~Happy New Year with The Punisher!

(So, who's drunk?)

-You like The Punisher?  Let me tell you; if you're ever having a conversation with someone who doesn't "get" The Punisher- point them to 1993's #75 by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, and Doug Braithwaite. It hits every note perfectly- every aspect of what makes Frank Castle is on display here.
I'll set up the scene: Frank just blew up a crack-warehouse.  He's caught red-handed by the new Anti-Vigilante Police StrikeForce and he's their number-one most wanted.  But the main bad-guy is getting away...so everyone chases everyone, until they all catch up with each other:

(Embiggen all pages for awesomeness...)


Sweet Flea-Market Finds, 2014 Finale!

~That's right! The Dirt-Mall season has once again come to an end...
So, here's my final post showing-off what I picked up for cheap as free:

That's right, bitches! It's the goddamn Sky Lynx.

Yes, the fan-favorite Generation 1 Transformer from 1987... or, at least half of him. 
If you aren't familiar: Sky Lynx is a two-figure combiner; the space-shuttle (pictured), and then a ground-transport vehicle that transforms into a Lynx. His main, most recognizable, form is the two combined... almost like a griffin. He's in good shape- the white plastic hasn't yellowed at all, the stickers are in decent condition, and he was only $3.00! When I was debating if I should buy it or not- I remembered:



   No, not Marvel's Foxfire from The Squadron Supreme series... This is Foxfire from Malibu Comics': Ultraverse. Although, funny enough- this title was launched out of the Phoenix: Resurrection thing that happened after Marvel had purchased Malibu...
   Foxfire was bred as a super-weapon fifty years in the future and then hidden, from an evil alien race, in the present day in order to be able to mature- so she could, in time, defeat them... Her "parents" were secretly robot guardians assigned to protect her but eventually her "father" is killed, and her "mother" malfunctions and is now trying to destroy her.
   Written by Ian Edginton and Dan Abnett, and penciled by Kevin J. West- it only lasted four issues before the entire Malibu Universe was folded away, buried, and forgotten in Earth-93060.

Issue #1 had a really nice cover by Steve Lightle. I know this particular gimmick is something that has been done before- but I still love it...

...seeing the front, and back view of the same image- on each side of the book. He even adjusted the lighting accordingly!  Noice.
Barry Windsor-Smith did an amazing cover in this style to Swords of Cerebus Vol 5. 


Darkhawk is lookin' good, and Nova's gotta go fast!

~Here's some little things from New Warriors #22 that made me laugh.  By Fabian Nicieza, and Mark Bagley.
See, the team is going to use Rage's Avengers-status to get into the mansion and steal a Quinjet for a 'personal' mission... but the important thing here is- LOOK AT THE POSE DARKHAWK IS STRIKING!:

Hahaha- that's amazing!  And SO Chris Powell... gotta try to impress the ladies!  Bagley is SUCH a good artist. -You know this little, dorky character-moment was not in the script.  It's just too bad Firestar and Namorita are completely ignoring him.  In fact- the only one checking him out seems to be Speedball!!!


You get what you search for! (NSFW)

~Once again I'm delving deep into the 'Search Keywords' that somehow accidentally brought people to my blog- to find out just what, exactly, they were actually trying to find.

Yes, it will probably mostly be porn.

"adam hughes she-hulk" is a simple enough one.  Adam Hughes is one of my Top Ten favorite artists! (and it's a shame he doesn't do interiors anymore...) 
Sadly- he has not drawn Speedball's favorite pair'o'boobs to motorboat much.
The first thing I thought of was that page from the old Marvel Swimsuit Issue. -The one of Namor in a banana-hammock.
-But then I thought of this one:
That's good She-Hulk!