Search Keywords V: Geeks are a sad and perverted lot... (NSFW)

~I guess that makes me an enabler.

I've failed as your sponsor...

So, here's a bunch of porn that sad, lonely people searched for and accidentally ended up at my blog instead... for SOME reason:


-Yeah, sure; fictional character Gwendolyne Stacy is hot.  No argument there, I guess.

(Sorry, I prefer redheads over blonds just about eights days a week...) 

BUT:  "gwen stacy fucked by lizard porn animation" is a thing that exists... because the internet.    
Supply- meet demand.

And don't even get me started on all the Green Goblin/Gwen Stacy shit that also came up when I searched for this myself...

DAMN YOU, Joseph Michael Straczynsk!!! 

Okay, okay- keeping with supporting Spider-Man characters, and being open-minded, as well as an equal opportunity offender: "i draw porn venom and carnage fuck":

...this makes me laugh so hard......  Are we not doing 'phrasing' anymore?

This image came up as well- (So we're just done with 'phrasing', right?  -That's not a thing anymore?)
-it's actually pretty cool looking:  

...but, again- redheads: EIGHT DAYS A WEEK.

Silly me, when I search for porn, Google must think I'm SO fucking boring.  

-Because I just pull a Sarah Silverman and go to YouPorn and type my search-words in: 


...or I'll just watch Jesus Is Magic for the 600th time and masturbate to Sarah Silverman. 
Too much information?

-Shut up; here's "she hulk prn":

~R.I.P. Chyna~

Moving on...

Guess what?  The search term "beachum taint" has been used more than ANY OTHER search keyword to bring people to my little website!  I... *sniffle* I am SO proud right now.  *weeps* 


And finally my Mental Organisms... we reach our climax.  I'll end it, for now, with "spiderman fucking mj and black cat": 

Why are these things that exist?  I can't answer that question for you.  
                                                                                         -To each their own, I suppose.  

I shall defend your right to jack-it to whatever you wish...  

Sure, I prefer real people.  
                                 But that's just me...    

Who am I to judge?  I've seen a girl blow a horse.

...I've seen a girl blow a horse.

Until next time!

1 comment:

  1. I've seen a chick ride a horse.....while strapped underneath him. They pretty much summed up the upcoming ride into pornland via the internet for me.

    I jerk it to cartoon porn. Just said it, no fucks given....except for the 4-some my brain,eyes, hand and d*ick have;)

    RIP Chyna. At least you left some for us to rub our member too, uh, I mean something to remember you by;)
    Hey, it is sad, 'cause the Attitude Era was MY era of wrestling during high school, so it sucked to hear, but nothing totally unexpected.

    Rule 34 my brother, if it exists, there IS porn of it.
    This magically devious site will satisfy any questions or queries( imagine me saying that with the voice of SNL's The Ladies' Man) you have about which favorite comic/anime/etc character has their own porn section or not. Spoilers: THEY ALL DO!!!!!

    Is it weird that the image of Venom and Carnage having psuedo-incestous gay sex is the one that slightly bothered me? I shouldn't be shocked by that, 'cause there's plenty of that on the aforementioned rule34 site, but damn, just seeing it....thank god for that Gwen/Lizard porn to wash your eyes out am I right? ha! You should see the one with her and the Vulture....