The Little Things in Spider-Man #305...

~Damn, I really miss Mary Jane... that's the first thing I really noticed when reading this old issue...

"I HAD to, Mary Jane!  You don't get it!  No one understands me!!!"

-Sure, some writers didn't know how to write her well- but when she was like this (by David Michelinie); questioning Peter's actions and spit-balling superhero strategy, but still being supportive... and even a tad 'redhead bossy' (as opposed to being a selfish, weepy, constant complainer as she was often cast) she was so awesome!  And a great compliment to Spider-Man's overall character.  -Because Peter is the only weepy complainer we need in the title...

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Justice League America: Centennial Edition

~Just wanted to get a post up- and take a quick look at a few scenes from JLA #100.

The dialogue by Gerard Jones is kind of all over the place in this issue... Maybe it's because there are SO many characters with unique voices, and different dynamics- or maybe it's just trying too hard to be like the Giffen/DeMatteis comics- I don't know... It's not BAD per se; just a little awkward to read in spots:

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-That does not mean there are not any funny moments, though! -Poor Artemis... she don't get no respect. No respect at all!


Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again Again Again Again Again Again Again... *cough*

~This week at The Dirt-Mall I picked up these three Firestorm: The Nuclear Man issues... for a dollar:

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Yeah, who could resist a guest-starring Nobody's Favorite Superhero: Captain Atom, and TWO issues with fuckin' Brimstone in them!!! -All by John Ostrander & Joe Brozowski...