DC Comics' Millennium, Part III

~This final part of my 100th Post will be all about Batman!: De spookiest one'a all!!!:

The very idea of "superheroes" is scary in a way, sure...  -This is not terribly subtle, but I like the idea of that.  This series had a lot of good ideas... but, again; those ideas led to New Guardians- which is like experiencing brain-cancer.  So...

"There's a Mr. Batman here to see you, Sir."
"Very well, send him in..."  
WTF did I just read???  So weird.  -Wouldn't Batman just sneak in- appear in the guys office out of a shadowed corner right when he though he was alone?  I mean, this is just how the scene starts.
-So we're led to believe... in full costume... Batman just walked into this random prison, in the middle of the day, strolled past security, went up to the warden's receptionist, and asked if he was available for a walk-in appointment?  That seems so UN-Batman of him, right?  Right???

(((embiggen to read)))

-Serious props to Joe Staton and Ian Gibson for the art in this series; I mean just look at that image of Superman descending down to the surface up there- that is some fantastic old-school art.

Now, I know Superman is famously a dick.
-But Batman is also a dick.

He HAD to of planned that!  -Timed it out perfectly to rub it in Superman's fuckin' face!

Seriously... such a dick.

I know people are probably pretty goddamned used to Frank Miller's All-Star Batman, or modern-day Nu52 Batman being a total dick to everyone...  but it's weird seeing THIS Batman like that.

(This was when Guy was temporarily retarded, otherwise he could TOTALLY out-dick Batman...)

Look at that exit! -What a drama-queen...

"The Batman gives zero fucks about this conversation, Miracle Mon."

Well, that's all for my quick look through Millennium! 
No idea what I'll be posting next... but stay tuned to this channel!

And go read some comics!


  1. Goddamn Batman use a condom next time! Holy shit is Batman being such an unquestionable dick here complete with pubic hair and balls!
    I'm surprised he didn't bitch slap WW like Ike did Tina the way he snapped at her.

    After seeing this, I can defintiely see why Batman was portrayed so dickishly during the 90's. I blamed Miller's take becoming official policy for the reason, but writers like Englehart here certainly didn't help matters by perpetuating this new attitude right out the gate. You'd think Batman was being mind-controlled or something the way he's treating longtime friends and teammates here. Fucking bullshit.

    As for Batman choosing the method he did in the approaching the doctor, besides Englehart just doing whatever the fuck he wanted in this scene, I personally choose to believe that Batman was in good mood that day, and decided to go the courteous route this time. After all, he probably figured he already filled his quota of making people shit their pants by showing up unannounced that day and just decided to do the doctor a solid. If only he was written to extend the same treatment to his teammates.

    1. Told ya! ...massive wang. I don't blink twice at it in modern comics. -But this is 1987 Batman!!!
      I think you're right, though. Dark Knight Returns was, what, 1986?
      I don't think DC editorial ever let Englehart do whatever he wanted. But he sure tried.

      Right? I know he was having a rough time with The Outsiders during all this- but it totally does seem like some villain is fucking with his mind.

      Ha! So that was Batman's ONE good day, huh? -Using the front door like a noob.

    2. yeah DKR came in '86, Millennium '88-'89, so yeah it seems like every since 1987's Batman: Year One story, Batman became Bat-Dick. Sad really, because other than the Adam West stuff, that's all pretty much everyone knows him as. This dark, brooding guy that doesn't work well with others despite having multiple partners and team memberships.
      But alas, that's a topic for another time.

      I'm pumped too about the Deadpool movie because FINALLY this is one superhero movie Ryan Reynolds cannot possibly fuck up. Say what you want, but he was wasted in Wolverine Origins and Green Lantern was the complete drizzling shits. I heard even B.R.P.D. sucked balls, but I never watched it myself. For me, Reynolds works best as that Van Wilder character like you previously mentioned. To date, Waiting is still my absolute favorite movie of his right behind Van Wilder(The scenes with that asshole prep dude shitting his pants and the dog being jerked off into the donuts still make my double over laughing every time)
      So yeah, finally this is a movie where he can just be himself and not be forced to be something he's not. Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place...damn now that takes me back. Never quite got the long run it deserved did it?

    3. Ha! Bat-Dick.
      Yeah, that seems to be the case... "This dark, brooding guy that doesn't work well with others despite having multiple partners and team memberships." -Couldn't have put it better myself.

      Fuckin' Deadpool!!! Heyyyy... I liked Blade Trinity! He was Hannibal King in that, and awesome. And as much as Wolverine sucked- he played a good Wade Wilson in the fist part of it... but the end of that movie, and all of Green Lantern aren't HIS fault! The guy likes his comics- I'm glad that he finally gets to play an accurate version too!

      B.R.P.D. is not bad... it's not good at all. I mean, I did not care for it- but I did not find it offensively terrible.
      Van Wilder is THE SHIT! Same here, no matter how many times I see it- always makes me laugh.

      Man, I should track down Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place... I have not seen that show since back when it was on television! I wonder if it holds up? Berg was always the best part.

  2. back in the day i picked up Millennium #1 because it was a first issue "collector's item". but it didn't impress me at the time and although i never got into the series i did recently buy Millennium #4 after having discovered much to my delight a significant Suicide Squad tie-in it contained (see November Suicide Squad blog posting). glad you liked my cartoon over at the Rom blog although i was surprised you weren't that critical of the actual ROM design now that we've gotten a good look at it. i had you pinned as hating it about as much as i do.

    but enough of this Millennium and ROM IDW shit gentlemen how about that 2nd Deadpool trailer!? i was kinda like eh after the release of the first one but that 2nd one was waaaaay better with or with out the wifey i'm seeing it next weekend valentines be damned. love Ryan Reynolds but he does tend to be in shit movies so this'll probably be the first good movie i'll see him in since Waiting.

    1. Yeah, it's not good. Well, like I said- half of it is NOT good. I looked at a panel with The Squad in Part 1. One of the same ones you did, turns out! Your copy is in MUCH better shape than mine.

      Well, don't forget- I actually liked The Spaceknights miniseries.
      But The redesign's head is too small and not square enough, and the fingers are more than just fingers like on that one cover- they are big roboty fingers... I hate that even more.
      But it's not a deal-breaker.
      You did not think it was going to be perfect, did you?

      Fuck yeah, I'm pumped! SOOO glad Deadpool is rated R! (Unlike The Suicide Squad movie and it's chicken-shit PG-13)
      The constant bombardment of internet advertising for the movie has been hella annoying... but I've been ready for this ever since Liefeld leaked that rejected CGI test-footage. That's the ONLY REASON we're even getting this movie- because fans were like: Why the fuck aren't we getting this movie?

      I'm a Ryan Reynolds fan since Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place back in the day. He was great in The Voices, and Paper Man, plus he's fuckin' Van Wilder. -I'm just glad he gets a chance to right the wrong that the shitty Wolverine movie made him do.

    2. in regards to ROM let me put it to you this way. i spoke to the cover artist and learned that the retards that be at IDW continued making design changes to ROM's armor (not that it wasn't obvious already) even after the cover was complete and made public on the internet to promote the zero issue for FCBD. as far as what he looked like on the cover yeah that was pretty much "perfect" given the anticipated design updates for a 2016 relaunch series. but then they had to keep fucking with it so now "ROM" looks more like some kind of Frankenspaceknight monstrosity. so fuck IDW for that shit, fuck hasbro for that shitty heromugg doll and as always fuck marvel i've completely given up all hope anyone out there will ever do justice to the work and legacy of Bill and Sal's as far as ROM spaceknight goes.

    3. lol! You haven't even read it yet, man! That's too much hate for a single in-comic image. You flipped on this FAST! Like I said; another artist could make that same design look a lot different. And it's far from terrible.
      I'll check out #0, and #1 when they come out, and if they suck- they suck. I won't be surprised. But I'm not gonna rule out the chance that it could still be, at least, decent. It's still a BRAND NEW ROM COMIC. Either way- I never thought I'd see that happen.

      Hahaha! I been saying fuck that stupid round toy they released since day one!

  3. Ha ha, damn Shlomo sure did didn't he? I get where he's coming from though, but that is a pretty quick flip-flop. I'll go look for this newer ROM update myself.