The Taint-Shot! Samuree, Part I:

~I've mentioned before what a fan I am of artist Mark Beachum...
You can see evidence of it in various posts and videos of mine.  And it's no secret that he's... a bit of a perv.  
-So, much to the shock of no one- his pencils on 1987's Samuree #1 by Continuity Comics feature a lot of, what I call; "taint-shots":


My 3 Favorite Scenes From Fantastic Four Versus The X-Men #1:


 ~I have no memory of ever actually reading this one before... So, I guess 
I'ma little late to the game.  Picked up a very crisp copy for 33.333333 cents from
the local flea-market.
The entire issue is fucking awesome- I mean; Chris Claremont, so obviously it is.  -But here are three of my favorite parts:

( Honorable Mention to: 'Longshot and Dazzler on a boat.' )  


Catharsis Theater:

(Right-click/View Image to embiggen)

~If the season-finale of The Flash (on May 19, 2015) goes ANYTHING like this;
I'll probably need to change my pants...


Blogger Analytics III: Yep, It's Still Mostly Porn. (NSFW)

~Unfortunately for everyone; here's another blog-installment of my Google-Image-Searching the same Search Keywords that somehow linked others to my little comic-book site... while probably adding me to a bunch of watch-lists for my trouble.  And it all starts with "mongul porn".


-Rise: The Demon...

~Etrigan the Demon is one of those characters I always enjoy showing up in a DC comic I'm reading... He's great in small doses but, to me, his poetic-speech gimmick wears thin too quickly in his own title. However; if anyone could make it not-so-annoying: It's Matt Wagner.

Issue #22 of The Demon is a one-off story that all begins with a witch's dead cock:


Ka-Zar is kind of a dick.

"-Everything dies... What's the point?  Life... don't talk to me about life...

-And then she; Shanna the She-Devil, (and I'm being for real- it's not a joke) proceeds to fuck him. 



Bill Mantlo, The Spectacular Spider-Man?

Okay, so you all remember one of the big play-ground rumors back in the day, that you had no way of knowing wasn't true at the time, about how The Human Torch was replaced by H.E.R.B.I.E. in the Fantastic Four cartoon because they were afraid  kids would light themselves on fire.  -Same thing was said about Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends having Firestar instead of Ol' Match-head.
There's also the one that seems to come up every few years- you'll hear about some kid who died after trying to fly like Superman and jumping off of a building/out of a window. (I first heard this one in reference to why the 1988 Superman cartoon was canceled.) I tried searching the interwebs to see if it has ever REALLY happened... and I could only find this one, rather recent, instance.
I only bring these up because I want them fresh in your mind...


-Speaking of Firestorm...

Firestorm isn't DC's only cool "match-headed" character.  -There's also the fuckin' Waverider!  
Things always get awesome when he shows up...

This is Armageddon/Inferno #1 by John Ostrander, Luke McDonnell, and Tom Mandrake.


Pizza Hut's The Real Heroes #2

-There were four issues, in total, of Marvel's Real Heroes.  I only own #2, that I found at The Dirt Mall, and #3 (that I actually got AT Pizza Hut back in 1994).

#1 has The Thing, Black Panther, Jubilee, and Professor X in it.
#2 here is Wolverine, Hulk, Storm, and Namor.
#3 features Captain America, DareDevil, Falcon, and Wasp.
And #4 stars Spider-Man, Firestar, Ironman, and The Human Torch.

-Here's a commercial for them... that's blatantly ripping off Mr. Bill:

I wonder whatever happened to my plastic cup that came with it? -I'd forgotten all about it until I saw this...



See previously: #1, #25, and #50!

Happy seventy-fifth-post, Mental Organisms! 
I was recently reading Challengers of The Unknown #83-87, guest starring Swamp Thing, and Deadman- written by Gerry Conway, and penciled by Keith Giffen and Mike Nasser.  I bought them at The Flea-Market last Summer for, I think, a buck an issue...
Kirby is KING but I've never really given a fuck about The Challengers; I picked these up because I do give a fuck about the guest-stars.
These issues came out before I was born: 1977, and despite the talent involved; they really read like an older comic.  I mean, they're Bronze Age, but they feel like Silver...

-Very dated...

I've won several Friendliness Awards, myself.  I display them on a mantel.

...maybe that's the point, though?  -It's a throwback to the 50's?


But where have all the models gone to?

~So, I just read Dazzler #34 by Mike Carlin, and Geoff Isherwood... and it was...... interesting.
The whole thing kinda plays out like an episode of Jem and the Holograms.


Okay- first; an evil organization that you pay to get revenge for you has a business card?   -Subtle. 
Secondly; What could this mean? -For Christ's sake, Dazzler, really!? 
Aren't you an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. now?