~No Anchovies.

Darkhawk #15

Deathlok, Sleepwalker, Ghost Rider, Foolkiller, New Warriors... If they were ever on a Marvel "Rookie" Card- chances are; I love the fuck out of their comics.

Darkhawk by Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley is no exception.

Darkhawk #7

I like how Darkhawk/Christopher Powell had to figure out what kind of hero he wanted to be.  His origin was not just: Learn my powers effortlessly and then save the day.  It's more: 'I want to do good, but in doing so- what am I capable of dealing with?  And what ways will work better for me?'


The RETURN of Solarman!!!

~It's been awhile since...

Doctor Doom may not sue you- but Disney will!

Stan Lee likes to say Doctor Doom is 'not really a villain; because it's not illegal to want to take over The World......  If he walked up to a Police Officer and said that he wanted to rule The World- he couldn't be arrested for it.'  (I'm paraphrasing, here...)
-Where that falls apart, though, is while the desire may not be a crime; most of the things you'd need to do in order to take over The World would be... so... yeah.

Anyways- with a brand new reboot comic series coming soon from Scout Comics (because ROM Spaceknight isn't the ONLY forgotten Marvel Comics character getting a new book at another publisher!!!) I figured it was HIGH time I took a look at the final Marvel Comics issue of David Oliphant's Solarman with #2!  Written again by Stan "The Man" Lee, and illustrated by Mike Zeck, and Nestor Redondo.

-And away... we... go!:


The New Warriors: Forces Of Darkness, Forces Of Light

~Today we take a quick look at The New Warriors #33, and Annual #3, Written by Fabian Nicieza, and Penciled by Darick Robertson.  Both parts of the Forces Of Darkness, Forces Of Light story-line.  Tons of guest-stars in this arc featuring a little shit of a villain called Darkling.

Just let him know this is a Safe Zone, and he needs to check his privilege...

                                                                                                                  ...because his emo-rhetoric is a total trigger for me.


DC Comics' Millennium, Part III

~This final part of my 100th Post will be all about Batman!: De spookiest one'a all!!!:

The very idea of "superheroes" is scary in a way, sure...  -This is not terribly subtle, but I like the idea of that.  This series had a lot of good ideas... but, again; those ideas led to New Guardians- which is like experiencing brain-cancer.  So...