-If your tongue had an eye; you'd know EXACTLY what it is! (NSFW)

~Gotta love your very own blog Statistics page...
Especially the "Search Keywords" section (located under "Traffic Sources").

   It truly warms my heart to see that people found my little old site by searching for things like: "Finding comics at Flea-Markets".  Or that they found specific reviews with "Casey Jones Raph Comic", "Venom Carnage Unleashed", or "Vampirella Swimsuit"... I see SOMEONE was Googling himself by searching for "Shlomo Ben Hungstien".   Smooth one there, Dave... and not at all egotistical.
   -Others have been brought here by searching for "Terrax sex Invisible Woman".
-Wait, what?!? 
...who wants to see that???

What's the next one on the list... "air hostess fucking"???  What does that even mean? 
Do I... do I even want to know???

"-Just fucking that sweet little thing"?!? Oh, COME ON!!! How did that even lead them here?!?

Okay, fine.
-I hate to disappoint anyone. This is apparently what the people want, so FINE.  I'm gonna try my best to fulfill some of these... odder search queries for you guys......

I hope you're fucking happy.

-You sick fucking bunch of freaks...

(What a missed opportunity by the "artist" to have her lower half turning see-though at that particular moment.)
Can you believe this image actually exists???
Because I'm fuckin' looking at it, and I still can't... I just figured this "Terrax sex Invisible Woman" was something that some dumb asshole was looking for online- and I had a good laugh at his expense because I thought it couldn't possibly be a thing that's real...
I should have know better, though. Rule 34 of The Internet is: "If  it exists... there IS porn of it."
How much do you all want to bet that Karl already has this site bookmarked?

Somehow- I can guarantee that this is all Greg Land's fault.

Ohhhhhhhh, okay; an 'Air-Hostess' is another term for a Flight-Attendant! I've never heard that before.
So, "air hostess fucking" is really:

-That makes a lot more sense...
   Because after that Terrax one- what I imagined this to be was people dry humping Hostess Snack Cakes...
I mean- they ARE  all dongs, hos, twinks, and snowballs... when you think about it.

Next up- someone was searching for "He-Man sex comics" and this is another one I'm shocked to see is SO VERY plentiful online:

This is a legitimate rape of my childhood.

Although- it does really remind me of this:

"SHAKE YOUR ASS! Come on, Beastman!"

"maraya shera powa seex photo"
See, I thought this one was some foreign She-Ra: Princess of Power thing- for a comic like above. 
But, no:

Maria Sharapova is apparently some Russian tennis player. 
And man, there are a LOT of upskirt panty-shots of her online from while she's playing... 
-Felt like I was watching an anime.

"sex Simon Bisley"
-This is the first completely understandable search I've seen on here today... especially as a Heavy Metal subscriber from The 90's!  Still, I like to imagine they were searching for a 'sexy' picture of the man himself-

Soooooo dreamy!

 -Instead of something like this:

"fap comic books"???  That's an easy one.
-Allow me to suggest Gullivera:

  It's one of my personal favorites.

"woman squirting comics"
-Won't be doing THAT one.


"comik cartoon young sex"
-Look, I'm already gonna have to scrub my browser-history clean with bleach and fire... I'm not searching for any phrase with those last two words in it...

"blogger little fuck" either... even though the top result is probably just my page.

-Because I'm a little fuck.



  1. im not surprised by what you found ive been giulty of looking at stuff like this myself at first cause ii was curious now i just want to see what craziness an artist can come up with

    1. -Ohhhh, so you're one of those sick freaks, eh? Shame on you! SHAME, I say!!!

  2. actually, i've never done an internet search for Shlomo Ben Hungstien i'm not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. at any rate, looks like you've got a homage to Heavy Metal Magazine posting going on here.

    1. *cough*cough*
      -Because it happened.
      OR: you have a stalker...

      It kind of ended up that way, accidentally... what can I say, I was super into it back in the day. What teenager WOULDN'T be? -Am I right???

      Oh, and that guy on your last post looks just like Bruce Timm (I'm pretty sure it's Bruce Timm... did you ask him if he was Bruce Timm???), and that Mighty Muggs ROM figure looks sweaty ass! SO THERE.

    2. i can think of a couple enemies from facebook who i know troll the net looking for personal information about me in order to intimidate me so that's probably what you picked up on. as for the Mighty Mugg, you're more then welcomed to trash it here all you want but when people pick up something from a con they're excited about there's just something to be said about letting them enjoy the moment. i feel like it's kind of a matter of courtesy but it's not like i praised it like i did that NOVA t-shirt which was bad ass. the Mighty Mugg, well as i said before it ain't my thing either but at least i can appreciate it from a Rom fandom stand point plus The Vision of Comics is a real nice guy i have no desire for him to get put off by stuff he might read on the Rom blog.

    3. Ha ha! -You have stalkers. Are any of them sexy ladies???

      Freedom of speech. It applies to everyone, everywhere- or there's no point in it at all. I could delete all your constant and unprovoked Ditko trashing if I wanted to. But censorship of any kind is unacceptable. As far as hurting someone's feeling with my opinion? -To quote the beautiful Honey Cocaine: "Fuck yo feelings tho."

      You act like I said something like: "Hey, Vision of Comics- you're a stupid fucking idiot for wasting money on that total piece of trash- what the fuck were you thinking, you fucking asshole? Die in a fire." -THAT would be uncalled for.
      I'm sure he's a nice guy... but I'm also sure he can handle reading on the internet that someone does not like a specific toy he happened to buy. Come on, now. Let's not be ridiculous.

    4. consider it captain's prerogative. you're the captain of this ship and i'm the captain of that ship. ships have certain general rules and procedures but each captain runs their ship and manages their crew a bit differently in order to ensure smooth sailing.

    5. Okay, "Captain"... or should I say: Air-Hostess!

    6. relax K.o.T, i'll make it up to ya in tomorrow's posting with some Jim Starlin, Thanos and Adam Warlock kinda stuff.

    7. I'm always relaxed... I smoke weed, remember?

  3. I think everything is Greg Land's fault. The fact I've waited for Spider-Woman to get a new series and now the upcoming one will be drawn by him I just think is karma for something I did in a past life.

    (sigh) He was so much better on Nightwing before all the photo copying.

    Skeletor and Beast-Man...? Damn that is just sacrilegious on so many levels. Mind you there's only one woman on the side of evil so I guess it adds up.

    1. #EverythingIsGregLandsFault!
      Too true!: The motto of 2012-2014!

      Yeah- but Silk, tho! I'm still excited for the new series! I mean- I've never really had a problem with him- as a whole. *cough* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGRdfPp65eg *cough*

      "I can't it's made of fur!"

  4. Meh. Definitely guilty of this in the past myself, so no preaching here. People are people, and people are generally sick fucks, whether it's in public or private.

    Still, at least it seems like like Terrax is having a good time;)

    1. Sick freak! ...take it as a compliment?

      Terrax had more fun beating The New Warriors' asses... than pounding Sue's.

  5. Terrax is having a ball. Sue is a choice piece of @$$. KOT does it again, (laughing) man you don't give a damn (and I'm glad) cause only God knows where my mind went when I saw Killer Frost.

    Just dropping thru man, bang up post.

    1. Nope, no fucks given...

      You mean THIS Killer Frost?: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b48/SixGrey/frost.jpg

      Welcome back, man!!!

    2. ahhhh yes, that's the one.