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 -See what I did there?

Playing catch-up here at The Little Things...   How the heck is everyone??? 
Dude, how good was Guardians of The Galaxy? 
I cried. 
I was not expecting to cry...  I don't give a fuck- I'll admit it: I cried like a little bitch.
-That open was fucking heart-wrenching... and then the loop-around-scene at the end; with what the present from his Mom was?  So good.    
-Rocket got to me a few times, too... like when you first saw his cybernetics (wonderfully subtle), or that scene where he was drunk, upset, and in tears... and especially when Drax was comforting him at the end?...  oh, so many feels!  I'm trying to mention scenes without going into any real detail about them- because, for real-real: SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE.

Anyways, I enjoyed this 'The Most Dangerous Game'-type story, from Justice League Quarterly #14, featuring Crimson Fox, so much- I'ma just post it here for you all to enjoy!:

By Pat Mcgreal and Mike Vosburg...

Right-click/View Image to embiggen each page!

See retroactively reminds me of DiDi from Menage a' 3

"So... do animals fucking turn you on?  -Let me put in this Bloodhound Gang CD."

Sure- it's "technically" rape... but it's worth it.

"You thought you were raping ME- but it was I who was raping YOU all along!!!"

Props, though- to a MALE villain using the drugged lipstick/gloss trick for once.
-Poison Ivy must be furious.

This is so weird.

This also reminds me of the Catwoman movie a little bit...
Yes, THAT movie.
 -Just, you know; better.



-So fucked up...
-For serious; what a fun little short-story!

There will be MORE awesome stuff from Justice League Quartly #14 next posting...

Now- here is a new Sweet Flea-Market Finds video:

I also picked up a few complete boardgames for a buck, or under, each...

I've only gotten around to playing Up For Grabs so far, but let me tell you; it is a LOT harder than it seems...   Like Whack-A-Mole in reverse... on acid...... to death!
Also- it makes a GREAT drunk-challenge game.

Kensington looks neat- and a previous owner had cut out a bunch of articles from local papers, and kept 'em inside, about the game when it was released back in 1979! 

Rack-O...  well- I bought this PURELY on Kenny's recommendation:

"This sucks!"

And finally- Mastermind looks like a standard mental challenge/memory/guessing game... they can get tedious- but you feel like SUCH a boss when you win one!

I also got this Adam Power- Power Lords PVC figure for a dollar as well: 

The Extra-Terrestrial Warriors!

 And I only even noticed it, honestly- because it was still so fresh in my mind from a recent post made over on The ROM Blog... 


  1. Sweet finds King.
    Did you know they've already come out with new Adam Power and associated character figures?
    Go to Itsalltrue.net for more info,.

    Andy Smith. Solid artist who doesn't get much due. Probably because his style really does favor Bart Sears a lot. Still, very solid journeymen artist.

    Ahh Secret Defenders. That title was my crack very, very briefly back in the 90's. I guess marvel figured adding the word "Secret" would distract readers from thinking it was a straight up 90's revival of the Defenders...which it was. But still....
    favorite issues from that series? #'s11-13, when Ron Marz had Thanos compile hos own team of Defenders. Loved the gimmick of bad guys in the usual heroes' lead.

    1. Thanks, man...
      -They did? Crazy. -I never actually had any of the Power Lords figures... I don't even remember ever seeing them in stores. I only even know what they were from that comic-book advertisement from back in the day that was in, like, EVERY comic EVER.

      Fuck yeah: Secret Defenders! -I've since picked up a bunch more issues! Can't wait to get to #11-13!!!

  2. i like those comic book stories that actually use real world science to help tell a story. Swamp Thing was good about that too especially when it came to environmental issues. speaking of the Blood Hound Gang you ever heard this song that makes fun of the whole club scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89tgpzE4qkY

    1. Yeah! -That was a straight science-fiction-type story. Did not even need to be about a superhero! You could plug in any random female to that role, really...
      The old Swamp Things were very much like that, you're right. My favorite issue is about Swamp Thing just randomly being in the famous haunted Winchester Mansion. "The sound of the hammers must NEVER stop!"
      I sure have. I'm a Bloodhound Gang fan from back in the day... even got to see them in concert. This will always be my favorite jam by them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RaLEVmuM4o

  3. "Winchester Mansion" as in the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose California?

    1. -The very same!
      Swamp Thing #45 by Alan Moore...