~Happy New Year with The Punisher!

(So, who's drunk?)

-You like The Punisher?  Let me tell you; if you're ever having a conversation with someone who doesn't "get" The Punisher- point them to 1993's #75 by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, and Doug Braithwaite. It hits every note perfectly- every aspect of what makes Frank Castle is on display here.
I'll set up the scene: Frank just blew up a crack-warehouse.  He's caught red-handed by the new Anti-Vigilante Police StrikeForce and he's their number-one most wanted.  But the main bad-guy is getting away...so everyone chases everyone, until they all catch up with each other:

(Embiggen all pages for awesomeness...)


Sweet Flea-Market Finds, 2014 Finale!

~That's right! The Dirt-Mall season has once again come to an end...
So, here's my final post showing-off what I picked up for cheap as free:

That's right, bitches! It's the goddamn Sky Lynx.

Yes, the fan-favorite Generation 1 Transformer from 1987... or, at least half of him. 
If you aren't familiar: Sky Lynx is a two-figure combiner; the space-shuttle (pictured), and then a ground-transport vehicle that transforms into a Lynx. His main, most recognizable, form is the two combined... almost like a griffin. He's in good shape- the white plastic hasn't yellowed at all, the stickers are in decent condition, and he was only $3.00! When I was debating if I should buy it or not- I remembered:



   No, not Marvel's Foxfire from The Squadron Supreme series... This is Foxfire from Malibu Comics': Ultraverse. Although, funny enough- this title was launched out of the Phoenix: Resurrection thing that happened after Marvel had purchased Malibu...
   Foxfire was bred as a super-weapon fifty years in the future and then hidden, from an evil alien race, in the present day in order to be able to mature- so she could, in time, defeat them... Her "parents" were secretly robot guardians assigned to protect her but eventually her "father" is killed, and her "mother" malfunctions and is now trying to destroy her.
   Written by Ian Edginton and Dan Abnett, and penciled by Kevin J. West- it only lasted four issues before the entire Malibu Universe was folded away, buried, and forgotten in Earth-93060.

Issue #1 had a really nice cover by Steve Lightle. I know this particular gimmick is something that has been done before- but I still love it...

...seeing the front, and back view of the same image- on each side of the book. He even adjusted the lighting accordingly!  Noice.
Barry Windsor-Smith did an amazing cover in this style to Swords of Cerebus Vol 5. 


Darkhawk is lookin' good, and Nova's gotta go fast!

~Here's some little things from New Warriors #22 that made me laugh.  By Fabian Nicieza, and Mark Bagley.
See, the team is going to use Rage's Avengers-status to get into the mansion and steal a Quinjet for a 'personal' mission... but the important thing here is- LOOK AT THE POSE DARKHAWK IS STRIKING!:

Hahaha- that's amazing!  And SO Chris Powell... gotta try to impress the ladies!  Bagley is SUCH a good artist. -You know this little, dorky character-moment was not in the script.  It's just too bad Firestar and Namorita are completely ignoring him.  In fact- the only one checking him out seems to be Speedball!!!


You get what you search for! (NSFW)

~Once again I'm delving deep into the 'Search Keywords' that somehow accidentally brought people to my blog- to find out just what, exactly, they were actually trying to find.

Yes, it will probably mostly be porn.

"adam hughes she-hulk" is a simple enough one.  Adam Hughes is one of my Top Ten favorite artists! (and it's a shame he doesn't do interiors anymore...) 
Sadly- he has not drawn Speedball's favorite pair'o'boobs to motorboat much.
The first thing I thought of was that page from the old Marvel Swimsuit Issue. -The one of Namor in a banana-hammock.
-But then I thought of this one:
That's good She-Hulk!


So; The Blob, Pyro, and DareDevil walk into a bar...

-Stop me if you've heard this one before-

...and the bad guys argue over who gets to violently, sexually assault a young girl while DareDevil buys them shots. 

HA!  Comics!!!  -You know, for kids!

The Blob and Pyro, aka Freedom Force, are on a mission to track down an unregistered mutant in Daredevil: The Man Without Fear # 269


I've been to The Dirt-Mall a few more times, and-

~I haven't made a post about my recent Flea-Market Finds in awhile... So here's a quick post showing some of the stuff I've picked up since the last time...

-Remember that Karate Fighters figure I got from a few posts ago- the Cobra Neo-Viper; one (of two) figures they licensed from G.I. Joe?  Well, here's one from their regular line of figures. He's one of the cooler looking ones too- and he reminds me a lot of Spider-Man villain: Lonnie Lincoln, aka Tombstone!  ...Probably because he's HEADSTONE!  *cough*


Leeloo Dallas Multipost

 -See what I did there?

Playing catch-up here at The Little Things...   How the heck is everyone??? 
Dude, how good was Guardians of The Galaxy? 
I cried. 
I was not expecting to cry...  I don't give a fuck- I'll admit it: I cried like a little bitch.
-That open was fucking heart-wrenching... and then the loop-around-scene at the end; with what the present from his Mom was?  So good.    
-Rocket got to me a few times, too... like when you first saw his cybernetics (wonderfully subtle), or that scene where he was drunk, upset, and in tears... and especially when Drax was comforting him at the end?...  oh, so many feels!  I'm trying to mention scenes without going into any real detail about them- because, for real-real: SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE.

Anyways, I enjoyed this 'The Most Dangerous Game'-type story, from Justice League Quarterly #14, featuring Crimson Fox, so much- I'ma just post it here for you all to enjoy!:


-If your tongue had an eye; you'd know EXACTLY what it is! (NSFW)

~Gotta love your very own blog Statistics page...
Especially the "Search Keywords" section (located under "Traffic Sources").

   It truly warms my heart to see that people found my little old site by searching for things like: "Finding comics at Flea-Markets".  Or that they found specific reviews with "Casey Jones Raph Comic", "Venom Carnage Unleashed", or "Vampirella Swimsuit"... I see SOMEONE was Googling himself by searching for "Shlomo Ben Hungstien".   Smooth one there, Dave... and not at all egotistical.
   -Others have been brought here by searching for "Terrax sex Invisible Woman".
-Wait, what?!? 
...who wants to see that???

What's the next one on the list... "air hostess fucking"???  What does that even mean? 
Do I... do I even want to know???

"-Just fucking that sweet little thing"?!? Oh, COME ON!!! How did that even lead them here?!?

Okay, fine.
-I hate to disappoint anyone. This is apparently what the people want, so FINE.  I'm gonna try my best to fulfill some of these... odder search queries for you guys......

I hope you're fucking happy.


The Little Things in Spider-Man #305...

~Damn, I really miss Mary Jane... that's the first thing I really noticed when reading this old issue...

"I HAD to, Mary Jane!  You don't get it!  No one understands me!!!"

-Sure, some writers didn't know how to write her well- but when she was like this (by David Michelinie); questioning Peter's actions and spit-balling superhero strategy, but still being supportive... and even a tad 'redhead bossy' (as opposed to being a selfish, weepy, constant complainer as she was often cast) she was so awesome!  And a great compliment to Spider-Man's overall character.  -Because Peter is the only weepy complainer we need in the title...

Embiggen yourself: Right-click/View Image... for, uhhh, research purposes.


Justice League America: Centennial Edition

~Just wanted to get a post up- and take a quick look at a few scenes from JLA #100.

The dialogue by Gerard Jones is kind of all over the place in this issue... Maybe it's because there are SO many characters with unique voices, and different dynamics- or maybe it's just trying too hard to be like the Giffen/DeMatteis comics- I don't know... It's not BAD per se; just a little awkward to read in spots:

Right-click/View Image to embiggen for reading...
-That does not mean there are not any funny moments, though! -Poor Artemis... she don't get no respect. No respect at all!


Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again Again Again Again Again Again Again... *cough*

~This week at The Dirt-Mall I picked up these three Firestorm: The Nuclear Man issues... for a dollar:

(Right-click/View Image to embiggen any pictures...)
Yeah, who could resist a guest-starring Nobody's Favorite Superhero: Captain Atom, and TWO issues with fuckin' Brimstone in them!!! -All by John Ostrander & Joe Brozowski...


Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again x5:

~Only picked up two figures at The Dirt-Mall this Saturday...  The "Toy-Dealers" are taking over, it sucks.  There are, like; five of them now- and they all go out in teams first thing in the morning and buy up anything regular people have for cheap to resale at their booths for ridiculous prices.  I'm going to have to start getting there at 6:30AM just to be able to find anything. And even then- they've got ten guys going through the entire thing, and I'm just one man.
What's really sad is that none of them even know their shit. It's aggravating. But I digress...


The New Warriors #15

The New Warriors is a great series (then and now), and damn is 1991's issue #15 is a super fun fucking read! I do have most of the run... but this was one I was always missing.  -Can't remember the last time I had this much fun reading an old back-issue!!!

"Don't ever fuckin' call me kid-fucking-Nova again...  seriously. I'm ALL MAN now!"


The other little things in comics...

I was never interested in supplemental advertising/promotion type stuff when reading my comics; I would only ever skim them, if not skipping over them entirely... They're largely shameful, not funny, and/or uninteresting.  I remember reading the Marvel Cool-o-Meter and then wondering why the fuck I just read the Marvel Cool-o-Meter. Stuff like Stan's Soapbox, Bullpen Bulletins, Daily Planet, DC Universe... I just never found any of them worth reading. (Okay- the Bullpen Bits comics were great!) The checklists of that months comics were handy enough at first- but became rather pointless once you were into Wizard and/or Previews, or had a file at your LCS. Even the letter-columns; I would mostly skip. A lot of fake praise, stupid questions, stuffy replies, and inserted straw-man arguments.  Really; The Maxx and The Savage Dragon were the first comics I ever read to make the fan letters / responses a truly genuine, comical, and engaging experience.  They even made the copyright small-print in the front worth reading!


-King's not home much...

~The Shroud is basically The Shadow of The Marvel Universe... that's pretty-much all you need to know about him for this post.  Oh, and you may have noticed that I missed Monday's update. -Totally my bad.  (Plus, I had to deal with this.) I won't be updating the blog as much in the next few weeks, either... new job, no time.  Adjusting.  -You know how it is.
So, anyways; here we go!:

Foolish woman!  You cannot seduce The Shroud!!!  He will laugh in your general direction...

 -He is beyond the needs of the physical body, for he is imbued with the extrasensory perception of  The Darkforce Dimension... that, and also... he's blind.   
So...  yeah.  You could be Kate Upton, bitch- Shroud don't give a fuck!
(That's what she gets for trying to cheat on me, anyways.)


Superman (Part 3)

~Tired of hearing (er, reading) me talk about Superman yet?
Don't worry- this is the final part!:

(How awesome is that?  Our Worlds At War had a lot of cool moments in it!)


Superman (Part 1)

-I'm a total Superman mark. 

   Since Saturday morning Super-Friends, in my Superman sleeping-bag, wearing my Superman footie-pajamas with the Velcro-on-cape...  I've never thought he was cheesy, lame, or corny-looking. The only two times in my life I was not reading Superman comics was during the Red/Blue fiasco... and now


-Almost there...

   Here we are, my Mental Organisms, with the last post of the month already!  Post #47, to be precise...  I'll have to do something special for the big #50!  I'm talking special-cover COLLECTOR'S ITEM special!  -Just like they did with comics in the 90's: Every twenty-five issues was a big deal for some reason! (That's a link is to my 25th Post by the way.)

But first off:  Doctor Doom is bored with this conference meeting.  -Doom would rather be...



4:20 He-Man!!!

-It's FOUR-TWENTY, y'all!!!

That means that it's time to watch some fuckin' cartoons!  But first- a quick look at Star Comics' Masters of The Universe #2, and #3 from 1986.  Written by the infamous Mike Carlin, and penciled by the always awesome Ron Wilson...
(This all ties together, trust me; I'm not high yet!)

Smash-cut to "Snake Mountain":


~Sunbow & Star Comics bring you: Visionaries!

   You know, I think the biggest "fault" of this show was that it was way too high-concept for kids (and even for its own damn self) at the time. -You're taking Thundarr The Barbarian, Brave*Starr, Dungeons & Dragons, and King Arthur and the Knights of Justice- and throwing them all in a fucking blender... Yes, I remember watching it, and liking it- but I did not love it... And in the end, anyone who looks back at Visionaries- just says: "Oh, yeah- those were those Hasbro toys with the holograms, right?" or as I say: The less cool Supernaturals...
   But the show was so much more than its action-figure's gimmicky-premise. I was amazed, in re-watching the series for this post, how many of the visuals from the show I remembered so vividly.
The animation was absolutely beautiful in many scenes, per episode- due to Sunbow Productions sending a large amount of it to Japan to be done by TMS Entertainment.  -Resulting in random moments of pure, detailed, fluid 80's anime-style gold!  -Particularly, I noticed, on the episode Trail of The Three Wizards...
   Issue #2, which is what I'll mostly be talking about here, is basically the last couple minutes from the end of episode 1: The Age of Magic Begins, and a few ideas/scenes from episode 2: The Dark Hand of Treachery, but reworked- with much more detail, character development, and explanations given. The exact opposite of what happened previously with Solarman...

-If you are unfamiliar with Visionaries, Google is your friend... but here's the basic outline:

 "A violent, angry man- that one..."  -It's like he's talking about everyone on the Internet! 
But if the age of technology is over- then there is no Internet. Unless... MAGIC INTERNET!


The TOP 10 Best, Most Greatest, Marvel Comics / Superheroes EVER Of All The Times!!!

-Not my opinions... This is cold, HARD fact.  
These are simply the best Marvel Comics / Characters that have EVER been produced!!!

You can disagree- but you'd just be wrong. 

...and a loser!

So, let's get it started with-


-Fox Kids & Marvel Comics bring you: SOLARMAN!

~The #1 issue I'll be talking about in this post is an adaptation of the cartoon show's failed pilot- originally made, and released on VHS in 1989 to tie-in with the Marvel comic of the same name; Solarman (penciled by Jim Mooney, and created by David Oliphant.) It eventually aired as a "special" in 1992, on Fox Kids.

The episode clocks in at around 22 minutes long... Now, how long does it usually take you to read a standard super-hero comic? -Five, maybe seven minutes? Ten to twelve minutes at the most.  So, right from the start- they have to condense the script down by, at least, half... and it's Stan Lee who adapts this too!  -That combination makes this comic SO hilariously, generically, matter-of-factly straight-forward.  I can't stop laughing at it, and reading these ridiculous conversations aloud (which really freaks out my cat)... 

-I just had to share some of this little gem with you.



The Weird Hookers:

~Because what better way to remind the reader who The Weird is... than with space-hookers?

 From Mystery In Space with Captain Comet #6 by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom


The Local Comic Shop of my youth...

~Check it out, Mental Organisms!
 Yup, that's fourteen-year-old Me, at my local Comic Shop of the time, as "A customer"!  
In retrospect... it is kind of worrisome that I had NO idea my picture was being taken by a stranger...


A Big Redhead- You Know- Stacked, I Mean.

~By far my favorite Batgirl design is the one from the Elseworlds miniseries Thrillkiller: Batgirl & Robin by Howard Chaykin & Daniel Brereton:

-Huge fan of Brereton's style.  I have almost everything he has ever worked on...



For a lack of better words...

From The Dark #1 (Continüm Comics, 1990)

-Come on, Dark!  You're surrounded by eleven Beach-Head cosplayers with fucking LIGHTSABERS and exclaiming "blimey" is all you can muster?  Really?  -Blimey?!?
*shakes head*


Speedball's back! To Bounce Or Not To Bounce-

-That darn cat...
I know I've mentioned how great this 6-page Speedball back-up story from The New Warriors Annual #1 is somewhere before... An old video? Or comment-section somewhere???  
Anyways- that's not important...
I think that it's so entertaining that I've decided to just post the entire damn thing here so you can all check it out. -In honor of the All-New Marvel NOW! New Warriors relaunch:

-more after the jump-


Sex On The Brain:

Wait, what?
-You ever read a panel in a comic and have to instantly reread it because you took what they said all wrong in your head?  Because all I could think was; 'Damn, Zatanna needs laid.  She's got sex on the brain.'  !eikciuq a rof enitnatsnoC  llaC-

Also from Zatanna: Come Together #1: She foolishly/desperately goes to the evil sorcerer Tannarak for help... and, of course, he's chatting civilly with her at first, for about a page, and then...


Fool Terrax once, shame on... shame on you. Fool Terrax- he can't get fooled again.

~I just got back from visiting family in Kentucky, and I can't remember the last time it snowed like that there!!!  So- firstly; in honor of all the Winter-weather- you can file this under: Gee, ya think???:
Oh... okay. -She's cold!  
Felicia's cold, everybody... 

Well then it makes perfect sense why she changed her costume form that- to this:
-That's... that's much warmer.


It's VD!!! -With the Avengelyne Swimsuit Edition #1

Yes, I know the Rob Liefeld cover is a swipe of Niki Taylor from some 1995 Calendar... so what?  I always have defended Liefeld- and as an amateur "artist" myself: I defend working from photographs, "swiping", and even tracing... Know who else does? Legendary comic book artist Neal Adams!

-Listen to him on Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast as he lays it alllllllll out for you. -It's amazing. I've never heard it put better: http://smodcast.com/episodes/neal-adams-kneel-before-neal/  
It's towards the end of it- if you're just looking for that part specifically... around 52 minutes in.  But if you have the time- this is a gripping three-part discussion with the man about all kinds of things.  Including creating Green Lantern- John Stewart,  helping Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, The X-Men, and of course- his work on Batman.

Anyways- on with the subject of today's post: Rob Liefeld created Avengelyne, along with former Vampirella convention model; Cathy Christian- with her also being the model for the character, because... well, because like any other guy who saw her dressed as Vampi back in the day- he probably wanted to fuck her: