How pathetic we are...

~I love a good duo-villian-team...
Hammer and Anvil, Knight and Fogg... Hag and Troll:

-Shhhhhhhhh; I'm trying to give you props, Hag!

They're basically lifeforce vampires.

And they're just so cool looking... look at that amazing color-scheme. They pop!

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-I'm pretty sure she just enjoyed that. Like... A LOT.

On an unrelated note; THIS is how you end a comic-book:

(All above from Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #4 / Howard Mackie / Adam Kubert)
This kicks off one of my favorite little storylines, too: Spirits of VENOM!

(Ghost Rider #39 / Howard Mackie / Ron Garney)
-Be more emo, Johnny Blaze...
For Christ's sake; you were GHOST RIDER once!

Speaking of The Punisher, here's a great little moment when Punisher-groupie (and hopeful replacement) Lynn Michaels get's her hands on, recently deceased, Frank Castle's titular War Journal...

The Punisher: War Journal #75 / Grant Dixon / Hugh Haynes

...Ouch!  They say to never "meet" your heroes, right? 
You've made some rushed, uninformed, and overall terrible life-choices there, Lynn. Good luck with that.

So, what are some of your favorite villainous tag-teams? Let me know in the comment section!!!


  1. Blob and Pyro, Blob and Unus, Juggernaut and Black Tom, Didio and Johns/Didio and Lee;)

    1. I didn't even think of Blob and Pyro! And here I just did that post about them, too... I guess I more think of them as being part of a larger group- even if always being paired up; The Brotherhood, Freedom Force...
      Juggernaut and Black Tom; that's a good one too... But man, Juggy doesn't need anyone!
      Unus? Unus the Untouchable??? THAT'S one hell of a pull there- congratulations.
      How about one of the pioneers of the gimmick: Avengers' villains Brothers Grimm?

  2. Joker and Harley, Captain Cold and (any rogue), Spiral and Mojo, ohh and Deadshot and Catman :)

    1. Joker and Harley is a good pick... It's funny, he was without her for so long, but now I just can't see them apart!
      Spiral and Mojo, nice! Captain Cold I don't think of as a teamwork guy... Deadshot and Catman, ha! Aren't they really part of a larger team, though? You know, I failed to mention any DC villain characters... But I can't think of any real duo-gimmicked ones offhand. Monsieur Mallah and The Brain? Double Dare... they fought Nightwing.