So; The Blob, Pyro, and DareDevil walk into a bar...

-Stop me if you've heard this one before-

...and the bad guys argue over who gets to violently, sexually assault a young girl while DareDevil buys them shots. 

HA!  Comics!!!  -You know, for kids!

The Blob and Pyro, aka Freedom Force, are on a mission to track down an unregistered mutant in Daredevil: The Man Without Fear # 269

-But, yeah; The Blob gets a little...... rapey.

NOTHING CAN MOVE THE BLOB!!! (Full-size: Right-click/View Image)

I know I've talked about 'X-characters' showing up in 'non-X-books' and how I always hated it.  -This is a rare exception... Two of my favorite X-Men villains crossing paths with an extremely out-of-his-league Daredevil makes for a wonderful story by Ann Nocenti! 

How can DD hope to even challenge such powerful foes???
-Get 'em drunk!

(Full-size: Right-click/View Image)

But even a little bit tipsy- The "real" FF is no fucking joke! First DD tries some divide and conquer- but Pyro is having NONE of it!!!:

Amanda is FUCKED.

-John Romita Jr. art is never not amazing!  (Full-size: Right-click/View Image)

Shit gets SERIOUSLY creepy, though, when DD has to go to 'Plan B' and try to get his enemies to turn on each other...

(Full-size: Right-click/View Image)

(Full-size: Right-click/View Image)

-So very rapey...  Blob is PISSED at the thought of getting Pyro's sloppy, violated preteen seconds- yet again...  I've mentioned before what a big fan I am of these characters- and I don't recall ever seeing them written this way.

"-Because you don't TAKE them!"

Is The Blob just a gross, disgusting monster?  -Does he deserve ANY sympathy???  It's a weird stance you're put in- because you can't help but feel for him a LITTLE bit, especially since Pyro is shown to be a remorseless monster himself- but that's still no excuse for Blob's actions...

It really delves in to what exactly makes a monster.
Or am I over-thinking it?  -Just bad guys doing bad things so you'll want the hero to win, the end. 

Regardless- DareDevil is FUCKED.
Plan A: Get them drunk, separate them, fight Pyro.  ABORTED! "Oh, FUCK! This was a terrible idea!" -Daredevil while on fire.
Plan B: Get them to take each-other out...  FAILED!  They're like an old married couple. Sure they fight- but they'll always make up.  And that means- 
Plan C: "Oh, FUCK!  I have to fight The Blob!!!" -Daredevil pissing himself.

(Full-size: Right-click/View Image)

"Huh?  Where go???" -A Pryde of The X-Men reference no one will get...

You'll have to track down the issue to see how it ends- it's a fantastic read- and a stand-alone story to boot!


  1. this would be a good time to remind folks those two arrogant assholes (Blob and Pyro) got their asses kicked in ROM #31 http://siskoid.blogspot.com/2008/11/spaceknight-saturdays-o-brotherhood.html

    1. Got their asses kicked? ~Pfffft. Hardly...

    2. oh i bet you must have loved the way Pyro and The Blob were portrayed in the X-Men movies : )

    3. -Ohhhhh! Fuck you, buddy!
      Hahaha!!! -How dare you, Sir...
      I almost just threw up my fried-chicken thinking about it.

    4. ok, on a more serious note. how about when it came to the Pryde of The X-Men late 80s pilot episode? i saw it for the first time at an early screening in Oakland at the 1988 Wonder-Con i've always been over all pretty happy with it (mostly because of the animation quality) and it featured the Blob and Pyro . . .

    5. I *adore* Pryde of The X-Men. I referenced it above... and several times in the past. I used to "BAMF!" around the living-room, with one of those quarter-machine 'sticky hands' tied around my back belt loop, as a child.
      -I still use that Blob quote (from the scene with Nightcrawler) to this day.
      It was an awesome cartoon. I watch it every year- along with the Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends episode with The X-Men in it.

  2. Used to have Pryde of the X-men on VHS myself back in the day. I enjoyed the animation myself, especially since it was pretty much the same as watching GI Joe/Transformers(Cyclops with Duke's voice much?). Didn't care for Aussie Wolverine though. DAFAQ!? How in the hell do you get an Aussie accent from a Canadian? Silly typical studio exec thinking right there. Did people not know how to research and distinguish from the two?
    That glaring mistake aside, I thought everyone acted as they should, and showed a lot of promise. Too bad it was never followed up on....

    Gotta' give DD credit for being a hero despite the incredible odds stacked against him. He'd do better against a solo Pyro in #368, albeit a very sick-dying-from-the-Legacy-Virus-Pyro though.
    Blob rapey? Naaaaaw. LOL.
    Hey they were villains, that was the whole point of being a bad guy; especially those two, who had absolutely no morals or qualms about living the bad guy life. Besides, what's a little rape between friends right? Ha ha.

    Pretty damn decent-looking story King, both art and story-wise.

    1. I like Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi Wolverine! He's so quotable! ...no, it does not make sense- but it's just so baffling that it comes right back around to being awesome!
      He has had his mind wiped, and implanted memories put in- right? Well, this was the short period Weapon X made him think he was from The Outback.

      But, yeah- totally; DD's plan of getting them drunk to even the odds is brilliant. Trying to turn Blob on Pyro too... just didn't pan out. I'm so sad he looks like he did from Trial Of The Incredible Hulk in the new NetFlix series... Ugh!
      Pyro dying from The Legacy Virus makes me sad.

      I know they are the bad guys- I just don't think I've ever seen those two written where they're so quick to want to sexually assault/molest. I mean- that kicks your villainy up a notch! -Just ask Dr. Light...

      It's a real good story, you should track it down- doubt it would cost you more that a buck or two...

  3. yeah i'm with you Dale that Wolverine Aussie variant was a definite fail. also, i dunno why they had to make The Blob talk like a fucken retard although the dialogue in general was fairly pedestrian. by the way K.o.T there are at least two Spiderman and his Amazing friends that guest star The X-Men.

    1. Yeah, it's a two-parter, isn't it? Because I have it, and 'Pryde of' on VHS.
      Speaking of horribly awesome voices- Kitty sounds like she's stuffed up and talking out her nose in those Amazing Friends episodes... I used to hate it- because she was perfectly cast in Pryde- but now it just makes me smile.

    2. speaking of that cartoon series thanks for the praise on the ROM blog for my mad photoshop skills.