The Weird Hookers:

~Because what better way to remind the reader who The Weird is... than with space-hookers?

 From Mystery In Space with Captain Comet #6 by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom

What do you think the B in "B-Girls" stands for? Like, your "A-Girl" is your number one; your girlfriend, or wife... but your "Plan B" girl will always be a prostitute?

Oh, and for the record, I am also smoking some mighty potent stuff right now...


-Oh, that wacky Zarolatt!!!  
Thought this was a fun little scene.  I like how polite and matter-of-fact The Weird is too... 

Moving on to Marvel Comics- and this scene from the Spider-Man 2099 Annual #1 by Peter David and Ron Lim. (If you have never read any of the 2099 stuff- I'll preface this by saying that religion has mostly been replaced with super-hero worship):

 Hahaha!!!  He may as well kill himself.

What's so great about this story is that it takes place along side of the first handful of Spider-Man 2099 books. Wherein the guy in this story was an incidental background character- and now this follows along with what he's been up to parallel to Miggy, with the joined moments now from his perspective.  Peter David is an awesome writer like that.  The way he- oh, no!  Wait dude!!! 
-I was kidding, don't jump!!!

Yeah, good luck with that.

Spoiler alert:
(Kenny there does not know who Spider-Man is- but he knows his face, from issue #1... the face of Miguel O'Hara- who he sees in the crowd below him; unable to do anything- right before he hits the ground...)


  1. Ha! You find the weirdest, but funny pics man. Awesome stuff. Did not know hero worship for 2099 existed? Maybe that's how he's getting a new series and being some prominently featured now. Hmmmm.

    1. I just read about his new series- after I posted this! And Peter David is coming back too!!!
      I'm SO excited!!!!!!

      Yeah, in the 2099 universe there were no super-heroes until those titles launched, and previous heroes from our time were mythologized... The main religion was The Church Of Thor. The followers were Thorites and they'd basically cosplay as Thor all the time and try to convert people...

  2. i remember The Weird from the late 80s. but like Wild Dog he's one of those new DC characters that emerged around that time that never really caught on.

    1. Yup, The Weird had a very strange miniseries back in '88 also by Starlin. This was from his 2006 return: Mystery in Space. He also showed up in Rann-Thanagar Holy War, and Strange Adventures both also also by Starlin.
      Wild Dog was fantastic too! "THIS IS WILD DOG!" -That was by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty aka the Ms. Tree team!

  3. Dude if you like space hookers - you need to read Saga - there's a whole planet brothel called Sextillion that is the Switzerland in the civil war of the book. It's run by a purple skinned dominatrix and other crazy cool stuff only Brian K Vaughan can think of/get away with.

    I love Wild Dog too - I always thought he was more 'realistic' than the Punisher. Hockey mask, jersey and camo pants. What small town in the western world doesn't have that. I'm just not sure heroes close to reality or vigalantes can find their place in the DCU among the bright and shiny heroes and Batman.

    Like Kurt pointed out in JLA / Avengers, DC idolise their heroes. All of them. that can be hard to write a gunman into that world without cutting him off from it like Ostrander did with the Squad. If he was at Marvel, he'd be a hit.

    1. "Dude, if you like space-hookers..." Oh, things you never thought you'd hear, or say... Gotta love the internet.
      -I will get there... gotta wait for trades on that one.

      I used to draw his little, red, laughing dog all the time in Junior-High... But yeah, he has a simple look to him... A little surprised he has never had a crappy TV series. -It would not take much at all. He made a few more appearances in the DCU after. He was in Action Comics Weekly for 23 issues... And they brought him back not too long before the reboot.

      I just found out The Weird is IN the DCnU!!! Apparently he's in StormWatch now? I thought that was strange until I saw who was writing it... Starlin just loves to use that guy, I guess...

  4. Gotta' love the internet indeed King.
    That's fucking Dan for ya, always an entrepreneur and space-pimp;)