The other little things in comics...

I was never interested in supplemental advertising/promotion type stuff when reading my comics; I would only ever skim them, if not skipping over them entirely... They're largely shameful, not funny, and/or uninteresting.  I remember reading the Marvel Cool-o-Meter and then wondering why the fuck I just read the Marvel Cool-o-Meter. Stuff like Stan's Soapbox, Bullpen Bulletins, Daily Planet, DC Universe... I just never found any of them worth reading. (Okay- the Bullpen Bits comics were great!) The checklists of that months comics were handy enough at first- but became rather pointless once you were into Wizard and/or Previews, or had a file at your LCS. Even the letter-columns; I would mostly skip. A lot of fake praise, stupid questions, stuffy replies, and inserted straw-man arguments.  Really; The Maxx and The Savage Dragon were the first comics I ever read to make the fan letters / responses a truly genuine, comical, and engaging experience.  They even made the copyright small-print in the front worth reading!


-King's not home much...

~The Shroud is basically The Shadow of The Marvel Universe... that's pretty-much all you need to know about him for this post.  Oh, and you may have noticed that I missed Monday's update. -Totally my bad.  (Plus, I had to deal with this.) I won't be updating the blog as much in the next few weeks, either... new job, no time.  Adjusting.  -You know how it is.
So, anyways; here we go!:

Foolish woman!  You cannot seduce The Shroud!!!  He will laugh in your general direction...

 -He is beyond the needs of the physical body, for he is imbued with the extrasensory perception of  The Darkforce Dimension... that, and also... he's blind.   
So...  yeah.  You could be Kate Upton, bitch- Shroud don't give a fuck!
(That's what she gets for trying to cheat on me, anyways.)


Superman (Part 3)

~Tired of hearing (er, reading) me talk about Superman yet?
Don't worry- this is the final part!:

(How awesome is that?  Our Worlds At War had a lot of cool moments in it!)


Superman (Part 1)

-I'm a total Superman mark. 

   Since Saturday morning Super-Friends, in my Superman sleeping-bag, wearing my Superman footie-pajamas with the Velcro-on-cape...  I've never thought he was cheesy, lame, or corny-looking. The only two times in my life I was not reading Superman comics was during the Red/Blue fiasco... and now