Sweet Flea-Market Finds, 2014 Finale!

~That's right! The Dirt-Mall season has once again come to an end...
So, here's my final post showing-off what I picked up for cheap as free:

That's right, bitches! It's the goddamn Sky Lynx.

Yes, the fan-favorite Generation 1 Transformer from 1987... or, at least half of him. 
If you aren't familiar: Sky Lynx is a two-figure combiner; the space-shuttle (pictured), and then a ground-transport vehicle that transforms into a Lynx. His main, most recognizable, form is the two combined... almost like a griffin. He's in good shape- the white plastic hasn't yellowed at all, the stickers are in decent condition, and he was only $3.00! When I was debating if I should buy it or not- I remembered:

Next up is something that sucks... like, actually- it's Evil Horde member: Leech, from The Masters of The Universe line in 1985...

Because this was one of the later figures in the line- it was one that my siblings owned and I never did.
But now I do. -For only $2.00! And he works!!!

I picked up these next two nine inch Dick... Tracy "figures" for $3.00 total:

I got Dick... himself, and that Nazi bastard Pruneface, from the Warren Beatty movie (which I love).
They were released by Applause in 1990.  I say "figure" because they are really, more accurately, dolls. Unlike Megos- only the heads, hands, and feet are made of a hard plastic- everything under the clothes is plush. They can't even stand.

So, I own dolls now.

That's great.

Next- since it is the holiday season; check out this awesome little Superman ornament I got:

Just $2.00 brand new in the box from Hallmark, 1998. 
-Came with that Action Comics No.1 cover ornament too!

And finally, another $2.00 got me this sweet looking door-knocker. It'll go on my front door- matches with my house quite well.


And that's it- I didn't pick up any comics...

...just kidding; I got a shit-ton of fucking comics:

-See you next Summer!


  1. dude, i didn't know you were still making vids. i spent a good part of last night going through them. by the way i dropped something in the mail for you it should turn up by the middle of next week.

    1. Yeah, man- you seemed busy! Thanks for all the views/comments!
      I made them when I got too many comics to go through on here... Sweet, man- thanks! And here I didn't get you anything! *feels bad*

    2. well if you really feel that bad you can ease your conscience by sending me that copy of Power Lords #2 after you're done with it. unless of course you're planning to collect all 3 eventually of course.

    3. As Michelle Tanner used to say: "You got it, dude!"

  2. Skylynx for 3.00!! Hell yeah man!! Thats a nice find! Even for only half !!

    1. Thanks! Fuck yeah it is! Now if I can just get the rest of him for cheap...