The Fuck-Off Crew #3

~Because everyone no one ONE PERSON demanded it!!!:

They're back, baby!!!

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Will any of The Crew turn, and join Wild Sex Party?

Why are SO MANY of these people related??

And who is that one guy??? -I forgot again...

How come Bear Fucker is such a piece of fucking shit?
Will #HashTag REALLY stay 500-yards away from No-Waiting??
And; Cum-sicle???  SPOILER ALERT!: He's related to Squirter.

-Join us next year when you've forgotten what even happened here, and no longer care about any form of resolution!!!

-Seriously, who is that one guy... it's on the tip of my tongue...  

I know the face... just can't place the name......

 This post used scans of, and re-lettered pages (to embarrassing effect) from Image Comics Brigade #11:


  1. LOL!
    Oh man. Awesome. It all reads like a dream Karl had back in the 90's, or still has, on those long London nights.

    The guy in the white and green who looks a lot like Batman, is Seahawk. He's Coldsnap's brother(duh I know)

    Loving the parody though.


    And now I have a sudden hankering for Arby's. Gee, thanks;)

    Can't wait for the follow up man.

    1. Hahaha- I know it's actually Seahawk! But Pony Pads (aka Battlestone) can't remember his name like if it was Homer...

      Awww- you stole my "I'm Thinking Arby's" joke I was gonna drop! Obvious, yes- but still hilarious! Now I'ma have to think of something else!

      Glad you're enjoying it- stay tuned!

  2. "Seahawk"? there's a character actually named after an NFL team? ya know i don't know anything about Brigade, in fact the only publication from IMAGE i've ever read was a Dragon TBA (Erik Larson) a friend of mine loaned me about a month ago. it actually wasn't bad at all but i didn't like it enough to start getting into IMAGE at this point in my life.

    1. Yeah- the entire Brigade and Bloodstrike teams has some stupid-silly names... Stuff a 10-year-old would come up with; Battlestone, Seahawk, Coldsnap, Roman, Lethal, Kombat, Fourplay... Coming up with stupider names was the most fun part!
      Savage Dragon is awesome! One of my favorite titles of all time! Coming into it blind/late though- reading an issue or even a trade... I can see why someone wouldn't like it. It's like picking up one random Cerebus issue- you have no context for anything! It's way too involved/self-referential for a new reader not willing to start at the beginning. And if you're gonna read ANY Image comic starting from the beginning- it should be The Maxx.

  3. Great minds man, great minds;)
    And I will.

  4. Agreed King. I caught the Image bug back in '95, when Image was truly at it''s height of decadence and tit-waving. Don't ask me why, but most of the titles offered by Extreme Studios, like Brigade(a true fav of mine) Bloodstrike, Youngblood, and Glory were all eagerly snatched up by me, especially during the whole Chapel takes over hell storyline. After glimpsing the sheer badassery that was Crypt, I snatched up most of the chapters, as well as the figures. Remember them?
    I owned Troll, Dutch, and Crypt.

    Man, what crazy times for a 14 year old;)

    1. I loved Brigade! I just found out Bloodstrike picked back up at #26 in 2012! Sweet...
      Never cared for Youngblood- just too horrible. I guess- funny now because of HOW horrible- but at the time they were just bad. Glory... the newer series that was out not too long ago- was fantastic! Never liked Chapel- his inclusion in Spawn made me angry... Spawn should never have crossed over with the Image-Universe.
      Yeah- I remember the Youngblood figures... never had any- but I had the first three waves of Spawn toys...