-Fox Kids & Marvel Comics bring you: SOLARMAN!

~The #1 issue I'll be talking about in this post is an adaptation of the cartoon show's failed pilot- originally made, and released on VHS in 1989 to tie-in with the Marvel comic of the same name; Solarman (penciled by Jim Mooney, and created by David Oliphant.) It eventually aired as a "special" in 1992, on Fox Kids.

The episode clocks in at around 22 minutes long... Now, how long does it usually take you to read a standard super-hero comic? -Five, maybe seven minutes? Ten to twelve minutes at the most.  So, right from the start- they have to condense the script down by, at least, half... and it's Stan Lee who adapts this too!  -That combination makes this comic SO hilariously, generically, matter-of-factly straight-forward.  I can't stop laughing at it, and reading these ridiculous conversations aloud (which really freaks out my cat)... 

-I just had to share some of this little gem with you.



The Weird Hookers:

~Because what better way to remind the reader who The Weird is... than with space-hookers?

 From Mystery In Space with Captain Comet #6 by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom


The Local Comic Shop of my youth...

~Check it out, Mental Organisms!
 Yup, that's fourteen-year-old Me, at my local Comic Shop of the time, as "A customer"!  
In retrospect... it is kind of worrisome that I had NO idea my picture was being taken by a stranger...


A Big Redhead- You Know- Stacked, I Mean.

~By far my favorite Batgirl design is the one from the Elseworlds miniseries Thrillkiller: Batgirl & Robin by Howard Chaykin & Daniel Brereton:

-Huge fan of Brereton's style.  I have almost everything he has ever worked on...