The Fuck-Off Crew #1

~Oh, you didn't know???

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Will Reverse-Blackface quit The Fuck-Off Crew?
Will Pony Pads and Super Hoe move in together??
And who will Big 12 fuck now???
How bad will Cuntnormous's giant, rotting body smell?
Have we really seen the last of Bad Guy?
And- Squirter??? 
Answers to these- plus some questions no one cares about, like: What's up with Bear Fucker? NEXT TIME!!!

This post used scans of, and re-lettered pages (to embarrassing effect) from Image Comics Bloodstrike #10:


  1. LOL! You sir, have made my day. Not to mention salvaged those old bad Image comics. I have a few myself, no lie, but nostalgia forces me to keep em'.

    Damn good stuff King. Cuntnormius.....What'll they think of next?:)

    1. Thank you, thank you...
      I did not think Bloodstrike, and Brigade were bad comics, though! I never was into WildC.A.T.s, Cyberforce, or Youngblood- or any of that. But I still enjoy rubbing the blood! This was a labor of love...... and stupidity.
      What will I think of next? Well, I already have Part 2 done for next week- with the fate of Cuntnormous's body. It involves Happy Meals.

  2. Salvaged them? I think he's made them better. What spiffing fun. Ive often thought those Image dudes were al secret shirt-lifters anyway.

    1. Hey, man! -Thanks for stopping by!
      Glad you liked it.
      Shirt-lifters? -Naw, they're power-straight! Just look how aggro they are!!!
      -They're gritting their teeth to much to ever open their mouth for the cock!

  3. that Liefield art looks like ass and yeah what's up with most of those character designs!?

    1. -It's Richard Horie art, and it's awesome! -What chu talkin' 'bout???
      And those character designs are pure 90's, son! A.k.a. DC today!!!

  4. LOL It's that awesome marriage of X-Force and Jerry Springer that never was but actually is! Love all the names too. You just know that this is what the subtext is in every comic anyway. Iron Fist, included.

    1. "...never was but actually is!" -Could not have said it better!
      Thanks, man- glad you got a kick out of it! Part 2 is next week! -Glad you dug the names; that was the most fun part... This shit writes itself!
      My problem now is that when I read the regular Bloodstrike / Brigade comics- I'm getting confused with the stupid shit I made up.

  5. Funny as Hell, reverse black face, squirter, dude I might be wrong for laughing but this shit is funny.

    Then the crew chimes in. the marriage of X-Force and springer that never was but is. Dan bullseye. DC today. Fucking A dude.

    1. Sweet, man- glad you got a kick out of it. Part 2 drops this Thursday!!!
      I can't wait for DC to quit riding this Image-comics-boner they've been fucking for the last few years...