For a lack of better words...

From The Dark #1 (Continüm Comics, 1990)

-Come on, Dark!  You're surrounded by eleven Beach-Head cosplayers with fucking LIGHTSABERS and exclaiming "blimey" is all you can muster?  Really?  -Blimey?!?
*shakes head*


Speedball's back! To Bounce Or Not To Bounce-

-That darn cat...
I know I've mentioned how great this 6-page Speedball back-up story from The New Warriors Annual #1 is somewhere before... An old video? Or comment-section somewhere???  
Anyways- that's not important...
I think that it's so entertaining that I've decided to just post the entire damn thing here so you can all check it out. -In honor of the All-New Marvel NOW! New Warriors relaunch:

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Sex On The Brain:

Wait, what?
-You ever read a panel in a comic and have to instantly reread it because you took what they said all wrong in your head?  Because all I could think was; 'Damn, Zatanna needs laid.  She's got sex on the brain.'  !eikciuq a rof enitnatsnoC  llaC-

Also from Zatanna: Come Together #1: She foolishly/desperately goes to the evil sorcerer Tannarak for help... and, of course, he's chatting civilly with her at first, for about a page, and then...


Fool Terrax once, shame on... shame on you. Fool Terrax- he can't get fooled again.

~I just got back from visiting family in Kentucky, and I can't remember the last time it snowed like that there!!!  So- firstly; in honor of all the Winter-weather- you can file this under: Gee, ya think???:
Oh... okay. -She's cold!  
Felicia's cold, everybody... 

Well then it makes perfect sense why she changed her costume form that- to this:
-That's... that's much warmer.


It's VD!!! -With the Avengelyne Swimsuit Edition #1

Yes, I know the Rob Liefeld cover is a swipe of Niki Taylor from some 1995 Calendar... so what?  I always have defended Liefeld- and as an amateur "artist" myself: I defend working from photographs, "swiping", and even tracing... Know who else does? Legendary comic book artist Neal Adams!

-Listen to him on Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast as he lays it alllllllll out for you. -It's amazing. I've never heard it put better: http://smodcast.com/episodes/neal-adams-kneel-before-neal/  
It's towards the end of it- if you're just looking for that part specifically... around 52 minutes in.  But if you have the time- this is a gripping three-part discussion with the man about all kinds of things.  Including creating Green Lantern- John Stewart,  helping Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, The X-Men, and of course- his work on Batman.

Anyways- on with the subject of today's post: Rob Liefeld created Avengelyne, along with former Vampirella convention model; Cathy Christian- with her also being the model for the character, because... well, because like any other guy who saw her dressed as Vampi back in the day- he probably wanted to fuck her:


CARNAGE Unleashed: The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY

So, I once did a silly video-review of a one-shot called Carnage: Mind Bomb (by Warren Ellis) on the YouTubes. -Because it's a book I've always enjoyed...  I was all set to do another video on the one-shot follow-up, I also owned, called Carnage: It's A Wonderful Life (by David Quinn).  But unfortunately after re-reading it: I found that I hated the ever-living fuck out of it.  I thought it was a hackneyed, pretentious mess- I mean utter fucking over-written garbage!
-Now, while it's way easier to talk about something you despise (why do you think the internet is so full of hate?) I don't want to contribute to that.  You can not like something, sure. -You can share the reasons why, that's fine.  -You can disagree with others, respectfully.  But hate is not helping anyone, and all the sites out there who just hate on, insult, and trash comics and creators they think are bad; with such venom, malice, and vitriol- are NOT helping the industry.  They are part of the problem.  Yes- there do exist some comics out there that are just flat-out fucking bad... no one is going to defend Power Pachyderms, or NFL SuperPro.  But when other books are divisive- and it's a matter of personal taste- these "reviewers" are literally yelling at, and ignorantly insulting fans, while turning other people off of the product in general.  Not to mention they are not helping the way people perceive comic-book-readers. We are not all bitter, angry, unpleasable, nitpicky, over-literal, pretentious, self-righteous assholes.  (NOTE: I am NOT talking about any friends of this site- I am referring to some other "comic-reviewers" out there on the interwebs.)
-Well, I'm a little bit of a self-righteous asshole, I guess.
Look, I'm not trying to pick a fight, and I'm not trying to get up on my own soapbox here... so I'll stop now.  But my point is- I never released that next "review", and that was why...  This brings us to today, and the four-issue mini-series: 
Venom: Carnage Unleashed
-Look familiar?


Odds and sods:

~A little house-cleaning...

Hercules straight-up claims bitches.  From Thor: Blood Oath #4  
-I wish they all made so fine a sound.

First- I'd like to thank everyone reading this blog right now.  I'd also like to encourage comments.  -Don't be afraid to join in on the conversations in the comment sections of any post!

Next up: The regulars have already heard- but I'd like to post it here: For Febuary 27th, 2014 I'm trying to get as many participants as I can for a little internet art-show between all of our sites... 


Just because something is "good" doesn't make it above critism...

~And then there was that one time Deathlok's son brought him in for Show & Tell, and Deathlok was heckled by a fat kid- so he murdered him!:


War of The... Genders?

~Greetings, Mental Organisms!
Check out this sweet fucking cliffhanger in War of The Gods #2!:
-Seems to me that people who had a problem with the dialogue at the end of the last episode of Colorless Arrow must not read many comics...


Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again:

Well, I spent $5 on some back-issues today at The Dirt-Mall:

-I picked up some stuff I needed, some books I wanted, and some just for the fuck of it- I mean, twenty-five cents each?  Right?

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