SF-MF: Ag6a6i6n

~So- last week at The Dirt-Mall I got some fuckin' COOOMMMICSSS!!!:


Also; I got this sweet little Arco/Seven Towns "Caged" Boglin, minus the little plastic cage and shackles it was originally sold with, for a buck. I used to have one of these- back in the day... 1987 to be exact.  But I don't think it was this one... Pretty sure this is Klang.  Not a lot of information about this particular series, or what they were actually called, online either... All the other types of Boglins toys; yeah. Not these, though.
Also- this happened recently:

The other new figure... well...
He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe had a lot of knock-offs made from it... Like; A LOT! 
One of the knockoffs was called Galaxy Warriors. -In that line was a snake-man named Sahak. Galaxy Warriors is one of the more popular ripoff versions of the MoTU line... so EVEN THEY had knock-offs made from them, like; Freedom Fighters, Galaxy Heroes, and Muscle Warriors.
That there, in the picture above- is the latter: An unbendable, rubbery "Muscle Warrior" named Green Fang. 

A fucking knock-off OF a knockoff... AND one of the first toys I ever remember buying from The Flea-Market as a child (him and the two Imperial Beasts I've talked about before...) Well, okay- back then it was my parents who bought it for me, but still.
I had him- and could not believe it when I saw him there again all these years later! -For a fucking dollar!!! And now, thanks to The Internet: I finally know what he even ever was to begin with!
You don't understand- I LOVED this figure! I don't know what ever happened to him- but I played with it all the time. I was SOOOO happy to find this there. It makes my inner-child jump for joy...

Finally- that little ERTL Die Cast Metal DC Comics Super Heroes Penguin, from 1990, there- was from The Dirt Mall, but not this trip...
I got him (and the GL one) years ago.

Penguin must have got misplaced- because my Mom found him out in some random box, in the barn, at their place... And I never even missed him!

Poor Cobblepot...


  1. Who doesn't like Penguin. That old coloured umbrella always reminds me of Garcia's art - he definitely drew the guy best back then. We have a chain of shops here called 2+5. If you wanted knock offs of famous toys, you'd go in but never leave mate.

    1. Yeah, totally! That's my favorite design on The Penguin. I wish he always looked like that.

      2+5, ehhh? So it's like a roach-motel for nerds?

  2. "Muscle Warriors" huh? I guess they had to go with that since, He-Man was already taken.
    Nice finds though man. Glad to see a new post by you. Been too long brah;)

    1. Hell yeah; Muscle Warriors! -They'z MANLY.
      Yeah- it has been awhile- work is killin' me. We just started the 3AM shift this last week too...
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. so K.oT, what made you put together another video after ll this time?

    1. I just picked up too many comics, this trip, to talk about on here with pictures and shit- like I've been doing... Had some time- so I said: "FUCK IT!"