-Almost there...

   Here we are, my Mental Organisms, with the last post of the month already!  Post #47, to be precise...  I'll have to do something special for the big #50!  I'm talking special-cover COLLECTOR'S ITEM special!  -Just like they did with comics in the 90's: Every twenty-five issues was a big deal for some reason! (That's a link is to my 25th Post by the way.)

But first off:  Doctor Doom is bored with this conference meeting.  -Doom would rather be...



4:20 He-Man!!!

-It's FOUR-TWENTY, y'all!!!

That means that it's time to watch some fuckin' cartoons!  But first- a quick look at Star Comics' Masters of The Universe #2, and #3 from 1986.  Written by the infamous Mike Carlin, and penciled by the always awesome Ron Wilson...
(This all ties together, trust me; I'm not high yet!)

Smash-cut to "Snake Mountain":


~Sunbow & Star Comics bring you: Visionaries!

   You know, I think the biggest "fault" of this show was that it was way too high-concept for kids (and even for its own damn self) at the time. -You're taking Thundarr The Barbarian, Brave*Starr, Dungeons & Dragons, and King Arthur and the Knights of Justice- and throwing them all in a fucking blender... Yes, I remember watching it, and liking it- but I did not love it... And in the end, anyone who looks back at Visionaries- just says: "Oh, yeah- those were those Hasbro toys with the holograms, right?" or as I say: The less cool Supernaturals...
   But the show was so much more than its action-figure's gimmicky-premise. I was amazed, in re-watching the series for this post, how many of the visuals from the show I remembered so vividly.
The animation was absolutely beautiful in many scenes, per episode- due to Sunbow Productions sending a large amount of it to Japan to be done by TMS Entertainment.  -Resulting in random moments of pure, detailed, fluid 80's anime-style gold!  -Particularly, I noticed, on the episode Trail of The Three Wizards...
   Issue #2, which is what I'll mostly be talking about here, is basically the last couple minutes from the end of episode 1: The Age of Magic Begins, and a few ideas/scenes from episode 2: The Dark Hand of Treachery, but reworked- with much more detail, character development, and explanations given. The exact opposite of what happened previously with Solarman...

-If you are unfamiliar with Visionaries, Google is your friend... but here's the basic outline:

 "A violent, angry man- that one..."  -It's like he's talking about everyone on the Internet! 
But if the age of technology is over- then there is no Internet. Unless... MAGIC INTERNET!


The TOP 10 Best, Most Greatest, Marvel Comics / Superheroes EVER Of All The Times!!!

-Not my opinions... This is cold, HARD fact.  
These are simply the best Marvel Comics / Characters that have EVER been produced!!!

You can disagree- but you'd just be wrong. 

...and a loser!

So, let's get it started with-