Leeloo Dallas Multipost

 -See what I did there?

Playing catch-up here at The Little Things...   How the heck is everyone??? 
Dude, how good was Guardians of The Galaxy? 
I cried. 
I was not expecting to cry...  I don't give a fuck- I'll admit it: I cried like a little bitch.
-That open was fucking heart-wrenching... and then the loop-around-scene at the end; with what the present from his Mom was?  So good.    
-Rocket got to me a few times, too... like when you first saw his cybernetics (wonderfully subtle), or that scene where he was drunk, upset, and in tears... and especially when Drax was comforting him at the end?...  oh, so many feels!  I'm trying to mention scenes without going into any real detail about them- because, for real-real: SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE.

Anyways, I enjoyed this 'The Most Dangerous Game'-type story, from Justice League Quarterly #14, featuring Crimson Fox, so much- I'ma just post it here for you all to enjoy!:


-If your tongue had an eye; you'd know EXACTLY what it is! (NSFW)

~Gotta love your very own blog Statistics page...
Especially the "Search Keywords" section (located under "Traffic Sources").

   It truly warms my heart to see that people found my little old site by searching for things like: "Finding comics at Flea-Markets".  Or that they found specific reviews with "Casey Jones Raph Comic", "Venom Carnage Unleashed", or "Vampirella Swimsuit"... I see SOMEONE was Googling himself by searching for "Shlomo Ben Hungstien".   Smooth one there, Dave... and not at all egotistical.
   -Others have been brought here by searching for "Terrax sex Invisible Woman".
-Wait, what?!? 
...who wants to see that???

What's the next one on the list... "air hostess fucking"???  What does that even mean? 
Do I... do I even want to know???

"-Just fucking that sweet little thing"?!? Oh, COME ON!!! How did that even lead them here?!?

Okay, fine.
-I hate to disappoint anyone. This is apparently what the people want, so FINE.  I'm gonna try my best to fulfill some of these... odder search queries for you guys......

I hope you're fucking happy.