as much- what with your hatred of Rocket... Let me guess; because he's an anthropomorphic raccoon- he's "kiddie crap", right?

      Yeah- Dan not liking Dredd does not seem right to me either. What's up with THAT Dan!?!

      While I liked the World War Z movie okay... I did not love it. I loved the book. -And they fucked it all up. It could have been called ANYTHING else... I think the only reason it got hated on so much to begin with is that it was dragging the book's name through the mud. But it was not a bad movie at all. -Not enough blood for a zombie-movie, though... And the CGI was pretty bad in places.
      28 Days Later is just about a perfect film! 28 Weeks Later had me walk out of the theater. -Piece of fucking shit. -I've only ever done that three times in my life. And I don't do it lightly... I mean, I even sat through all of Catwoman, for christ's sake! *shudder*
      Oh, and I'm talking common-man reviewers, on the internet... not talking heads on TV... people like me that have similar tastes in movies. On Rotten Tomatoes, RedLetterMedia, The Cinema Snob, Spoony... sites like that. And when they all AGREE independently on the the same things I've already heard or was thinking anyways... Chances are they have it right. -As far as new movies go that have some nerd-connection.
      You and I just do NOT have similar tastes in flicks, man... I want to try something here- list ten movies, in no particular order- just off the top of your head right now- don't look at anything to refresh your memory- list 10 movies you saw in the theater within the last three years that you REALLY enjoyed. Don't look at my list at the end of this comment just below here- just post yours and we'll see if ANY sync-up at all.
      ...Chronicle, Hansel und Gretel: Witch Hunters, A Cabin In The Woods, K-11, The Dictator, Skyline, The Man With The Iron Fists, Predators, Riddick, Gravity...

  8. Legos were fun toys back in the day, but a movie? not my thing. as for rocket raccoon yep you guessed it that character is way too slap sticky for me to take seriously even within the context of the fictional Marvel Universe. again, not my thing. just about anything that reeks of pandering to the kiddie crowd is an automatic fail for me.
    10 movies!? shit man I dunno but here goes: Robocop, Man of Steel, Chronicle, Dredd, Argo, The Avengers, Prometheus (more or less), World War Z, Captain America and the first Thor. oh wait I like Captain Phillips too. I never did get around to seeing Gravity but I will some day.

    oh but K.o.T, iron fists!? skyline!? Predators was at least descent I won't beat you up on that one : ) the Dictator had it's moments for sure but really a montage of the best scenes would have played out better then actually a full length movie. Vin is awesome and I like the Riddick character but he just can't seem to write that character into a really good movie script unfortunately. Riddick was a disappointment. I never saw any of the other stuff on your list I actually didn't see Iron Fists but I already know i'll hate it I'm long since burned out on those ridiculous kung fu action movies trying to be so artsy fartsy. Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 were steaming piles. the Spider-Man reboot wasn't bad although I thought the CG effects with the Lizard especially the fight scenes looked hokey to me.

    1. Why not a movie? You're touting a movie about a robot cop. But Legos? -That's just silly?
      What you think is "pandering to the kiddie crowd" never actually is. Like, if you said Marvel's The Super Hero Squad Show was a dumb cartoon for little kids- no one would argue with you. But you lump everything in with that- like they're all the same, and they're not.
      Oh well... To each their own.
      Argo, and Captain Phillips I never saw. -Not my kind of movies. I'm not saying they are bad- I'm just uninterested. Hey! We agree on Dredd and Chronicle! -So THAT'S something. Man of Steel... well... we won't get into that again...
      Prometheus- yeah, pretty much more or less. It was okay, not what I really wanted, though. I think Cap was the best of all the Marvel flicks (not counting Avengers)- very much looking forward to the Winter Soldier. AND BATROC THE LEAPER!
      Thor was good. Thor 2 sucked big-time. I wanted to turn it off half-way-through but suffered through to the end. Ugh. We agree on that, and Iron-Man 3! -Steaming piles indeed!
      Amazing Spider-Man was a rushed together mess in order to hold the copyright from reverting back to Marvel. Hated Emo-Parker in his skinny-jeans, skateboarding around.

      Skyline was brilliant! So much fun! Science-fiction flicks are my absolute favorites. The Darkest Hour was great too! Second to Sci-Fi is Kung-Fu: Master of the Flying Guillotine is my all-time favorite. The Man with the Iron Fists was a love-letter. And it had that Kung Fu Hustle pimpness to it. Plus- you don't fuck with the RZA. It was not "artsy" -if you're thinking of Crouching Tiger / House of Flying Daggers type stuff- it was not like that. Wu-Tang, man.
      As far as The Dictator goes- Big Sacha Baron Cohen fan here. "BELONG? That's a very sexist way to talk about these bitches!"
      I loved that Predators was just a new Predator movie. Not so much a sequel. Not a remake or reboot. Just an awesome new Predator movie. I wish Robocop would have done that!
      Pitch Black is one of my favorites- again, a good science-fiction monster/alien flick... Then that sequel made it all about Riddick and it was overblown nonsense. I think this is the first example ever of a good movie having a terrible sequel that makes a THIRD movie that is basically an apology for the second. Riddick is what the 2nd Pitch Black should have been. -I'm not gonna fault it for that.

  9. well, I think there's a good reason why Skyline pretty much went straight to DVD. I guess it wasn't so much a bad film per se it just wasn't especially impressive as far as alien invasion movies go. Predators was ok I really didn't like the whole super predators thing. to me that was the same as how you feel about remakes.
    I remember a while back I got suckered into going to a early screening of the first Schreck movie I had no idea what it was but a buddy of mine got me and another buddy in for free so I figured what the fuck. I couldn't wait for it to be over I hated every second of it I really just hate movies like that I just don't understand how adults can sit through shit like that. the Legos movie and the animated stuff I've seen from marvel in the last 20 years pretty prompts the same sort of reaction from me. say what you will about the Robocop remake it's a whole other level of sophistication of story telling.
    Sacha is pretty funny indeed Borat and Bruno had me cracking up just felt like The Dictator dragged a bit too much at several points. Pitch Black was a fairly good movie but let's face it with out the Riddick character it would have just been meh. as for stuff like Kung Fu Hussle and the other similar type films they have no appeal to me what's so ever. some years back a buddy of mine loaned me kung fu hussle I had to turn it off after about 30 minutes it was so not my thing. transformers 3 was so awful I walked out half way through to see if I could get my money back. I picked up G.I.Joe retaliation from the library out of curiousity and it was also pretty bad almost as bad as the first. both Ghost Rider movies were horrible too. I saw a little bit of John Carter in another theater after finishing with Chronicle. God damn that was awful it's no wonder it was such a box office bomb. Argo and Captain Phillips I liked because I know about ships and also when it comes to the politics and history of that Islamic shit hole iran.

    1. Not impressive? I thought Skyline was unique as fuck!
      But, yeah- The Super-Predator thing was a little weak. I got over it, though.
      Ummm- dude, that's because Shrek is annoying GARBAGE. Don't even try to compare good stuff to that trash... They are nowhere near comparable.
      I think you're giving RebootCop too much credit. "Sophisticated"? -As a kick to the nuts, maybe.
      See- sitting through the first Transformers movie, and seeing parts of the second, was enough for me- did not need to even try to sit through another. And now Grimlock looks like a dragon in the newest one. Me, Transformers-nerd; no am happy. I thought the 2nd G.I. Joe movie was WAY more watchable than the first. It had a lot of bad-ass scenes too! -Still not very good overall though... Ghost Rider 1 and 2 both sucked- but if I had to watch one of them again- I'd watch the first one.
      John Carter was really, really good- I don't get all the hate on that. But then- I've always liked him and Tarzan and the Edgar Rice Burroughs books...

    2. well if you haven't noticed i'm pretty keen on political matters so yeah i'd say an action movie tackling issues like corporation out sourcing, U.S. foreign policy, domestic use of drones and amputee rehabilitation gives the new Robocop a level of sophistication that you're not gonna get from most action movies.
      but you're saying that Skyline was "impressive"? really!? what exactly was so impressive about it? the trailer for it sure made it look a lot better then it was so i guess that was impressive. i mean, it wasn't a bad movie and if i had seen it on a saturday afternoon on FX during some down time i would have been alright with it but "impressive"? cmon man : )
      oh man and don't even get me going on John Carter that movie made absolutely no sense. i'm a big fan of all things Mars but that movie was beyond ridiculous some things are really better left as just old school literature.
      let's look at the physics here. first of all, Mars is actually a cold planet it's not fucken hot just because it's mostly RED! on Mars you would weigh a little less then half of what you do on Earth but that wouldn't give you the ability to jump like the FUCKEN HULK! The Martian atmosphere is almost 100% carbon dioxide and very thin. in other words you can't breath it. and what is this shit about some kind of potion to give you instant new language skills? even as far as sci-fi fantasy goes that movie assaults your intelligence on so many levels it's a wonder everyone on Mars just didn't speak English already. plus it had "Gambit" in it i'm surprised you didn't hate it just for that alone.
      Disney took a huge financial hit from that disaster and i know about some head honcho with Disney that had a big hand it that movies production that lost their job over that mess. if they had maybe set the whole John Carter story line up in a parallel universe where Mars did have a more Earth like environment it would have made more sense.
      till this day i can't watch the first Ghost Rider all the way through. the first time i ever tried to watch it i was actually into it for about the first half hour and then it just got reeeeaaallll boring and i just started getting up and doing other things around the my apt. i think probably the only good thing about the second G.I.Joe movies was the "president". he got off a lot of good one liners and funny remarks that gave me some chuckles but other then that it was pretty forgettable.

    3. ya know i totally forgot to bring up Pacific Rim i'd love to hear your thoughts on that one. i can tell you this off hand that the quality of that movie would have been raised considerably if it hadn't been for some of those over the top characters like the two stereotype scientist guys and Ron Pearlman's character.

    4. Goddamn it... FINE!
      I watched a free bootleg (oxymoron?) of Rebootcop just so saying what I already know can't be argued with: "Well, you haven't seen it so..." -I stand by everything I said, as I knew I would- as I knew it was... It was not a bad looking movie. It was filmed competently. The CGI was fine. And maybe if someone NEVER saw Robocop before- they could even think it was "good". But it's NOT.
      Yes- it mentions all those things you said- but it's toothless. It has no bite. They always stop short of making ANY kind of point with anything. Simply mentioning something is not "tackling the issue". They go for nothing here.
      The guy playing Murphy is a TERRIBLE actor- as Robocop he's fine- because he's already so wooden and bland. The wife is a terrible "character". This movie is so emotionless- how is that possible when she's never NOT crying? And way to make such an integral character as Lewis so 100% useless. There is NO soul. There is nothing here that is not spoon-fed. This is a bland, going-through-the-motions, pointless remake... Sam Jackson is horrible in this. His part was the worst thing about it. Ohh- a parody of Fox News and Bill O'Reilly- what cutting-edge satire! Nothing is ever followed through on. You're talking about "assaults your intelligence" that's this movie in a nutshell- it's fucking brain-dead. -It meanders, there is no real message, no real threat, no real point. The action scenes are sooooooo boring- they had me wishing for more stilted dialogue. I hate you for making me see this just to say what everyone else already knows, you evil bastard! I'll never forgive you! I am DONE talking about this abortion of a film.


      Skyline was very unique. For starters- it was fun. Movies should be fun. It was atmospheric. The CGI was fantastic. It had imagination, nothing was handed to you on a silver-platter as far as the story went. Aliens harvesting our brains to power and repair themselves, the way we use nutrients to metabolize and create energy is PURE Science-Fiction awesome. We were barn-animals to them. -The alien invasion was intense, much more then in something like Battle Los Angeles. The ending was so pleasantly grin-inducing; how can you like comics and not like that ending? -More Edgar Rice Burroughs flair.
      Speaking of- why are you trying to apply all this science-fact to a fucking fantasy film? John Carter of Mars did take place in an alternate universe- the one of FICTION! Again- I can't understand how a comic-book reader would not like this sort of thing. It's fucking Adam Strange!
      It flopped, so what? That doesn't mean it was bad or deserved to. Disney blew it with their promotion of it. -They could not figure out how to market it.
      Lone Ranger flopped even harder, man. But I'm not interested in seeing that one, though...

      I hear ya... I'm that way with the second Ghost Rider movie. -Fucking thing was unwatchable.
      The G.I Joe sequel was better than that. Anything with Storm-Shadow, or Snake Eyes was awesome as fuck! But then- you don't like kung-fu moves at all. (So, did you like Kill Bill?) Also- Cobra motherfuckin' Commander! Hell yeah!

    5. Hahaha- yeah we already talked all about Pacific Rim in the comment sections on your blog, and on my YouTube I think too... Found it here: http://romspaceknightart.blogspot.com/2013/10/bill-mantlo-vs-jim-shooter.html
      Hey, what ever happened to Randomnerd?

      Anyways, we need to stop arguing about movies and both go bug Dan as to why/how he does not like Dredd.

    6. sounds like we were pretty much on the same page with Pacific Rim. as for Skyline we've seen brains getting sucked out before in Starship Troopers but aside from the fight scenes that in and of it's self didn't make that a good movie. for me, Battle L.A. and Skyline were pretty much on the same level. ok as a saturday or sunday movie to watch on TV during some down time but nothing i'd want to go spend money on at the theater.
      obviously we came away with something very different on Robocop but carter by far qualifies as an abortion of a movie at least in the case of Robocop reviews seem to be split down the middle of likes and dislikes as i've seen from random review vids on Youtube. carter was hated pretty much across the board with the exception of someone here or there : ) carter was just stupid for all the reasons i gave already you not to mention that you have a planet where there are two sentient species in which one looks completely human and other not at all. the four armed Martians were really annoying and the CG on them was hokey as fuck. i prefer more intelligently done sci-fi if i feel like watching a cool sci-fi Mars movie i'll watch Mission To Mars again carter was just brain dead pop corn movie making.
      as for Dan and Dredd you'll find he's not the argumentative type. i don't even remember why exactly he didn't like it but it didn't make any more sense to me then you raving about Skyline or liking Carter. as all matters having to do with art both in performing and visual (ahem ditko) you just gotta except different people are gonna get something different out of the same thing some times. don't get me wrong i like seeing some good martial arts like in the first The Matrix but a bunch of kung fu action in an otherwise uninspiring film is like endless special effects in a bad sci-fi it just becomes boring when you're seeing either or in a movie where you don't give a fuck about any more. Randomnerd is dealing with some serious family matters right now it's hard to say when we'll be hearing from her again.

    7. and yeah, the Lone Ranger movie also deserved a quick death. i never saw it but i'm sure it was right up there with Armageddon, Van Helsing and all the Mummy movies.

  10. Hahaha! -Armageddon, Van Helsing and all the Mummy movies... YUCK. Terrible films, all... we at least agree on the worst of the worst. I've heard some good things about Lone Ranger but- it's just not the type of movie I'm interested in... Plus, that movie was just a bad idea to begin with, starting with the casting. I want to see a serious Love Ranger Vs. Werewolves flick, personally. -He already has the perfect weapons for them.
    Starship Troopers, and what the Brain-Bug was doing is 100% different than what is happening is Skyline- not even comparable...
    Your problems with John Carter of Mars just don't make sense to me- that's the book! That's the plot of the book- that's just what the story is about. So then you don't like the story. Okay, that does not mean that the movie is bad. -Just not for you. There are no problems with it, though. How do you like comic books again? -Because they do MUCH more unbelievable, non-reality-based things than John fucking Carter!
    Mission To Mars??? -Would you like a side of boring with that coma?
    Oh, I don't want to argue with him- I'd just like to know what reasons a 2000AD fan would have for not liking Dredd. It confounds me...
    That's sad news about Random, when I was looking back for that Pacific Rim convo- I saw her comments, so I was just wondering...

    1. what was it like in the late 1800s or early 1900s when Boroughs wrote that book? back then we didn't know shit about Mars so as far as fictional writing goes i'm sure it read well to someone even as an adult back then. but fast forward a hundred plus years and we know a lot more now then we did back then so for me personally something as ridiculous as carter was an instant fail for me. and i'm not the only one. i guess it's kinda like ditko's art, it was fine when he was doing it at a time where that was the standard but in the late 70s and 80s it just looked bad and dated.
      even when it comes to sci-fi i like stuff that interweaves history as we know it, contemporary social and political issues as well and even some science that makes sense or is at least some what plausible. apparently that doesn't mean much to you, but to me it can make the difference between movies i like or don't like. that's the difference between why i like Mission to Mars and hate carter where as it's vice versa for you. as for Skyline, what can i say, i saw it and just thought it was meh and i didn't exactly have to think twice why it went straight to DVD. as for Dredd and Dan, go ahead and ask him.

    2. If by "doesn't mean much to me" you mean that I'm 'fully capable of understanding that it's a work of fiction based on a book, and science-fact and what we know about Mars now has nothing to do with anything in regards to being able to enjoy a story' then: you are correct. They are movies, movies are escape- they don't have to be serious or scientifically accurate to be enjoyable. It's called suspension of disbelief, man.
      Jesus- you must be that guy in the room, when Star Wars is on- going: "Technically there is no sound in space so we should not be hearing any of those noises!"
      There is a huge difference between 'science-fiction' and 'science fantasy'- but the one thing they have in common is they are all made up stories! You just take shit too seriously. I mean- you're saying any movie that is not plausible is therefore bad? Just like any cartoon that is not dark- is for little kids, right? There is just no arguing with that kind of "logic". I really don't understand how you enjoy comics at all when they use the same types of fantastical elements in their stories... but, to each their own.

      -Oh, and I already did.

    3. we'll then call it science fantasy if you want if that makes it enjoyable viewing for you. i think john carter was a steaming piece of shit every bit as much as van helsing or Armageddon was. it's a wonder that movie didn't sink Taylor Kitch's career altogether that guy can't afford too many more movie flops. and yes i think marvel cartoons are complete shit too they're just fucken stupid.

    4. Nah, I don't call it that in order to justify liking it- I call it that because that's what it is!
      And Marvel cartoons are awesome! -But we've already argued that to death on your two blogs... I'm currently re-watching X-Men: Evolution from when it first aired... I was a little afraid it wouldn't hold up to my memory of it- but it's even fucking better than I thought! So many well written character moments and pay-offs in their development as the series progresses... It's amazingly well done. Even down to the little things; like when Kitty gets over her initial fear of Nightcrawler and calls him a fuzzy-elf for the first time- and it just cuts to this closeup shot of Cyclops silently mouthing "fuzzy elf?" with this confused look on his face. Ugh! I love comics!!! I'ma go catch tonight's Colorless Arrow now...