Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again Again Again Again Again Again Again... *cough*

~This week at The Dirt-Mall I picked up these three Firestorm: The Nuclear Man issues... for a dollar:

(Right-click/View Image to embiggen any pictures...)
Yeah, who could resist a guest-starring Nobody's Favorite Superhero: Captain Atom, and TWO issues with fuckin' Brimstone in them!!! -All by John Ostrander & Joe Brozowski...

I picked up that Baraja EspaƱola for a dollar, too- gonna try to teach myself some Las Cuarenta, La Mus, and La Pocha...  (And I found that little Joker PVC at the local Dollar Tree, afterwards, while doing my regular shopping.)

Also picked up another Rock Lord (Tonka 1986)...
He was in "rock-mode"; so it just looked like a ball- and I got it for a buck: 

It's the "good guy" leader: Boulder (aka Battle Rock in Japan!)

Speaking of Japan- I (re)got Jetfire!!!:

One of the few actual Transformers I had as a child... He was in "plane-mode" and I got him for only... A DOLLAR! Can you believe it?  -He's huge, in great shape, and even has all his stickers on! You may remember him as Skyfire in the cartoon... or as a fucking Super Valkyrie from Macross (or the first third of Robotech) because all lazy-ass Takara Tomy/Hasbro did for the first two years was take molds of other toys and call them Transformers... I remember being so confused when I first saw Jetfire outside of the Transformers cartoon/toy I had.

Then- for yet another dollar- from the TSR: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Adventure Series of PVCs:

It's one of the "Heroic Men-At-Arms"... or as I like to call him: Fat Knight.
Seriously, look at him. Guy is just a tad thick.

Next up, for- you guessed it; a buck:

 "Spinhead" Beetlejuice from Kenner's 1989 line.

And finally; remember Karate Fighters? If you said "yes"- then you are a damn liar!
It was a line of interchangeable figures Hasbro put out in 1995 that were used in a "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots"-type game set:

-Hit the button on the chest and they flew off the base.

Hasbro soon licensed other properties to be Karate Fighters- like Batman/Joker, Small Soldiers, and...


-Okay technically by this point; the line was dead, but... Hasbro marketed Duke Vs. a Cobra Neo-Viper (pictured) as "Combat Fighters" and they're the same damn figures, fully compatible.
All I knew was that it was a Cobra Trooper of some sort, no clue what it was from when I bought it (for a dollar!) and it took a LOT of internet digging to even find all that out...

Good haul this weekend.  I'll be back with more soon!  
-And more actual Little Things In Comics That Make Me Laugh too! 

It's slow-going... but it'll happen.


  1. "Nobody's Favorite Superhero: Captain Atom", man that was brutal . . but funny. i think the name you were looking for was Jetfire, but at any rate for just a buck you pretty much got it for free what a deal! oh yeah Robotech Macross i remember that animation series well it was the shit back in the day and it was a close second to Starblazers for me. the 80s was truly an epic decade.

    1. Hahaha- that's my pet-name for him... I love Captain Atom so.

      I called him Jetfire. -Right above the picture. But I know, right? That is SO ridiculously cheap, for ANY Transformer; let alone one of the larger ones like that! Even if he is just a ripoff... Yeah, The 80's were fucking awesome.