Jam it up your... ear.

"Yeah, get me hot!  I've got a thick, throbbing, juicy MAD ON from all this pounding!"
......subtext in comics can be so weird.

I looked at issue #1 of Armageddon: Inferno by John Ostrander, and (mostly) Luke McDonnell, a little over one year ago... so, I figure it's time for a quick look at some of the little things that made me laugh from the rest of the four issue miniseries...

...starting with an entry for Superdickery!:

-Sanctimonious prick!

"I can eat them and never gain an ounce! You on the other hand...  Always be dieting, Lois.  -You know Superman's motto is: No fatties!  You don't want to be a fatty, do you Lois?"

 Art by Walter Simonson, I think? So many people did pencils on these issues...

Yes, Guy- Dinosaurs are... just like men. 

"...Adam Strange?HA!  I'm so glad Strarfire is back to being so lovably ignorant like this again.  Her new series by Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, and Emanuela Lupacchino is fantastic!  And to bring it all back around to now- she kissed a dolphin in a recent issue... Too bad Nu52 DC ruined Lobo because I smell cross-over potential!

That's a really cool looking shot of Spectre...

"He enters me."  -No homo.

On a quick side-note: Anyone watching Legends of Tomorrow?  It's already the best of the three shows. SO much comic-book goodness! I dig how their time-traveling-ship is called The Waverider in an obvious nod to, duh!

*Embiggen any page in the usual ways*

Power Girl: Staunch Men's Rights Activist.

I seriously won't be able to help referring to Power Girl as "Pound Cakes" for the rest of my life.

Pencils by Art Adams

"Darn!   ...Eating ain't cheating?" 

Spoiler alert: The demon Abraxis is killed-off by a bunch of naked, hairy cavemen with borrowed power, from the Norse Gods, that they got by literally high-fiving The JSA.

Art by Dick Giordano?

-Bet you didn't see THAT one coming.


  1. Speaking of oddball characters like Lobo just saw Deadpool today it absolutely lived up to the. By the way did you see the Michael Golden ROM cover variant? It's sad bro, really sad. Especially when you consider the epic ROM cover art he did in the 80s.

    1. -Of course Deadpool was good, man. We've seen enough of it for endless months now to know it was not going to disappoint. That add-campaign was ceaselessly brutal.
      I was there for V.D. with my girl Chardonnay, stoned out of our minds... My favorite part was him continually breaking everything while trying to hit Colossus. You know what- every scene with Colossus! -That "CG Character" stole the fuckin' show!

      Yeah, I saw the ROM cover, I liked it- and that's exactly what I was saying about another artist doing the same design in a better way...

    2. So you liked that hopped up on steroids and shooting the ghostbusters gun version of Rom that Golden did?

    3. Yeah, there was nothing I found objectionable about it.

  2. Goddamn, Supes. Passive aggressive much with that hint at Lois needing to diet?
    Ostrander really could've left that one out. I mean yeah Supes, we know you don't need to piss or shit because you're body uses 100% of the food you eat (Coincidentally just like Axe Cop) but you don't need to rub it in your wife's face.

    Lobo getting turned on by violence? Not really shocking. Hell Rhyno during his ECW days said the same thing all the time.

    Worst insult of the night would be Guy's insult to Lobo "Jam it up your ear fish-kisser?" Is that a made up trying to be hip 90's reference by Ostrander made in reference to Lobo's pussy-eating skills or the fact that he really loves dolphins? Just....weird.

    "Eatin' ain't cheatin'" One of Slick Willy's go to defense slogans about cheating on your spouse.

    Wally hitting on Donna huh? I can't remember but I guess she really was still married to that walking convenient plot point Terry huh? Never did see what she saw in him.....

    Horrible art by McDonnell, and just in general here, with the exception of Art Adams who can never really draw anything badly. Even if it was intentional.

    1. I know, right? This is almost as bad as that time He threw that crucifix into outer-space! Fuckin' Superman...
      DUDGE! I never realized it before! He *is* Axe-Cop! Super-dickery Superman is just fuckin' Axe-Cop!!! That makes so much sense...

      You watch NXT? I about shit myself when Rhyno showed up awhile ago. Saw him wrestle live in Cleveland a few times back in the day at CAPW. "Danial Bryan" too... sad news about his retirement, man...

      No- Lobo really does love his Space-Dolphins! It's the only thing in the universe he truly cares about... He was once the Archbishop of The First Celestial Church of The Triple Fish-God, after-all.

      "Eating ain't cheating!" is one of the best go-to defense slogans for cheating on your spouse, period.
      I had to look up who she was even supposed to be married to- Terry Long... I have no memory of him whatsoever.

      I agree with you on McDonnell's art... but even as rushed as they obviously were- Walter Simonson and Art Adams can really do no wrong... even on their worst day.

  3. I need to watch NXT. I'm aware of everything due to checking out lordsofpain.com, but I really do need to go to primewire and watch it.Even for being a 20+ year vet, he still looks damn good.
    Yeah, I actually shed man tears last week watching his retirement speech. Goddamn fucking shame that one, but at least he main-evented Wrestlemania 30 (this year's is gonna suck due to all the main wrestlers out w/injuries) and wisely stopped before further damage was done a la Chris Benoit.
    That and Axl Rotten died earlier this month as well:(

    Oh I know Lobo does. Did they ever explain why he does so much?
    True 'nuff on Simonson and Adams, but mostly Adams. I prefer Thor-era Simonson myself.

    Just watched Deapool last night, and damn. Just damn. I talked about it on my blog, but I laughed so hard at the jokes (both inside and non-inside) and most of all the violence. My god, I laughed so hard at all of it. Especially when 'pool got shot right in the asshole.
    My faith in Ryan Reynolds as a comic book actor has been personally restored. This is where he should stay comic movie-wise, in Deadpool. As Dan pointed out, we got this humor when he played Hannibal King in Blade, but it was definitely well-served and perfectly used here.
    Plus how funny was that surprising Stan Lee cameo!? I was like "Oh shit! That's Stan Lee!" real loud. Stan Lee, as a DJ in a titty bar. Doesn't get much better than that....but it did, damn it did.

    1. I often don't/forget to watch NXT too (as I don't have / pay for the network...) But as a fan of local wrestling shows here in Cleveland- it's totally worth it every time. That's all NXT is: a glorified local show. And it's AWESOME.

      I'm really sad D-Bry is done and over with as (besides CM Punk) he was the best thing to come out of the last decade of professional wrestling...

      And I'll say it- I don't care: Chris Benoit was my favorite wrestler of all time- even if he killed his whole family... His brain was damaged; and it's a sad thing- but before that he was the best damn technical wrestler of all of the times!

      Deadpool has its flaws (as any movie does) but I still loved it- and am glad its success will usher in more R-Rated comic book movies! I've never not liked Ryan Reynolds- so it's no surprise here that he pulled it off...
      The Stan Lee cameo: I turned to my friend and said- I bet he LOVED filming on THAT day!

  4. I bet he did. I know I would.
    I hear you on the whole Chris Benoit thing. It's sad to see that a one horrible act like that erased a lifetime's worth of work in the eyes of people like Vince and co.
    He truly was one of the very best of his generation.

    1. I almost don't know what's MORE sad: Benoit going crazy, or Kurt Angle being WASTED in TNA for SO many years...