Sweet Flea-Market Finds Again x5:

~Only picked up two figures at The Dirt-Mall this Saturday...  The "Toy-Dealers" are taking over, it sucks.  There are, like; five of them now- and they all go out in teams first thing in the morning and buy up anything regular people have for cheap to resale at their booths for ridiculous prices.  I'm going to have to start getting there at 6:30AM just to be able to find anything. And even then- they've got ten guys going through the entire thing, and I'm just one man.
What's really sad is that none of them even know their shit. It's aggravating. But I digress...

First up- this Playmates TMNT Mini-Mutants Triceraton from 2007 for a dollar.  It originally came in a 2-Pack with Raphael.  There were eight mini-figures total for this line- and he's the only one that looks any damn good.  Plus- it's a TRICERATON, BITCHES!!! Fuck yeah!  Still... too bad it's not Zog.

And for $2 I got this awesome Blob figure from the Toy Biz X-Men/X-Force line in 1995.  His packaging touted that he had a "Rubber Blubber Belly" action feature... meaning it's a hollow vinyl core of a body with the hard plastic limbs stuck in. Still, classic figure.  -One of the better looking Blob figures, in my opinion.
I've liked this character ever since the first X-Men cartoon...
I still say "Where go?" anytime I see him in something.
And then there was this:

"Nothing moves the--" punch-punch-punch-knockdown "Nothing moves--" punch-punch-punch-knockdown "Nothing moves the--" punch-punch-punch-knockdown "Nothing--" "Nothing--" "Nothing--"



  1. sorry to go off topic here but I think this will be of some interest to you http://calvinscanadiancaveofcool.blogspot.com/2014/06/i-knew-one-of-my-people-would-help-me.html

    1. Pretty fucking cool...
      I have never wrote to a comic book letter-column before. Just never had the desire to do so... although, the nerd-cred all these years later would be pretty cool. -Still, I'm not kicking myself over it...

  2. I so fucking love and miss the old Arcade X-Men game. The Avengers one and the Nick Fury/Punisher one as well, but they weren't as awesome as the X-Men.

    Never had that Blob figure myself, but I've seen him. He is classic for the time, but the Toy Biz Marvel Legends Blob figure is rightly the best Blob figure out there. Combine the soft belly feature w/the ML one, and you'd have Blob epic-ness!

    That sucks you have to tussle with those capitalistic ass-monkeys though. Takes all the fun out of finding deals when having to put up w/those tactics huh?

    1. Yeah- the Punisher one was fun! And the Spider-Man one where you could be Namor, Black Cat, Hawkeye?, or Spidey... I used to play that one all the time a Chuck-E-Cheese as a kid. The X-Men one was at the local $1.50 theater back in the day... I was SO pissed when they took it out for Mortal Kombat.

      I never liked the Marvel Legends Blob... That's one reason I was happy to find this one. One problem I have with it, though- is how short he is.
      The sculpt is perfect...

      Totally takes the fun out of it- but you do feel really good when you see something they passed over- their knowledge comes from shows like Toy Hunter, so they don't know SHIT. What really sucks is when you're caught up in looking- and you start finding all this cool shit and you get real excited and then you realize it's one of their booths. FUCK! Throw the shit down and walk out.

      "Yeah, that loose Go-Bot with no weapons, paint worn off, and a missing propeller is six dollars..." -TELL IT TO MY BALLS!