Marvel. Universe.

 ~Happy Hanukkah, everyone!  
From: The-

-From The New Captain Marvel #42 (1975) by Steve Englehart and Al Milgrom.

Oh, Rick Jones; everyone's favorite superhero groupie-whore, you never disappoint: 

(Embiggen to read)
-Okay, I added that last line, but we were all thinking it.

'...never call myself something dumb like Marvel Boy!'

...Poor Vance, that guy just can't get a break.


-I love the Captain Universe-concept.  It works so much better than something like Dial H for Hero (in my opinion, anyways...) -But I noticed, while Reading Marvel Spotlight on... #9, that the Steve Coffin version of Captain Universe had some... weird exclamations... (And, I didn't read The Micronauts series, but I think he may also be mildly retarded...)

-Burt Ward, ladies and gentlemen...

Ummm- racist!

"Yippee!" -He says after using The Uni-Power to molecularly rearrange a floor lamp into a pair of nunchuks, that he swings wildly overhead, as he comically chases some evil shadow-men down a long hallway.  
Unparallelled universal power... and he's basically just a cross between Napoleon Dynamite, and
Doug from Ghost World.

"I have no idea what I'm capable of; even though this issue started with my Dad telling me everything he was capable of when HE was Captain Universe that one time!"

"Dynamite!!!" -He then says after turning a hospital-cart into a skateboard to get away...
Infinite Power Cosmic... and now he's Bart Simpson.

 "Beans!"  -He says before declaring Captain Universe's true allegiances...
"It's AMERICA, dude: Learn the rules!"
Again- I think he grows up to be Doug from Ghost World.

Also, he's VERY... referential?:

Yes... Spider-Man is a popular comic. Thank you for referencing it.

 Yes... Superman: The Movie did recently come out.
Thank you for referencing it.

Yes... Star Wars is a thing we all love.  Thank you for referencing it.
 "Zowie!" -He says before getting sued.  
A never-ending supply of energy at his disposal... and he's that Star Wars Kid from YouTube.

And I "get it", I joke... but I get it- Steve Coffin's just supposed to be a little kid; and what would any kid do if they had the power to do it?
-Dumb fucking shit like this.
(Doesn't matter anyways- he's fired!  Extremely high turnover in being Captain Universe.)

But the levels of Bill Mantlo not giving a fuck in this book are off the charts! This thing is approaching SolarMan levels! You can just feel Mantlo and Jim Shooter screaming at each other- oozing off the pages; as Al Milgrom tries to break them up, and Steve Ditko sits in the corner, quietly sobbing, practicing drawing eyes...

God bless you, Mantlo.
-Bless us, every one!


  1. i know the Steve Coffin character from The Micronauts of course but i had no idea he ever appeared in other Marvel titles. anyways, that Captain Universe issue was horrible from top to bottom and by that i mean the writing all the way down to the art.i have no doubt that shit like CU saying crap like "dynomite" (stole Jimmy Walker's line from Good Times) that kind of crap has shooters finger prints all over it. good quips in your posting commentary by the way. speaking of Hanukkah have you ever seen this tribute to Jewish super heroes video i did 3 years ago? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVRWGClMRDw

    1. So, was young Steve Coffin dropped on his head as a child?
      Wow- never thought I'd hear you slam Mantlo!
      It wasn't a horrible issue- but it sure wasn't very good... It's an interesting piece of comic-history, for sure. The Captain Universe concept has SO much more potential than this.

      I have seen that... Hope you had a good one!

    2. well it's like that favorite band or musician. you like most anything they've done but let's face it they've got a song or two you thought kinda sucked. don't tell me you've forgotten how much i've gone off on rocket raccoon over the past couple of years?

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah King.
    Hope you got what you wanted this year, and if not, fuck it, always next year;)

    From that Rick panel, I thought you'd have him do "The Touch" from the Transformers. Nice;)

    1. Same to you!
      I got some good stuff for Christmas, you? I'll throw up a quick video before New Year's Day...