Justice League America: Centennial Edition

~Just wanted to get a post up- and take a quick look at a few scenes from JLA #100.

The dialogue by Gerard Jones is kind of all over the place in this issue... Maybe it's because there are SO many characters with unique voices, and different dynamics- or maybe it's just trying too hard to be like the Giffen/DeMatteis comics- I don't know... It's not BAD per se; just a little awkward to read in spots:

Right-click/View Image to embiggen for reading...
-That does not mean there are not any funny moments, though! -Poor Artemis... she don't get no respect. No respect at all!

I think the art by Chuck Wojtkiewicz is very fun too...

Fire and Icemaiden play The Game of Flats:

 Poor Nuklon- no respect at all! He should hook up with Artemis- they'd have a lot to talk about. Of course- he'd probably run into the same "problem" there too.

...I'll be in my bunk.

Wait- when did this comic turn into La Blue Girl?!?:

 "Nothing beats these tentacles!"


  1. i read most of the Greg Rucka Checkmate series and i don't remember there being anything in it about her being into chicks. not that i would have had a problem with that or anything.

    1. Which one- Fire or Icemaiden? Because Icemaiden is officially Bisexual in classic DC. (And also Jewish!) And Fire... well, she thought about it... a little- that was the build up, anyways- *spoiler alert* it was really just guilt over Ice's death.
      Still... She came to give it to her!

  2. I think they later wrote that whole pseudo-lesbian tension as some "confusion" by Ice maiden. I guess anything to drum up interest in a rapidly bombing title.

    At least James Robinson let her live when he killed off the rest of the then new JLE.

    Rape tentacles....Somewhere Doc Ock is laughing his ass off, and then suddenly complains that Japan stole his gimmick and rape fantasies.
    Oh Ockie;)

    1. No- Fire was confused... Icemaiden knew exactly what she wanted. -She came to give it to her! See above comments for the quick deal- or for detail go to here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icemaiden#Justice_League

      Yup- tentacles... What the hell, DC!?! Someone watches too much heanti... I'm looking at you, creative-team!
      Come to think of it, though- good point! That should be Doc Ock's new gimmick! -Sinister INDEED!!!

  3. JLA?
    Don't you mean JL Europe?
    Or is it the JL International book, lease clarify, Ben. I wish id got this issue as I collect everything WW related, esp concerning Artemis.

    1. Who's Ben? ...Gentle Ben??? -Oh, that wacky bear......

      Anyways- what?
      This was from JLA... Issue #100, like it says. I can understand your confusion, though; as there are mostly JLE and JLI characters on the team... But, nope- it's Justice League America! -They FINALLY made it to the big-leagues!!! (This was during the "EVERYONE IS A MEMBER NOW!" phase of the team...)